Thesis in tourism: how to write from scratch and excellent

Thesis in tourism: how to write from scratch and excellent

Question: How to write a decent thesis on the basics of tourism?

Find out how a diploma in tourism differs from work in other specializations and what needs to be done in order for the preparation and defense to be successful.


Criteria for the evaluation of a thesis in tourism

Diploma in tourism is the main scientific work of a student, which is necessary for assigning him a qualification.

The study is evaluated according to a number of criteria, including:

  • Completeness of information presentation;
  • Scientific reliability;
  • Scientific novelty of research;
  • Relevance of the work;
  • Completeness of conclusions drawn at the end of each chapter and in the final conclusion.

Specificity of tourism activity

The basics of tourism are being studied by future hotel professionals and other tourism professionals. Tourism is a specific discipline for several reasons:

  • The discipline is at the intersection of the exact, humanitarian and social disciplines.
  • In the course of the study, it is necessary to focus on knowledge in the field of geography, history, ethnography, economics, marketing, management, life safety, mathematics, jurisprudence.
  • It requires not only the ability to systematize theoretical data, but also have creative thinking, creativity, to write a high-quality thesis project.

Structure of the WRC on Tourism

The stages of work on the diploma project on the basics of tourism are as follows:

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Relevance of the topic. Currently, the tourism industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the world economy. In many countries, tourism has a great influence on the formation of the gross domestic product, creates a large number of additional jobs, and provides employment for the population. Tourism has become a kind of catalyst for socio-economic development, since it is of great importance for such economic sectors as communications, transport, construction, production of consumer goods, agriculture and others.

Besides the fact that tourism is an important branch of the economy, it is also an important part of people's lives. Thanks to tourism, people have the opportunity to rationally use their free time, improve their educational level, study the culture of their country and foreign countries, meet new people, expand their horizons.

However, one should not forget that in addition to new impressions, a tourist is going for good service and positive emotions. At the present stage, in the world tourist practice, high-quality service has become simply inseparable from the rest of the travel program and is taken for granted.

Development of tourism in Russia, as in any other country. It leads to the fact that it becomes available to more and more broad layers of the population and thereby acquires a mass character. At the same time, there is a differentiation in the demand for tourism services and an increase in their diversity. The desire of a travel company to form a stable market for its services leads to the need to improve the activities for their provision. Competent service increases the demand for travel services, contributes to the commercial success of the enterprise, and improves its image.

The outlined circumstances determined the choice and relevance of the topic of this thesis project.

The purpose of the thesis project was to study the theoretical and practical aspects of the problem of the activity of a small enterprise in the provision of tourism services and the development of measures to improve it.

The implementation of this goal required the formulation and consistent solution of the following main tasks:

- to study the theoretical foundations of the activities of a small business for the provision of services in the field of tourism;

- to give a general description of the activities of Veleiro LLC;

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