Tourism Manager Job Description

Approximate job description for a tourism specialist

Today, most people who want to spend their leisure time pleasantly turn to travel agencies for help. For some residents, there is no more pleasant vacation than flying to hot countries, visiting the other side of the world or feeling new emotions. An assistant in such a matter is a travel company, and a representative of the company acts as an intermediary. Let's find out what a tourism manager does and find out the specifics of this profession.

Activity Description

Such an employee performs representative functions and is obliged to find an approach to different visitors. After all, the wishes of customers about their future rest are addressed to this specialist. How could it be otherwise, because such a person helps to choose the country where the client wants to visit, and organizes a full and comfortable rest for the visitors of the enterprise. In order to competently complete his work tasks, this administrator draws up the necessary documents: an insurance certificate and a visa. He also buys plane or train tickets himself, books a hotel room and takes care of all possible issues.

Today, tourism managers are exclusively professionals. Such a specialty requires excellent training and awareness in the tourism sector, because often an applicant for such a position is offered by the management to combine the duties of a guide and even an instructor.

Such work is considered interesting and gives a chance to make good money, having visited different countries, cities and seen a lot of new things. However, not every applicant is suitable for such a position. The head of the company, while reviewing the resume of candidates, will give preference to people who have communication skills, responsibility and strong emotional stability. In addition, job seekers with a high level of commitment to work have high chances.

The head accepts people with secondary specialized education and work experience of one year or more. Some directors prefer to hire university graduates in the humanities. Here the specification of such a factor depends on the level and specifics of the company. In addition, the preferences of the manager play an important role.

About the structure of the leadership

Before starting a specific description of the development of a service manual for such a specialty, let's briefly familiarize ourselves with its typical example of writing. This document contains the name of the organization, the position of the authorized employee, his signature, the date the paper was drawn up and the direct name of the management. The wording “I approve” is obligatory, signed with the signature of the first person of the company and the seal of the organization.

The text of the document itself consists of several points: the main theses, functionality and obligations of the employee, the level of competence of the specialist, the degree of his responsibility and additions. The manager compiles each section in a numbered list and lists the required information in turn. We propose to discuss the main aspects of the formation of such an instruction. Let's start with a description of the criteria for selecting a specialist for this position and the skills of such an employee.

Employee Skills and Abilities

Tourism Manager Job Description

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The profession of a tourism manager is now in great demand, because we live in a rather cold climate and most of our citizens like to relax by the sea in a warm pleasant climate abroad. This means that a lot of people constantly need the services of travel agencies.

In fact, the profession of a manager for organizing and selecting tours requires extensive knowledge in various fields and has serious qualification requirements. A manager must work daily with a huge amount of information and communicate with a large number of very different people, both with clients and with foreign counterparties.

In addition, the duties of a manager impose on this person a rather serious responsibility, since his activities affect the financial result of the company and the costs of clients, and in some cases the health and safety of clients may depend on him.

All this is important to consider when drawing up a job description for a manager, we will tell you today what exactly should be contained in this instruction.

Tourism manager - what is the essence of the profession?

Briefly, the essence of the profession of a tourism manager can be described as follows - it is a qualified specialist in the field of tourism who organizes tourist trips.

In order to choose the right tour for a client and organize a trip, a qualified manager must have a good knowledge of the tourist services market in general, which implies a good knowledge of the specialist in a number of areas:

  • knowledge of the main tourist destinations (each of which has its own specifics);
  • general knowledge of the peculiarities of the culture of different countries of the world and national mentality;
  • knowledge of the general rules for the functioning of the global tourism industry and the specifics of specific tourist destinations;
  • knowledge of the conditions of tourist services in individual countries in the main areas, their segmentation by the quality and range of travel services;
  • excellent skills in search and selection of tours in international databases for booking tours, hotels, flights and other related services;
  • a specialist must be an excellent organizer and communicator, able to quickly establish contact with representatives of the travel industry in other countries, as well as resolve all emerging problems related to the organization of the tour.

Such work in itself is creative and very interesting, it requires organizational talent, inexhaustible energy and optimism, ingenuity and resourcefulness.

In our material, we will consider the job responsibilities of a tourism manager in a travel agency and get acquainted with the development of a standard instruction for this employee.

Today we will consider the topic: "job description of a tourism manager", we will try to highlight the most important thing and, if necessary, an algorithm of actions. At the same time, you have access to exclusive comments from our expert. You can ask all questions in a special form after the article. Please note that before asking questions, you should carefully read the article, because most of the answers are already there.

The job description of a tourism manager regulates the relationship between an employee and an employer. It contains a list of functional duties, the rights of an official. The document describes the responsibility of an employee of a travel agency, establishes requirements for his qualifications, the procedure for subordination, appointment and dismissal.

The regulations are developed by the heads of departments. Approved by the head of the organization.

Typical Tourism Manager Job Descriptions

1. The tourism manager belongs to the "executives" category.

2. The tourism manager reports directly to the CEO of the organization.

3. The appointment and dismissal of a tourism manager is carried out by order of the general director.

4. A person with a higher education and experience in a similar position for at least one year is appointed to the position of a tourism manager.

5. During the absence of a tourism manager, his rights, functional duties, responsibility are assigned to another official appointed in accordance with the established procedure.

6. The tourism manager is guided in his activities:

  • regulatory, governing documents of the organization;
  • internal labor regulations;
  • legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • this official instructions;
  • orders and orders of the management;
  • the Charter of the organization.

7. Tourism manager should know:

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