Tourist memo; I'm going to Baikal

Tourism on Baikal

Route: Irkutsk - Listvyanka - Circum-Baikal Railway - Olkhon (Cape Khoboy, Ogoy Island) - Irkutsk

Duration: 7 days/6 nights

Time: all year round

Number of people in the group: unlimited

Cost: from 53 500 rubles.


Download the tour program in pdf format:

Tour program


Meeting at the airport, transfer to the restaurant for breakfast. After breakfast, departure for a sightseeing tour of the city, during which you will visit:

• Historical beginning of the city of Irkutsk, construction of a prison

• Monument to Peter and Fevronia of Murom.

Independent and individual tourism; what is important to know about it

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Tourism on Lake Baikal

The fact that the Baikal region, like many others, has enormous resources for recreation, health improvement, healthy leisure, is evidenced by even a simple listing of possible types and varieties of tourism and recreational activities.

Types of tourism

Depending on the "means of transportation":

light aviation tourism,

boating tourism (kayaks, motor and sailing boats, etc.),

rafting on the Baikal rivers,

horseback riding and dog sledding in winter,

travel by sea and river vessels (yachts, "comets"),

Independent and individual tourism is a very interesting direction for those who intend to completely escape from the gray everyday life and spend time with benefit

Svetlana Latynina, IA Irkutsk Online

September 29, 2017 14 comments about 11 minutes to read

Big shooting range, real bomb shelter and war games.

Movies that you will remember forever.

Book exchange, music quiz and romantic walk.

Away from the blanket and to the side of the robe - go with the whole family out of town.

How to put things in order in paying bills for housing and communal services.

Hot discussions

According to expert estimates, Russia loses about $ 500 million a year due to the fact that visiting tourists from China are served not by our tourist business, but by the Chinese. To this should be added reputational losses, because guests often receive low-quality service, fall for the tricks of deceivers and amateur guides.

Vacation under control

According to the Federal Tourism Agency, last year 1 million 288 thousand Chinese tourists visited Russia, which is 15% more than a year earlier. In the Irkutsk region for eight months of 2017, according to Rosstat, almost 36 thousand guests from the PRC arrived - 30% more than in the same period last year.

Ekaterina Slivina, head of the Tourism Agency of the Irkutsk Region, believes that the growth of tourist traffic from China is beneficial to the region: hotels, tourist centers receive additional income, which means they pay more taxes.

Tourists on Baikal. Photo by Regina Stupuraite


Yearly booking continues!

Route: Maloye More (MRS) - Olkhon Island - Chivyrkuisky Bay - Maloye More (MRS).

Duration: 5 days/4 nights

Comfort class motor ship.

Double occupancy in cabins

Cruise dates:


Prices are indicated in rubles per person. Payment by installments is possible! Interest is not charged!

Double cabin For double occupancy (RUB/person)

Often, tourists going on a cruise on Lake Baikal do not imagine the true size of the lake. From the southern to the northern extremity alone, its length is 636 kilometers. With an average speed of Baikal motor ships of 15-18 kilometers per hour, the passage along the lake from Kultuk to Severobaikalsk (from south to north) will take 36 sailing hours without stopping. And this is in good weather conditions, in the absence of waves. Well, to get around the entire coast - it is over two thousand kilometers - you can only in three to four weeks!

If you decide to get from the village of Listvyanka to Olkhon Island in one day by boat, remember - this is real, but you will have to spend the whole day, from early morning until late at night, on board your rented vessel. You will walk non-stop for 12-14 hours, and this is under favorable weather conditions, the absence of waves and wind. Therefore, for optimization, this route is divided into two days. They spend the night in Peschanaya Bay, which is famous for its stilted trees. In general, cruise programs are calculated so that you spend 4 to 8 hours on the go. When planning a route, it is imperative to take into account that most of the ships make transitions during daylight hours, in order to avoid accidents.

As a rule, water crossings during a cruise are built as follows: early departure from the place of the night, when a wave is unlikely (if there was one, then it usually dies down in the morning) and strong winds. Guests, as a rule, are still asleep, and long transitions will not be tiresome for them: they will overcome most of the journey while resting. In addition, it is easier to endure rolling during sleep. By lunchtime, the ship arrives at a new location. This arrangement of cruise programs can significantly reduce the risk of prolonged and strong rolling on the ship and reduce the duration of water crossings.

An ideal cruise is 4-7 days on the ship and transfers for 4-8 hours, stops for excursions for 4-5 hours and overnight stays on the shore (with an early departure of the ship). Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid long crossings at all, Baikal is too huge. Therefore, it is best to leave the thought of exploring the entire lake in one visit and stretch your pleasure from knowing the glorious sea for two or three times!

It's always worth considering the weather conditions! You can be rocked by the wave, so be prepared for a change in the route, for unplanned stops. During bad weather, experienced captains will act according to the circumstances. Please be aware that the program is not one hundred percent and may be changed depending on weather conditions. But in most cases, these are small changes that are not very noticeable on the cruise itinerary. Captains always try to catch up with the time by "early transitions".

What's your son-in-law with you on the cruise?

  • However, you MUST need the highest level of sun protection and sunglasses: glare on the water can tire your eyes.
  • For walks on the shore and excursions, you need hiking shoes with good sole protectors.
  • To stay on the ship, it is better to take sandals with you, but with a yacht sole, so as not to slip on the gangways or wet deck. For protection from wind or rain, bring a good windproof jacket.
  • From the cold - a thick fleece jacket or sweater, you can also use a down jacket or other winter clothes on thermal finishers, holofiber or thinsulate, it will not hurt.
  • There is no laundry on the ships, so you need a good supply of socks and underwear.

There are shops on Lake Baikal with a more or less decent assortment:

on the Small Sea (in the village of Sakhyurte)

in the village of Khuzhir on Olkhon.

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