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It's no secret that Azerbaijan is truly an amazing country! It is replete with unique views of the jagged chains of the blue mountains of the Guba, the azure lakes Goy-gol, Maral-gol, Nokhur-gol (Gabala), with the emerald castles of the dense forests of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus reflected in their smooth surface, on the coast of the sapphire mountain Caspian Sea stones - eternal witnesses of the cry of seagulls, on the bisque fog covering the gable tiled roofs of houses in the villages of Sarybash (Gakh) and Laza (Gusar), and on the silver hair of the mountain waterfalls Ilisu (Gakh) and Seven Beauties (Gabala), foaming with curls rainbow from the sun. .

Such diversity of the plant world is dictated by the unique number of climatic zones: there are nine of the eleven existing in Azerbaijan! That is why in this wonderful country you can find such a diverse variety of flora species. Starting with the camel thorn in the desert lands of Absheron and ending with the juicy lemons of the subtropical forests of Lankaran, each plant has its own significance and importance in the daily life of the population, both urban and rural.

  • Eldar Pine –Pinus eldarica

The Eldar pine is endemic, that is, a plant with a limited range and number, and therefore is a rare and endangered species. The Eylyar-Ougi ridge, stretching along the north-western part of Azerbaijan, has long been a place where the Eldar pine tree grows - the age of this place is 80 million years! Pine needles are rich in carotene and vitamin C, the tree itself is impregnated with resin, and wood is used as a building material.

  • Gleditsia Caspian –Gleditsia caspica

Drought-resistant and unpretentious to the soil, Caspian gleditsia in nature is presented in the form of shrubs and trees 8-10 meters high. Endangered. It is widely used in medicine: the green parts and seeds of the plant have a vasodilating effect, lowers blood pressure and makes breathing easier. It is included in the composition of drugs for the treatment of hypertension, with antispasmodic conditions and bronchial asthma.

  • Kharybulbul –Ophrys caucasica

At the head of all flowers, the crown of all Azerbaijani folklore, the rarest flower Kharybulbul, which grows only on the territory of Azerbaijan, in the regions of Karabakh, Gakh and Zagatala, is majestically shimmering with bright, from emerald-malachite to crimson-purple hues, tiger petals. The etymology of the name of this treasure comes from the Azerbaijani words "xar" ("har") - "thorn", "sharp", and "bulbul" ("bulbul") - "nightingale". If you look closely at the miracle flower, you can find that in shape it is similar to a nightingale flying upward, surrounded by thorns around itself: and this comparison gives food for thought - after all, ironically, this flower grows in the occupied territory of Azerbaijan, in the city of Shusha, trying just like Kharybulbul, take off the shackles of enemy thorns and take off swiftly and freely, just as boldly and, painting everything around with colorful sparks ...

Thus, on the territory of amazing Azerbaijan you can find valuable and rare rare and endemic plants that are not found anywhere else in the world! This fact has always increased the interest of the following scientists working in the botany section: algologists, bryologists, geobotanists, dendrologists, palynologists, ethnobotanists and many others in the study of the floristic cover of various regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In Soviet times, many botanists were fond of the nature of Azerbaijan, always striving for the maximum preservation of all types of plants and greater landscaping of the country. Such prominent scientists were the following: I. Medvedev, D. Sosnovsky, V. Kovalevsky, L. Mlokosevich, P. Vinogradov-Nikitin.

Post discussion

Is Azerbaijan still Europe or is it already Asia? If the question is relevant to you, we can safely assume that you have not been to this country yet. Travelers who have already seen Azerbaijan do not ask them any more - not because they have found an answer, they just have completely different priorities. For example, how to go here once or twice and where else to visit.

Still, all the same: Europe or Asia? The answer of the orthodox geographer: "Western Asia" is as accurate as it is useless. In fact, Azerbaijan is Azerbaijan. This is Old Baku, where all the Turkish scenes of the "Diamond Hand" were filmed (it is the same now, neither give nor take - Istanbul), and the photos of the streets of Baku New, especially the evening ones, can easily be mistaken for Central European. These are perfectly preserved Zoroastrian temples that are older than many world religions. These are 40 recipes for authentic Azerbaijani pilaf, which we rightfully put in one paragraph with history and culture: firstly, this is also history and also culture, and what kind, and, secondly, how delicious it is here! <

And, of course, Azerbaijan is oil. Lots of oil. And not only the one that is "for the barrel", but also the famous healing one, which has been visited in Naftalan for the third century in a row.

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History of Azerbaijan

The statehood of Azerbaijan is almost 5000 years old. From the end of the 4th century BC. e. various national formations began to appear on this territory. For example, such strong states as Atropatena and Caucasian Albania were located here. They played a significant role in the formation of a single people. Later, in the 2nd century AD. e., Azerbaijan fell into the occupation of the Iranian Sassanids, then moved to the Arab Caliphate. So many Arabs and Iranians appeared in the country.

The turning point in the history of Azerbaijan was the adoption of Islam in the 7th century AD. e. Religion actually began to unite peoples, form one language, create new customs and traditions. The subsequent political rise of Azerbaijan is associated with the appearance on the territory of several states: Shirvanshahs, Ravvadids, Sajids, Salarids and Sheddadids. Historians call this time the Renaissance.

A gradual unification of the lands of Azerbaijan began about 500 years ago. Shah Ismail Khatai connected the southern and northern lands, as a result of which the Safavid state was formed - one of the strongest empires in the Middle East.

His work was continued by Nadir Shah, who expanded the territory by capturing North India. But after his death, the empire began to disintegrate - into khanates and sultanates. At the end of the 18th century, the Gajars, a well-known Azerbaijani dynasty, came to power in Iran. They wanted to return all the lands under the control of Nadir Shah and establish a centralized government. However, they met with fierce resistance from Russia, which wanted to seize the South Caucasus. As a result, after many years of wars, the parties agreed on the division of lands: Russia received North Azerbaijan, and Iran - South. During the Soviet era, Azerbaijan became a socialist republic and existed in this status until 1991, until it seceded from the USSR and declared independence.

Regions and resorts of Azerbaijan

If Azerbaijan is a motley ball of ancient traditions and earthly riches of the third millennium, then Baku is the core of this intricacies. I would like to touch the origins - welcome to the Old City of Icheri-Sheher. Its recognized symbol is the Maiden's Tower, towering on a rock. Even more impressive is the Shirvanshahs' palace - a monumental complex with a mosque, mausoleum, bathhouse and other medieval buildings. It is better to return from the distant past gradually, starting with the areas of Soviet development (Sabunchi Station and the Government House deserve attention) and ending in a modern center with Flame Towers shining at night, reminiscent of Dubai skyscrapers.

Another large Azerbaijani city is Lankaran, leading its history from the 10th century BC. e. She was clearly lucky with the location: the picturesque coast of the Caspian Sea with black sand, dense forests, thermal springs are ideal conditions for a health-improving holiday.

ⓘ Tourism in Azerbaijan

Tourism is an integral part of the economic life of the state, which is completely dependent on the geographic and strategic location and natural resources of the country. World Tourism Day is celebrated annually on September 27. At the meetings held on this day, there is an active discussion of the problems that have arisen the day before and are an obstacle to achieving high goals.

Azerbaijan is one of the developing countries in the field of tourism, ranking 39th among 148 countries in terms of global competitiveness in the field of tourism. Tourism in Azerbaijan is one of the sectors of the Azerbaijani economy. The relatively small country has oil reserves, and oil revenues are used for the significant development of the tourism industry. In addition, 9 natural zones are represented on the territory of Azerbaijan.

According to the statistics of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation in 2016 - 2017 Azerbaijan is one of the five most visited countries by Russian tourists. Compared to 2016, in 2017 the number of Russian tourists visiting Azerbaijan increased by 31%.

According to a report prepared by the World Travel and Tourism Council, Azerbaijan is among the top ten countries with the strongest growth in tourist flow in 2010-2016. In addition, Azerbaijan ranked first at 46.% among the fastest growing countries in the travel and tourism economy, supported by a steady number of visitors.


In 2008, the number of tourists visiting Azerbaijan amounted to more than 1 million 400 thousand people. The overwhelming majority of tourists are from continents such as Europe, Asia, North America, etc.

In 2017, the country was visited by a total of 1. 18.58 people. The vast majority of tourists are citizens of the Russian Federation, the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, the Republic of Iran and Kazakhstan. A relatively small flow of guests is observed from Eastern Europe, in particular, Belarus and Ukraine, and Western Europe.

230 travel companies, 560 hotels and hotel-type facilities are currently operating in Azerbaijan.

Visa support

For citizens of the CIS, a visa is not required to enter Azerbaijan. For citizens of other countries, a visa is issued on the basis of an invitation from a private or legal entity or a travel agency. From January 1, 2003, a state fee of $ 20 will be charged for a tourist visa.

In 2016, with the introduction of the new Tax free system, tourists received more favorable conditions for shopping. A period of 3 months 90 days is also obligatory for those using Tax Free services.

Each country is beautiful and unique in its own way, because on its territory there are a variety of historical and architectural monuments that attract the attention of tourists from all over the world. Especially interesting in this regard are the sights of Azerbaijan - an eastern state with amazing nature, unique historical buildings, rich culture and hospitable people.

Here you will find everything for a great holiday, including excellent service in local hotels and restaurants, as well as an abundance of enchanting places to visit. For example, the famous historical center of Baku - Icheri - Sheher, which is a real cultural reserve. Some of its sites, including the Maiden Tower, have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

But Azerbaijan is attractive not only for centuries-old historical buildings, visiting which, you seem to find yourself in medieval Asia with its small winding streets and the corresponding color. This country is also known for its ultra-modern architectural masterpieces, known far beyond its borders. That only the famous Flame Towers are worth, which are three skyscrapers that have the shape of tongues of flame. But there are many other sights of Azerbaijan, which we will tell you about in this article.

This summer you can not only spend your trip in Azerbaijan! And get acquainted not only with culture, history, cuisine, but also visit the match of the European Football Championship 2020.

Travel to the ancient places of Azerbaijan. We travel outside Baku and plunge into the history of the country. We will see amazing things and nature.

3 days short tour. There is an opportunity to see the main sights of Baku, have a tasty meal, have a good free time, buy souvenirs in memory of Azerbaijan.

Natural objects - mountains, sea and more

Those wishing to enjoy the amazing beauty and magic of Azerbaijan will be able to visit the majestic Talish Mountains. This name is given to three mountain ranges, on the eastern foothills of which broad-leaved subtropical forests grow. The mountains are not very high, so they are suitable for hiking. If you wish, you can also admire their beauty from the car.

Another attraction is Beshbarmak Mountain, located 80 kilometers from the capital of Azerbaijan. This place is associated with an ancient legend, according to which the prophet Khizir visited this mountain and found here a source of miraculous water, after drinking from which he gained immortality. Indeed, there is a mine on the mountain even now, from which every traveler can drink.

The Shahdag ski resort deserves special attention. So far, this is the only resort of this kind in Azerbaijan, which is equipped according to the strictest international standards. Alpine skiing enthusiasts can find here various types of skiing or snowboarding trails, the total length of which is 17 kilometers. In addition, there is a very developed infrastructure for a comfortable stay, including numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

If you love the sea and plan to soak up the sun, then you will surely be interested in the famous Caspian beaches. Located on the shores of the Caspian Sea, these sandy beaches are distinguished by a high level of cleanliness and a well-developed infrastructure. You can relax and swim here from May to October. In addition, Naftalan resort is popular among those wishing to restore their health. He is known for his special healing procedures associated with the use of medicinal oil.

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