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We will tell you how the entry into Italy of foreigners arriving in the country in order to establish business ties and conduct commercial activities is carried out

The issuance of business visas (business visas) to foreign citizens is regulated by a decree of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs dated May 11, 2011.

A business visa must be requested by a foreigner at the Italian diplomatic/consular mission in the foreign citizen's country of origin.

What does a business visa give to a foreigner?

A business visa allows entry to Italy for the purpose of a short stay (no more than 90 days) for foreigners arriving in the country for commercial purposes, to establish business contacts, business negotiations or business internships, as well as testing/performance monitoring of equipment purchased or sold under commercial contracts; and industrial cooperation.

When a foreign citizen is invited to Italy by a company operating in the country to establish business contacts, economic or commercial negotiations, to teach technology or test and operate machines purchased or sold under contracts within the framework of commercial and industrial cooperation with Italian companies and their professional development, to visit Italian company structures or to participate in exhibitions and fairs in Italy, the issuance of a business visa is accompanied by a demonstration of an invitation (dichiarazione d'invito) to the consular missions, signed by the management of the Italian branch of the company/Italian company inviting foreigner.

The invitation indicates the period of the expected stay of the foreigner in Italy, the reasons for calling the foreigner to Italy, as well as the events in which he will participate.

Registration of a residence permit in Italy through the procedure of business immigration. Applying for an immigrant visa within 20 days after signing the contract. Guarantees for obtaining a residence permit.

Business visa requirements and documents

To obtain a business visa to Italy, a foreigner must first prove his/her status as a business person (i.e., documents must be submitted to guarantee the existence of business activities carried out by Italian companies, such as certificates of registration in the Commercial and Industrial chamber, a description (based on the information available to the Chamber of Commerce) of the organizational and legal side of the enterprise, etc.).

Business visa to Italy

Italy is considered a warm and hospitable country that carefully preserves its cultural monuments and its history. Each of its cities is beautiful in its own way, therefore it is worthy of the attention of tourists. Tourism in Italy is very popular today. For you to know, the country is the fourth in the world in terms of revenue generated by tourism, and in the list of attendance it is in fifth place.

Italian tourism includes such popular types as business, health, beach, cultural. Fans of outdoor activities also come here to get a lot of impressions from skiing, conquering mountain peaks. So, let's get down to a closer acquaintance with one of the amazing corners of Europe.

Italian Amalfi Coast

Around the Amalfi coast (located in the southern part of the Sorrento Peninsula), every tourist can admire the steep mountain cliffs. The coast is washed by the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean seas. The height of the cliffs reaches approximately seven hundred meters. From whatever point you cast your eyes, you will still have excellent views, which you just want to enjoy without taking your eyes off.

If you look at the villas, shops, churches and other buildings located in this corner of Italy, it seems that they seem to rise up from the sea border. Narrow pebble streets, numerous steps, and magnificent gardens and terraces are located around each building. It is best to come for holidays during months such as May, June, September and October, as the humidity level is higher during other periods.

Agree, you need to choose the best time to spend an unforgettable vacation. Here vacationers are drunk with the aromas of lemons, grapes, olives growing on this coast of Italy. Artists love to spend their time on the Amalfi Coast. They are attracted by the picturesque nature and tranquility, beautiful nature, pleasant mild climate.

How to get there?

If arriving from the port of Amalfi, 2 ferries will be offered, heading towards the island of Capri. One of them is slow (about 1 hour 10 minutes) and costs 17 euros. The second moves faster and costs two euros more (19 euros). The trip takes 50 minutes. Also, tourists can rent a boat, independently reach the desired destination. To get to Amalfi from Ravello, you can use the bus. To Salerno from Naples, take about 30 minutes by train.

From Amalfi, vacationers can get by car in 60-90 minutes to Ravello, Naples, Pompeii. Taking a yacht, the time to reach such points as the island of Capri, the resort of Positano will be approximately 30 minutes. From Amalfi, Minori can be reached in just 5 minutes. If you come to Salerno, want to visit Minori, Paestum, Pompeii, Majori, you will be taken there by bus.

Resort cities

Tourism in Italy thrives every year, gaining momentum. Therefore, we will continue to get acquainted with beautiful Italy, talk about the features that tourism includes in this corner of Europe. The resort towns of the Amalfi coast of Italy are:

  • Sorrento, Minori;
  • Positano, Salerno;
  • Ravello, Praiano;
  • Amalfi, Cetara.

The main pearl of the coast is Positano, which is called a fishing village. Not far from it is Monte Veit (the highest mountain on the peninsula). Its height is 1131 meters.

What gives a foreigner a business visa and what documents are required for it. And also how you enter the territory of Italy.

For tourists who are better guided in the Uffizi gallery than in their native museum of local lore, who can no longer be amazed by the Vatican intrigues, as well as for true originals who do not look for easy ways and prefer to organize their leisure time on their own, they will be a real find individual tours to Italy. Forget about the multi-lingual crowd of tourists constantly chattering over your ear, consign to oblivion the route approved by someone there, any deviations from which are perceived as an attempt to escape, do not remember about the same type of meals according to the schedule. Tailor made tours are an interactive journey that puts you and your aspirations comfortably at the center.

For example, instead of the Borghese Gallery, you want to visit the Museum of Robbery and Banditry, located in the city of Latina, and trying to find a place on the Spanish Steps would gladly replace a visit to the Museum of Love Letters in the village of Torrevecchia-Teatina. You may want to explore in detail the picturesque Roman quarter of Trastevere and spend two or three days here instead of a short two-hour sightseeing tour. Making a marriage proposal in the romantic Orange Garden on Aventina, shopping for cute trash at the Porta Portese flea market, taking a breathtaking photo from the panoramic Gianicolo platform and giving your soul to the devil for a portion of Blue Ice gelato ice cream - nothing is impossible in individual travel to Italy.

Target audience

The main customers of individual tours to Italy are discerning tourists who avoid noisy groups and appreciate special comfort, addicted people who seek to understand everything thoroughly and penetrate beyond the basic excursion with well-known facts, enthusiastic newlyweds who want to spend romantic honeymoon, lost in an Italian fairy tale. If you are a tireless enthusiast or a vulnerable introvert, try looking at Italy from an unusual angle.

Programs of individual tours to Italy

Since individual tours have been present on the tourism market for a long time, travel agencies have accumulated plenty of options for such routes. Depending on personal preferences, tourists will be offered classic and non-traditional sightseeing tours, educational city tours, ethnogastronomic trips, exciting event tours to carnivals and holidays, as well as fabulous honeymoon trips.

If you do not have enough time to take part in the development of your own tour program, you should use the already prepared travel itineraries, but at the same time you can change them as you wish. For example, nothing prevents you from postponing the departure dates to any days convenient for you, varying the duration of the tour, choosing your favorite hotels or an acceptable type of food.

You should not expect any specific prices from individual tours, since each such tour is unique and is made taking into account the personal preferences of the tourist, and they, as you know, are different for everyone. Only one thing can be said with certainty: exclusive tours are always more expensive than group tours. This is obvious, because the expenses that are spread on all tourists in group tours are borne by one or two people in individual tours.

However, on some excursions you can join a group or do some sightseeing on your own, which will save you some money.

Top Destinations for Individual Tours

  • Europe
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Vietnam
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • China
  • Scandinavia: Finland
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • France: Paris and the castles of France
  • Czech Republic: Prague
  • Russia: St. Petersburg

Green Italy Tours

Green Italy Tours specializes in tours, during which travelers can immerse themselves in the world of haute cuisine, get to know the best wineries with organic wines and see the main cities of Italy.

The agency offers individual and group travel. In the first case, the driver picks up the client from the hotel, and together with the guide, the team sets out to explore interesting places in the region. During the trip, you can create a personalized leisure plan, as well as organize additional meals or boat trips.

There are group tours for 7 and 10 days. Tourists will be able to go on a trip "Classic Italy", which will include a rich tourist program in Rome, Florence and Venice. Another example is a 10-day wine tour in Sicily - in addition to wine tasting in Etna and the beaches of Syracuse, the famous cities of Noto, Ragusa and Modica will be waiting for tourists.

Accommodation options in Italy

At the stands of the Italian National Tourism Agency ENIT, there were a lot of hotels of various price categories. So, the Punta Imperatore 4 * hotel is famous for its proximity to the famous Poseidon Gardens and its panoramic views. Hotel Baia Palinuro 4 * will appeal to those who prefer not to part with family members and friends even in their room: the hotel offers three-bed and two-room apartments, as well as junior suites.

The attention of connoisseurs of non-standard places should be paid to Borgo Riccio Historic Mansion 4 *. This is a historic house surrounded by an olive grove. The advantage of the hotel is its backstage. There are only 8 rooms in the building, so a quiet, secluded stay is guaranteed for your clients. Its location makes the hotel an ideal base for visiting Paestum and Pompeii as well as the Amalfi Coast.

Hotels offering thermal centers are no less in demand in Italy. Companies that demonstrated their services at the MITT-2019 exhibition paid special attention to this area of ​​recreation. Hotels Grand Hotel, Sirenetta, Moderno, Santa Lucia, houses-apartments Belvedere - just a small part of the places where rest can be not only pleasant, but also effective from a medical point of view.

If tourists are wary of the terms, you can go on a free introductory tour of Abano Terme from the Lovivo Tour Experience. Twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday, the agency takes guests on a 45-minute tour of the thermal waters.

The Anti-Aging Vyta Center offers an even more serious approach to renewing the body during rest. Specialists in the fields of dietetics, nutrigenomics and epigenetics work here, and the Vyta method itself is based on scientific research. The spa hotel offers a variety of services, including detox, slimming, anti-stress, energy and rejuvenation.

What's the best way to get around Italy?

One of the most pressing issues while traveling is the means of transportation. If in Rome or Milan you can use the city surface transport or go down the metro, then in the resort areas it is better to use cars.

Comfort and guaranteed safety of movement is offered by the Just Sardinia car rental service. The company's lineup includes Mercedes classe V, Mercedes classe S, Mercedes classe E, BMW 530L, Nissan N-9 Posri, Renault Traffic 9 Posti and Opel Vivaro 9 Posti. The car service provides transfer services, taxis and cars for rent.

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