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Tourist visa to Australia for Russians

This article is devoted to the intricacies of the procedure for business immigration to Australia through a subclass 188 investor visa. It will focus on the target audience of the Australian immigrant investor program. We will also share related facts and figures, information on the benefits and opportunities of a subclass 188 investor visa, on how to deal with practical issues prior to immigration, on investor requirements, available investment options and prices. We will help you set up a business in Australia, which is a key condition for obtaining a visa 188.

An increasing number of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are interested in obtaining a subclass 188 investor visa to Australia for business immigration to this country. According to the observations of immigration agents, the target audience of the relevant Australian program in the post-Soviet space is formed by successful and trustworthy hinets, as well as their relatives. These people can be divided into three groups.

First, they are free entrepreneurs between the ages of 25 and 45. These are successful and highly competent businessmen, most of whom speak English well enough and have deep entrepreneurial skills to launch development or even venture projects in Australia. Previously, such people from among the citizens of the Russian Federation were sent to united Europe, the USA and Canada. But today they are forced to return to their homeland, as the above-mentioned countries and regions “close their doors” for entrepreneurs from the Russian Federation. On the other hand, Australia, with strong local support, is becoming a very interesting and realistic alternative for them.

Secondly, these are officials aged 40 and over, who act very carefully and strive to preserve their assets by moving them abroad and investing in foreign economies. Instead of real foreign business, they prefer real estate investments. And Australia offers them a very interesting option for combining such investments with the registration of investor visas. Real estate in Australia as an investment asset is very clear to them and very interesting. Although the Australian authorities do not officially support the idea of ​​real estate investment for visa applicants 188 (due to the surplus of foreign investors), we offer workarounds to do this.

Thirdly, these are the children of wealthy people from the post-Soviet countries aged 15 to 25, whose parents (possibly representatives of the first two groups) cannot or do not want to apply for investor visas for themselves, but want to to provide a bright future for their offspring. For the latter, the process of obtaining investor visas will begin with the study scheme in Australia, which we will discuss in a subsequent article.

Fourthly, this is a new version of visa 188 for those who can bring projects related to the DLT/blockchain topic to Australia. We provide a range of business services on this topic.

If you believe that you are part of one of the groups described above or are not part of any of them, but have the time, resources and desire to start the process of business immigration to Australia through a subclass 188 investor visa , read our Investor's Guide to Australia and you will find out a lot.

Business Immigration to Australia via Subclass Investor Visa - Facts & Figures, Benefits & Opportunities

Let's take a look at the key figures and facts about Australia's subclass 188 investor visa program. From the program's launch in November 2012 to the end of April 2017, 1,746 applicants and their members were granted such visas. families. According to the jurisdiction's government, under this program, applicants, most of whom are Chinese, have already invested A $ 8.7 billion in the country's economy.

In the period from July 2016 to February 28, 2017 alone, 312 new visas were issued for the first time under this program. Moreover, 212 of them were issued in Victoria, which indicates the high popularity of this Australian state among foreign investors. (In this state, targeted immigration for the Chinese is organized - there is now a crisis of surplus of real estate. The Russians are especially popular on the Gold Coast. Investments in the construction of infrastructure for tourism correspond to 188 visas.

Traveling to Australia is expensive - the airfare alone can ruin your budget.

Probably every traveler thinks about how to save money, but at the same time have a good rest.

Here are 11 ways to save money while traveling in Australia. This information will definitely come in handy!

Book your accommodation for the middle of the week

If you can, book your accommodation mid-week. This will save you some money.

Sometimes, in the middle of the week, you can get a great offer - pay for 3 nights and stay for 4.

Also, if you are traveling with a small company, you can book a whole room in the hostel. This will reflect well on your income.

On weekends, we also recommend avoiding big cities.

Learn to negotiate

One of the great ways to save money is to learn how to negotiate. There is nothing wrong with having a conversation that will help you get a better deal.

The most popular resorts in Australia are Brisbane, Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef.

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, akin to the Australian Miami. To the south of it there are 42 km of golden beaches. The sun shines here all year round, and tourists are also attracted by a varied leisure program and the Jupiter casino. There are also numerous national parks and zoos.

In Cairns, Queensland, you can relax all year round. There are very picturesque tropical landscapes, magnificent beaches, warm waters of Trinity Bay.

The Great Barrier Reef is a diving paradise. It is here that the largest coral reef on the planet is located, consisting of 400 species of coral.

Ski Resorts

Even in hot Australia there are ski resorts where you can do all the winter sports. Their special feature is that they are open from June to August, when winter hits the continent. The most popular ski resorts are in Thredbo, Perisher, Mount Baller, Falls Creek, Kiandra, Mount Mosson.

Health Resorts

The most popular resort town is Herburn Springs. There are 8 mineral springs here. In addition to drinking healthy water and taking mineral baths, various tonic and cosmetic procedures are offered here. There are restaurants, pubs, souvenir shops and a supermarket for tourists.

In New South Wales, you can relax in Springwood, and in Victoria, on the Mornington Peninsula. Here tourists will find an extensive health program: drinking mineral water, thalassotherapy, mud therapy, aromatherapy, all kinds of massage, anti-aging procedures.

To see Australia, you just need to choose a tour that suits you and buy a plane ticket. You can travel around the country all year round, but it is advisable to do this during the Australian summer, which lasts from October to April. But in order to go to the northern coast of the country and inland, you should go from April to November, after the end of the rainy season. The most popular tours are 2-week tours that allow you to see the maximum number of attractions. The average cost of a weekly tour of the country with hotel accommodation starts from $ 650, which does not include flight, visa and meals.

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What is important to know about tourist visas to Australia

Australian tourist visa requirements per year

Millions of tourists want to visit Australia, admiring the unique climatic features, clean and unspoiled beaches with azure waters. Going on a trip to the Australian continent in 2021, Russian citizens must prepare a certain package of documents.

How to get a tourist visa to Australia for Russians on their own

Purpose of entry

  • Tourist trip;
  • Visit to relatives or comrades;
  • Business trip (excluding a business visit, participation in symposia, business meetings and negotiation processes);
  • Getting an education. The training period should not exceed 3 months. Otherwise, a student visa is required.

Step by step instructions

By visiting the web resource . omeaffairs. ov. u/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/visitor-600, Russian citizens can obtain a tourist visa to Australia online. Stage-by-stage design includes:

1. Decide on the category of visa, taking into account the purpose of the trip. When applying for a different type of visa, you may be refused. Visa fees are not reimbursed.

Australia combines the incongruous - the solar continent of antipodes with amazing animals.

Australia is the only country that covers an entire mainland. So it can be considered a state, mainland and island at the same time. At the same time, it occupies a unique geographical position, which is reflected both in the nature of this country and in the culture, customs and even anthropological characteristics of the indigenous population.

In Australia, the incompatible is combined - harsh climatic zones interspersed with fertile tropical forests, penguins and dolphins can be seen near kangaroos and koalas, white settlers live in peace with the aborigines, and the descendants of convicts brought here have become one of the most educated and the friendliest nations in the world.

Geographical Features

The most important of them is that the mainland is located in the very southeast of our planet. Accordingly, here at least the seasons fall on diametrically opposite months.

The bulk of landscapes are deserts and semi-deserts. Few people know that it is not Africa that leads in the number of deserts, but Australia. With waterways, everything is quite the opposite - only two large rivers.

However, in contrast to the deserts, the southeast of the country has a much more gentle climate. It is not surprising that it was these lands that concentrated most of the population of the state.

Speaking about a mainland or an island, usually the eyes are presented with a picture of land, towering above the water surface. Australia has violated this principle as well. The fact is that most of the spaces are not above, but below sea level. We can say that the continent is like a bowl placed in water, which is not flooded with water only due to its higher sides.

The East Australian Mountains are an exception, and rise over a thousand meters above sea level. They are also the dividing line that separates desert horror from evergreen grace. By the way, you can also see snow in Australia, but only on the tops of the mentioned mountains, which also looks extremely unusual, given that there is a desert at the foot.

The highest point on the continent is Mount Kosciuszko, which is 228 meters higher than the two kilometers mark. The lowest point is Lake Eyre, located 16 meters below sea level.

Features of the Australian character

The mentality of the locals is as strange as the nature of the mainland. This is not to say that they drool over their beards or squinted with a purple eye - Australians are fine with mental health, and they are very educated, polite and extremely adequate. However, at the same time, they retain a very unusual sense of humor, which vaguely resembles English humor, which not everyone will understand either.

Apparently the Australians are united with the British not only by a common past (we will remember that most of the history and culture of this state is associated with the British Empire and the inhabitants of the country are still considered subjects of the English queen), but also the island situation.

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