The Chinese became the leaders in spending among foreigners coming to Russia

New business ideas from China

In general, business tourism is quite multifaceted, it is so diverse that sometimes it is not even possible to imagine its any boundaries. Almost seventy-three percent of its total volume is made up of corporate travel, which includes those trips that involve any participation in public events, and individual business trips.

Almost sixteen percent of the total mass of business travel is travel, the purpose of which is to visit industrial and trade exhibitions, all kinds of fairs, as well as to take part directly in the work of these exhibitions and fairs.

Every year between countries, scientific, cultural and business ties are only getting stronger and more intense. And the most dominant role in all this, of course, is played by none other than business tourism.

The priority area in business tourism today is precisely Chinese tourism. And all because every day the economy of this huge country is developing at an incredibly fast pace, just rapid, that is why it is the ties with the Celestial Empire that have been more profitable for business lately.

The most popular points of arrival in business tourism are two such important strategic Chinese cities as Shanghai and Guangzhou - they are known to all business circles, without exception, all kinds of exhibitions are regularly held here, at which most business people find themselves important business partners, sign billion-dollar contracts.

However, one should not forget that China is not only a country of businessmen and business relations. There are a lot of attractions here, and you can always combine excursion programs if you wish with a pleasant pastime on the island under the beautiful name of Hainan. It is rightfully called some kind of eastern Hawaii, because there are a lot of sea and land entertainment, comfortable, tropical greenery, thermal springs and beautiful beaches.

For some reason, we all think that if we have a vacation, then we need to spend it in any of the foreign countries: the conditions are comfortable there, and the prices are reasonable, and the service is at the highest level. However, unfortunately, most of the.

There are not so many different ways in the world that help you to spend your leisure time in a fun and interesting way. In particular, we are talking about the ways that could combine such areas as entertainment, recreation and sports. Water tourism.

and surroundings Includes a sightseeing tour of Tokyo. The excursion will be accompanied by a Russian guide, by car. The duration of the excursion is eight hours. The tour will begin with the arrival of you at the hotel in the morning.

Osaka Sightseeing Osaka Sightseeing Tour includes an overview of the sights. Duration is about eight hours. The excursion provides for a detour of the sights of the city by car, accompanied by a Russian speaking.

Another ski resort located in the High Tatras is called Strbske Pleso. The resort is located not far from the airport, and stretches along the shores of the famous mountain lake. The resort has a large number of slopes with different ones.

Business tourism in China

In the first quarter of 2019, the largest total spending in Russia "for the first time in a number of observations" was made by Chinese citizens, the Central Bank stated in its report "Balance of payments, international investment position and external debt of the Russian Federation." In January-March, the Chinese spent $ 264 million in Russia, which is 1.7 times more than a year earlier, the financial regulator stated.

In the previous two years, according to the results of the first quarter, the leaders in terms of total expenditures were the citizens of Ukraine. In January-March 2019, their spending decreased by 11%, to $ 190 million.In the first months of the year, when the tourist season had not begun and wealthy travelers from Europe had not yet arrived in Russia, the top five also included Kazakhstan ($ 189 million), Kyrgyzstan ($ 90 million) and Uzbekistan ($ 83 million).

How much Russia as a whole earns on foreigners

In general, for the first quarter of 2019, the Central Bank estimated the export of services under the item "Travel" (we are talking about the costs of foreigners arriving in the country) at $ 1.9 billion, which is 4% less than a year earlier. More than half - 55% - of travel revenues were brought by citizens from non-CIS countries, while their spending decreased by 5%. The overwhelming majority of all foreigners - 59% - came to Russia for business purposes, according to the materials of the Central Bank.

Information for assessing the costs of foreigners in Russia, analysts of the Central Bank, as specified in its press service, are taken from various sources, including travel agency data on the cost of vouchers for foreigners, hotel accommodation rates, possible costs for food, etc. The costs per trip calculated in this way for visitors from different countries are then multiplied by the number of foreigners arriving in Russia, statistics of which are kept by the FSB border service.

Have Chinese started spending more in Russia

Russia and China have visa-free agreements - a group of five or more people can come to a neighboring country without visas, according to the lists. In the first quarter of 2019, the flow of tourists from China increased by 17%, to 342 thousand people, follows from the data of the FSB. 163 thousand Chinese came to Russia for tourism purposes, 73 thousand for business, 28 thousand for private, 24 thousand for work, 15 thousand for study, etc. In the total inbound tourist flow, the share of China is only 6%, while Ukraine's is 23%.

Entry from China is indeed growing thanks to the visa-free agreement and the satisfaction of tourists with travel, said Alexander Agamov, executive director of the World Without Borders tourism association, which is developing Russian-Chinese tourism. But the Central Bank's estimate of the costs of Chinese tourists raises doubts in Agamov: the state and fiscal authorities cannot correctly assess the volume of services provided to Chinese citizens because of the numerous gray schemes that exist on the market.

The schemes, as reported by the media, involve guides and shops: Chinese firms sell cheap tours to tourists, often at a price below the cost, and then “beat them off” by shopping in stores in Russia where prices are too high several times. A significant part of the tourist flow from China passes through the Chinese diaspora, which, through guides, controls the accommodation, meals and purchases of their compatriots in Russia, as a result of which not much money falls into the Russian budget, agrees Vladimir Kantorovich, First Vice President of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia.

When paying for goods abroad, the Chinese no longer use cash, but their payment services (in particular, WeChat Pay), which are opaque for the Russian tax authorities, Agamov continues. When paying for purchases in stores or restaurants, they transfer funds via WeChat Pay to the account of a Chinese company, and the Russian fiscal authorities do not see the transaction. The official figure of $ 264 million is no more than 40% of the amount actually spent by the Chinese in Russia, the rest is gray and black schemes, the head of the Chinese department of the tour operator UTS estimates. ussia Mikhail Vovchenko.

The growth in Chinese spending fixed by the Central Bank, according to Agamov, is due to the fact that the market is tired of gray and black schemes, and tourists are less likely to agree to them: companies serving the Chinese “start legal entities in Russia, become tax records and this is reflected in the statistics. "

Business tourism in China In recent years, the following trend has been observed: out of every ten million tourists, one in four million people go on overseas trips not for the purpose of rest and

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For the last 10 years, the Chinese economy has been developing by leaps and bounds largely due to the high efficiency of the people and low production costs. China managed to achieve such results thanks to the export of its goods.

More and more often Russian entrepreneurs, regardless of their field of activity, production or trade, prefer business ties with China, purchasing equipment and goods in this country. There are many reasons for this.

The low price causes high demand for Chinese goods - things that are necessary in everyday life can be bought in China for 60 percent cheaper than in Russia. The wide variety and rich selection of goods amazes the imagination. Dishes, textiles, toys, clothing and footwear, appliances, medical, industrial and other equipment are just a drop in the sea of ​​items from the list of available for purchase. The list is endless.

Mutually beneficial cooperation with colleagues from the Middle Kingdom allows Russian businessmen to open up new horizons for their activities. This leads to quite logical questions: what to offer our consumer? What niche is the most relevant for Russia? And how to start a business with China?

From this material, you can find out in which niche you will get the most profit. We have selected for you the top 10 most popular Chinese goods that are in constant demand in Russia.

One-time change

Here we include hygiene products, disposable dishes, household and kitchen trifles, office supplies, and so on. A person confidently buys these things every day and is ready to acquire, not counting money. It costs a penny both in large chain supermarkets and in street stalls. The wholesale price on the Chinese market is 10 or even 1000 times less.

Edible and small

Snack is a common practice of the Russian consumer. We are talking about bulk food products - teas, snacks, dried fruits and much more. In China, they can be bought in a container at a super favorable price, and at home they can be packaged in small containers and safely sold. This product is also always in demand.

Car Accessories

A car is no longer a luxury these days. Auto and motorcycle spare parts, tuning elements, parking sensors, lights and lamps for cars, video recorder, car little things for a car enthusiast (stickers, pads), etc. The demand for this product from China is growing every day, competition in the Russian market is negligible, except for Chinese things under a domestic brand.

Hello dear friends! Welcome to the author of the magazine "KhiterBeber", Alexander Berezhnov!

It's no secret that many people made their first million by reselling goods from China.

In this article I will reveal all the tricks about business with China from "A" to "Z", analyze expert advice and consider the most effective and profitable business models.

While this niche is relatively free: if you decide to start your own business and do not know what to choose - it's time to turn your attention towards the East.

Let's go in order, friends!

Business on goods from China - is it really possible to start a business from scratch

Chinese products make up a significant share of the entire world market. In Russia, about 60-80% of light industry goods are represented by Chinese consumer goods. Modern Chinese products are no longer as handicraft and low-quality as they were 20 years ago: the products have become more functional and durable, they look much better.

Even if you have never been involved in sales and are familiar with Chinese goods only from a consumer point of view, no one and nothing can stop you from starting a business in China and acquiring a new (and very profitable) source of income.

In this area, it is possible, without making super-efforts (and even without leaving home), to earn from 50,000 rubles every month and at the same time have time for life and rest.

Today, only a lazy one does not do business with the PRC. Business with China for resale without investment (well, or almost no investment) is relatively simple and accessible to everyone with basic knowledge and business skills. You don't need to be a graduate of a trade school or business school to understand how things work in the market.

In fact, the scheme of work with China boils down to three points:

  • find the product in China as cheaply as possible;
  • deliver it to the Russian Federation;
  • sell at a premium.

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