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The Austrian Higher School of Etiquette in Moscow and St. Petersburg is one of the most important educational centers in Russia, specializing in professional education in the field of creative and humanitarian disciplines in advanced international educational programs in the field of art, design and etiquette.

The school was founded in 1867 in Austria under the patronage of Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria (Sisi, Elizabeth Amalie Eugenie, Herzogin in Bayern), and today there are different age groups in it: children, adolescents, adults.

During the training, not only practical classes and master classes are held, but also the opportunity to participate in exclusive private events of the highest level in Russia and Europe is provided.

The privilege is valid for students at the School and graduates, it contributes to the formation and development, thus, of the aristocratic circle of Moscow and St. Petersburg, united by common interests.

The godmother of the Austrian Higher School of Etiquette is Countess Marie de Tilly, daughter and granddaughter of French diplomats from an old noble family, who received an excellent education at the Higher School of Political Sciences. A true lady and a recognized international expert on etiquette, for the fifth year now, together with the School, she has been organizing high-society dinners and conducting practical master classes.

This school is for you if:

If you want to become an elegant woman


Start of the Austrian Higher School of Etiquette in Kiev

Austrian Higher School of Etiquette opened in Kiev

Piano workshop of Gennady Chistyakov

In recent years, there has been a pronounced trend in the global economy: tourism and hotel business is becoming one of the most dynamic and progressive business sectors. Over the past 30-40 years alone, its expansion has made at least 4% around the world - and analysts predict the continued progress and further development of the industry.

Accordingly, this growth is accompanied by an inevitable shortage of qualified, professional personnel - and almost every year new universities, colleges and higher schools are opening in the world that teach students exactly tourism and hotel business. They are invariably popular - largely due to the fact that graduates very quickly find work in their specialty (they often receive job offers even before they receive a diploma!), Apply for high positions, and have opportunities for rapid career growth and salary increases.

If you also want to join this professional world, the question of choosing the best higher school or university comes up. What should be the ideal institution? Which name should you trust?

We have compiled for you a rating of the TOP-10 world schools and universities that produce specialists in the field of hotel and tourism business. Ranking based on data from Amazon and TNS marketing organization (Taylor Nelson Sofres).

Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (Switzerland)

Founded back in 1893, the school offers training in the areas of "Tourism business and hospitality technologies", "Banking", "Marketing", "Consulting", etc. ... ... The term of study for undergraduate programs is standard 4 years (theoretical studies, practice and internships).

Requirements for applicants:

The cost of training is approximately 103 thousand euros for the entire course (4 years), the registration fee is only 150 euros.

Glion Institute of Higher Education, Glion & Bulle (two campuses - Switzerland and the UK)

The strongest educational player in the world market: annually, Glion graduates are selected in more than 100 international organizations and companies - representatives from all over the world are interested in qualified personnel. Working practice and internships are compulsory for all students - they are complemented by theoretical lectures and master classes.

The main goal is to draw the attention of the population to the environmental problems of our time, the problems associated with nature, its pollution and the consequences of these pollution.

All participants receive award materials, depending on the place taken at the end of the event (diplomas for I place, II place, III place or certificate of the participant). The teacher-leader receives a letter of thanks. Summing up the results weekly.

- Courses of additional professional education (advanced training, professional retraining). License: . c/8ImGYP

- Publications for teachers (print edition, electronic magazine, site of specialized media). Scientific and practical conferences. Olympiads. Contests. Testing according to the Federal State Educational Standard. electronic media vision: . c/8ImQY6 Print media certificate: . c/8ImRXz ISSN Certificate: . c/8ImTrw

- Audit (analysis) of the sites of educational organizations - Drawing up curricula

Dear teachers! We invite you to take part in the All-Russian Pedagogical Conference "Modern Methods of Implementation of Distance Education Systems".

Applications and materials are accepted until February 28! Certificate, certificate, collection - March 6.

Regions where DSP, and you already have an advisor to the director of education?

Sergei Kravtsov said in an interview with Russia 1 on Saturday that the work of education advisers in schools will not be linked to ideology.

The absolute winner of the All-Russian professional competition "Educator of the Year of Russia 2020" was - Bystryukova Anastasia Nikolaevna, teacher of kindergarten №41 (Timashevsky district, Krasnodar Territory).

Briefly about the winner of the All-Russian competition "Educator of the Year - 2020" Anastasia Bystryukova.

Schools will not be able to use mobile phones for learning

According to the new sanitary rules, it is prohibited to use mobile phones for teaching in schools. But this does not apply to tablets and laptops. The head of the sanitary supervision department of Rospotrebnadzor, Irina Shevkun, told about this during public hearings. render completely.



VISTULA University is one of the best private universities in Poland. It was founded as the Higher School of Economics and Informatics in Warsaw in 1996, and in 2011 it was renamed VISTULA University. Located in one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in Europe, the University boasts a unique international atmosphere and students from more than 26 countries on 4 continents.

In the 2011 Wprost ranking, the University took the honorable 8th place, being one of the best national universities in Poland. The university's efforts were also assessed in the Perspectives ranking, in which the university took 18th place in 2011 and won a special prize for the largest jump in the ranking among non-governmental institutions (from 36th position in 2010). The university also received the title Ambasadora Polskiej Nauki and the prestigious Uczelnia Lider certificate (School of Leaders) for the preparation of highly qualified specialists with modern knowledge and meeting the expectations of employers, both in the local and international labor market.

University, with a total construction area of ​​25,000 sq. m. accommodates: 8 computer labs, 7 assembly halls, 60 classrooms, a rich and specially designed library, an Olympic sports hall, a gym, 4 tennis courts, a parking lot for 300 cars. Basic medical services are available onsite for all students and faculty at the university. The close location (only 50 m) to the only Warsaw metro line makes it easily accessible from all parts of the city.

Here you can choose to study in English or Polish, at the bachelor's (3 years) and master's (2 years) levels. And also you have the opportunity to simultaneously study at two faculties and, upon graduation, receive two diplomas at once in different specialties. In this case, the cost of only one of the two programs is paid.

Those who did not manage to submit documents for the fall semester have a unique opportunity to apply for the spring semester, since the university accepts documents 2 times a year.

At Vistula University, you can receive a scholarship if you achieve good results in education and take an active part in the life of the university.

What is the Dual Degree Program? This is an opportunity to study simultaneously at two faculties and receive two degrees at once, while paying only the cost of training for one of them.

For example, you can combine Economics and International Relations or Economics and Informatics.

Benefits of VISTULA University

  • Education is the road to business! Close cooperation with corporations, quality educational programs, additional courses and practice;
  • The opportunity to participate in the Socrates and Erasmus student exchange programs and, receiving a scholarship, study a semester or a year abroad;
  • Membership in WACE (World Association for Cooperative Education);
  • Ambassadorial Club (35 ambassadors and diplomats);
  • Preparatory language school (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.);
  • One of the most modern campuses in Warsaw, located 150 meters from the metro station;

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