The resume of a tourism manager, or who the employer sees as a tour guide in the country of travel

The resume of a tourism manager, or who the employer sees as a tour guide in the country of travel

Tourism manager is a profession for very special people: passionate, romantic, and able to interest others. There is no place for tediousness, scrupulousness and despondency - after all, this is a leisure area, and if the travel agency staff cannot create an appropriate atmosphere for their customers, there will be no sales at all. In order to present yourself from the right sides in the resume, the applicant simply needs to know the general and special rules for drawing up a resume of a tourism manager.

General resume writing rules

Before you start writing your resume, you should plan its structure

A resume is a document that presents an applicant not only by communicating its content to the employer - information about the person, the level of his development in the professional field with the facts (graduated from an educational institution, worked in an organization where he gained experience). This document and "between the lines" contains a lot of information about the applicant. How neatly the text is formatted, whether there are errors and typos in it, whether the style of presentation is followed and what this style is, will tell a competent psychologist (not necessarily one with the appropriate education) almost more than the candidate's track record.

Document structure

The most winning resume structure is classic. The information in such a document goes one after another sequentially, from general to specific. Although, of course, every job seeker is free to compose his own resume in any form.

The original presentation of data, if you do not go beyond reasonable limits, can serve as a confirmation of the author's creativity, his self-confidence, the presence of an exquisite taste in the applicant. And these qualities are very much welcomed in a tourism manager.

The classic resume structure looks like this:

  • The name of the document ("Summary"), it is possible to indicate your own personal names here. ... ("Summary of Yuri Vladimirovich Medeltsov").
  • The purpose of the resume is “Applying for the position of tourism manager”.
  • Personal data of the applicant:
    • age (in the format of date of birth or number of full years);
    • place of residence (briefly, just a town is enough);
    • marital status and presence of children (names and ages are not required);
    • contact details (phone number and email address).
  • Education - information about graduated educational institutions (they must be listed in chronological order, the name of the institution, years of study, specialty received). As an additional subsection, education information can include information on courses attended, seminars and trainings attended.
  • Work experience - information about all or the most basic (in terms of the relevance of experience for the desired position) places of work. They should be listed in reverse chronological order, from last to first. Indicated:
    • the name of the company;
    • the positions held with a breakdown of the functions performed (decrypt only for the positions that are most close to the applicant);
    • the dates of commencement of work and dismissal ...
  • Professional skills - a listing of all the knowledge and skills available to the applicant that could be useful when working in the desired position.
  • Personal qualities from among those inherent, according to the employer, the ideal representative of this profession.
  • Additional information about an applicant from among those that is not included in the mandatory requirements for the position, but can play a role in case of an equal position of several candidates - having a driver's license and a personal car, willingness to travel, information about hobbies, related functions the position being sought (for a manager - sports, tourism) and so on.
  • Recommendations from previous places of work - attachments to the resume in the form of characteristics from the former bosses or simply contact details of former colleagues who can confirm the professional aptitude of the applicant.

A classic resume template can have from 7 to 9 sections

The photo of the applicant in the resume is optional, but it can be used as an advantage. A high-quality photograph of an underlined business plan will positively characterize a representative of any profession. For tourism specialists, it is permissible or even desirable to attach a photo in which the applicant smiles - this will confirm his goodwill, openness to communication with the client.

Overseas vacancies

Permanent work in the offices in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh requires Russian-speaking employees residing in Egypt.

Main objectives of the professional business tour

Business tourism can pursue a wide variety of goals, the main of which are:

  • individual trips or business trips of employees of companies and firms to conduct business negotiations and establish business contacts;
  • individual or group business trips of employees to work at conferences, attend fairs, exhibitions or other tourist events related to professional activities;
  • vocational training or participation in professional development programs, which can be either individual or group;
  • verification of the success of branches and regional representative offices of the organization;
  • working with government bodies to obtain various permits and certificates located in another region or state, and many other very diverse purposes.

Jobs: Administrative Secretary, Call Center Operator, Price Analyst

  • Competent written and spoken English.
  • Competent oral and written Russian.
  • High speed of typing on the computer.
  • Computer knowledge - confident user.
  • Pleasant voice, no speech defects.
  • Experience in tourism is a plus.
  • Resident visa or Egyptian citizenship.

Organization of a professional business tour

Organization of professional and business tours has its own characteristics related to the fact that their target audience has a set of specific characteristics and requirements. For example, most of the participants in various business events are quite demanding on the level of services offered to them in terms of providing comfort and convenience.

In addition, in the rooms provided to them, as a rule, it is necessary to have a full-fledged workplace equipped with the necessary office equipment and Internet access. Often during large-scale events, special business centers are located on the territory of hotels, providing services to their participants.

Vacancy: Marketing employee

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