Tourism education in Poland

Tourism education in Poland

In this article, we will consider in detail all the subtleties that apply to this field of activity, the prospects for teaching tourism, the features of the specialty.

The tourism industry is considered the most dynamic, fastest growing and most exciting professional industry. Today, a large number of future students from Ukraine dream of acquiring the necessary skills, and will study hotel business at the best universities in Poland, to work in the tourism sector in high-paying positions throughout Europe. For this type of activity, you will need a certain amount of knowledge in: geography, foreign languages, psychology, culture, history and religion of different countries. But, this is not enough for a full-fledged and effective work, moreover, it is necessary to skillfully apply all the knowledge acquired at the university in practice, be pleasant in communication, work in a team, be a decent person, in addition, make important decisions quickly in order to satisfy all wishes, customer requirements. If you have the desire, ability to organize an excellent vacation, individually selected for each person, and build a good atmosphere when communicating with a client, then this profession is for you. Therefore, in this article, we will consider in detail all the subtleties that apply to this field of activity, the prospects for teaching tourism, and the features of the specialty.

Perspectives on Tourism Studies

The large number of opportunities offered by the tourism specialization can radically change the way you think about this profession. Let's take a closer look at them:

  • The tourism profile is multifaceted. Few people know that tourism is divided into three areas: outbound, domestic and inbound. Also, there is a classification of tourism according to the purpose of the trip: business, cognitive, extreme, educational. Therefore, this advantage allows you to diversify the workflow and choose the appropriate direction for your activity.
  • Career growth. Often, active and high-quality work in the tourism business entails rapid career growth, from an ordinary employee to a director of a travel agency.
  • Bonuses. Tourism workers are always the first to be aware of all the current discounts and profitable offers, which allows you to find the best option for your own vacation. As part of the work, you have the opportunity to visit various countries on free travel packages, which are provided by the employer for training and gaining experience.
  • High level of salary and demand for personnel. At the moment, the rating of the profession is 65%, which allows graduates of Polish universities to immediately find work for a highly paid position in European countries.

Specificity of study and list of subjects at the Faculty of Tourism in Polish Universities

If you are positive, active, sociable, stress-resistant, like to travel a lot and are too curious, then this faculty is right for you. But, one should not forget that, at the same time, each applicant of the Faculty of Tourism should be very attentive and inclined to the humanities. First of all, you need to have a penchant for learning foreign languages, since knowledge of at least 2 foreign languages ​​is an integral part of this faculty. The ability to form a tourist route for each client individually requires extraordinary care and listening skills. Tourism contains a huge number of different areas that are required to study, including: marketing, people management, organizing events and travel, economics and jurisprudence. This faculty will always be relevant, since every year the demand for travel services is increasing, and this leads to an increase in jobs. For those who plan to independently engage in business in the tourism sector, this is a good choice, since this area does not require large start-up investments, plus, it has a minimum payback period.

When choosing a specialty, focus on your own preferences and future field of work. Because for travel, hotel or your own business in the tourism sector, there are profiles to study. Here is the main list of subjects that are studied at universities in Poland:

  • basics of tourism;
  • hotel and restaurant activities;
  • legal regulation of tourism activities;
  • marketing; <
  • management;
  • economics;
  • world culture;
  • country studies;
  • foreign language;

Which university to study at the Faculty of Tourism?

In the Polish state, there are both private and public universities in which you can master the direction of tourism. After training, you have a European diploma in your hands, which is quoted in any Western countries, as well as in the USA, therefore, there will be no problems with employment. The most prestigious universities in Poland with affordable prices and quality education, for studying the tourism profile:

In recent years, Poland has become one of the most popular countries for both CIS tourists and holidaymakers from Western Europe. And this is not surprising, because the range of services in this area here can satisfy any visitor. In this article, we will consider what tours to Poland are available to travelers today, and how to choose a trip that suits them according to all criteria.

About tourism in Poland

In Poland, due to its favorable economic and geographical location, tourism has become one of the most developed spheres of the economy. Today, all of its popular destinations are represented here, most of the complexes operate year-round, guaranteeing customers a warm welcome and European-level service.

Tours to Poland - general information

Tours to Poland within the framework of various holiday destinations are usually short and last from 3 to 7 days. These are mainly organized bus trips, which may include visits to one or more large cities, or thematic excursions, holiday tours (for example, timed to coincide with Christmas).

As a rule, tours to Poland are organized on a turnkey basis, providing not only an entertainment program for visitors, but also accommodation, less often food. The organization of such trips is undertaken by both tour operators and small groups of travelers who organize the trip on their own.

Tour types

Currently, both specialized companies and the tourists themselves organize various tours to Poland. Among them are the most popular such tours:

  • Sightseeing tours. They can be dedicated to both the beautiful castles of this country and the sights of large old cities - Krakow, Warsaw, Lublin, Wroclaw.
  • Pilgrimage tours.
  • Extreme tours to Poland, including kayaking, skydiving and other similar entertainment.
  • Adventure tours in Poland.
  • Wellness trips to sanatoriums and local health resorts.
  • Eco-tours or country holidays to large agricultural centers of the country.
  • Sports trips both to special camps and as part of unauthorized tours for the purpose of hiking in the territory of natural complexes or skiing.

Travelers also have the opportunity to buy tours to Poland for weekends or holidays, or find trips dedicated to local festivals for themselves. Such tours to Poland can be purchased as group tours (as a rule, such tours already have a pre-developed route and program of stay), and individual ones, which the staff of your agency can easily adapt to your wishes.

Most Popular Tour Destinations

In addition to Warsaw, as well as Krakow, where fans of various excursion programs go first of all, there are several resorts in Poland that are popular both among experienced travelers and among local residents. These are Kolobrzeg with its beautiful sandy beaches and developed infrastructure, Cieszyn County with a large number of historical monuments, Zakopane and nearby bases, which are today the core of extreme tourism in Poland itself.

Also, high-quality tourism in Poland can be provided to you in the Novosondetsky district, where most of the healing springs, sanatoriums, as well as mountain trails, loved by extreme tourists, are located. Another very popular destination is the south of Poland, namely Lower Silesia. Here, excellent tours for themselves can be organized by fans of hiking, as well as adherents of a popular destination in recent years - eco-tourism in Poland.

Poland as a country is not only interesting for people who have taken place, who already have a higher education and have probably seen more than one state. It is also good for children. Today, a wonderful children's and youth recreation in various directions is organized here. What it can be, and what is worth taking into account for parents who send their children to Poland, we will analyze in this material.

Children's tourism

In recent years, it is children's tourism in many countries that has been maximally developed. This term is usually understood as a vacation specially organized for groups of people under 18 years of age. This type of tourism can be a kind of ordinary recreational, educational, educational (language summer schools that are fashionable today), and sports.

Also, it often has the features of the currently fashionable ecological tourism. Everything here depends on what kind of program is chosen for the child, what goals are spelled out in it, and whether the living conditions allow them to be realized.

As a rule, accommodation, meals, as well as some other activities for vacationers in this area are organized in specialized sanatoriums, children's camps.

In them, the life of a tourist is organized in accordance with the schedule, built taking into account the standards of sleep hygiene, recommended meal times, physical activity and many others.

Groups are divided here mainly by age, less often - by territorial principle. The full responsibility for the children for whom just such a vacation was organized is borne by counselors, educators, as well as other employees of similar bases.

Children's tourism as a kind of phenomenon in the upbringing of a little person solves a lot of important problems. In particular, it allows:

  • To socially adapt the child, especially if he had little contact with peers before;
  • Instill in him a love of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Provide professional guidance to the child, especially if such a vacation involves learning certain professions;
  • Improve his physical fitness and health;
  • Maintain a continuous education system for the little person during the holidays, especially , long summer.

Thus, the choice of children's tourism in the group travel option is extremely useful for the child. And if he is organized outside his homeland, then he receives additional important functions. This is teaching a new culture, language, establishing contacts with representatives of other nationalities. Its possibilities are almost endless.

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