The Rise of Chinese Tourism: How and Where Chinese People Go and What It Means for the Rest of the World

The Rise of Chinese Tourism: How and Where Chinese People Go and What It Means for the Rest of the World

Currently, more tourists travel from China to other countries than from the United States and other market leaders. Understanding how this affects world tourism.

Currently, more tourists travel from China to other countries than from the USA and other market leaders. Understanding how this affects world tourism

In the early 2000s, Chinese citizens only traveled 10.5 million. By 2017, the number of such trips has grown to 145 million - an incredible 1,380%!

In less than 20 years, China's international tourism market has reached the highest position in the world, ahead of even the United States. According to the World Tourism Organization, in 2016, Chinese tourists spent $ 261.1 billion in other countries; in 2000 this amount was about $ 10 billion. According to preliminary data, in 2017, their spending amounted to about $ 300 billion. American tourists spent a relatively small $ 123.6 billion in 2016.

It is noteworthy that only 7% of Chinese - 99 million people - travel actively. For comparison: the share of such citizens among the US population is 40%, and in the UK - 76%. Thus, the potential for growth in China's tourism market with a population of 1.4 billion is staggering. The Institute for International Tourism Research in China predicts that more than 400 million Chinese will travel by 2030.

According to the Institute, this means that of the 600 million trips that will add to the current number by 2030 (1.2 billion people are currently traveling, in 12 years their number will grow to 1.8 billion), almost half will be done by the Chinese. China's international tourism market will account for nearly a quarter of the world.

Not surprisingly, travel agencies around the world are already trying to attract a growing army of Chinese tourists. For example, Visit Britain's advertising campaign was launched back in 2014. Tour operators, hotels and sightseeing officials were required to provide information in Cantonese or Mandarin, and to adapt products to the Chinese market and culture.

Where are the Chinese tourists going?

The number of 145 million overseas trips can be misleading: the calculations took into account the special administrative regions of China - Hong Kong and Macau, as well as the island of Taiwan, which the state considers its territory. In 2017, 69.5 million tourists visited these regions.

Domestic tourism is also very popular with Chinese people. A lot of tourists travel to Beijing and Shanghai. Due to the influx of guests on weekends, they even block the movement of cars on the main streets. According to Sally Pekk, an expert at Telegraph Travel, who lived in China in the past, destinations related to the country's recent history are also popular. For example, many visit the Three Gorges Dam in China's impoverished industrial region. Young tourists looking for a thrill travel to the mountainous province of Yunnan, which borders Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam and is one of the most ethnically diverse regions in China.

Other Asian countries are also benefiting from the growth in tourism among the Chinese. The top ten most popular destinations include Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea and Singapore. The USA and Italy are at the bottom of the rating.

The Rise of Chinese Tourism: How and Where Chinese People Go and What It Means for the Rest of the World

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