The best travel agencies of Crimea

Prospects for the development of the tourist services market in the Republic of Crimea

The importance of the tourism industry for Crimea cannot be overestimated. It has long been known that tourism is one of the budget-forming sectors of the peninsula's economy, and among Crimeans, almost every fifth person works in the tourism sector, is related to it or cooperates with Crimean tour operators.

For everyone who is associated with the concept of "tourism" a memorable date, undoubtedly, is the 5th of July recently. On this day, 177 years ago, the world's first organized tourist trip took place. Thus, this day may well be considered the day of the birth of organized tourism.

The Englishman Thomas Cook became a pioneer in this matter. As a Baptist preacher, Cook, however, had a great entrepreneurial spirit and a wealth of ideas. They helped the British founder of tourism to become famous all over the world and to create the world's first tourism company called "Thomas Cook and Son". By the way, it successfully works to this day, becoming a high-profile brand.

And on July 5, 1841, it all began very prosaically. Thomas Cook, a staunch teetotaler and believer, deeply disturbed by the general drunkenness of the British nation in the middle of the 19th century, decided to fight the "green serpent" through educational trips and travels. These excursions were intended to distract alcohol addicts from addiction, to interest them in a new hobby - travel, to introduce new people.

Moreover, Cook sponsored the entire event from his own meager funds. But this was the very investment that was destined to pay off with interest.

On this memorable July day, 570 people traveled by rail to Loughborough.

After a while, trips began to acquire a commercial character, and Thomas Cook began to implement new ideas that are still used in the tourism industry today. For example, thematic tours - trips related to a single topic and are popular with fans of everything related to this topic. So Thomas Cook began organizing trips to the homeland of Walter Scott and Robert Burns for literature lovers.

Event tourism is also Cook's authorship. The enterprising preacher organized massive excursions to the first World's Fair in London (1851). Tourists were guaranteed accommodation, meals, excursions around the exhibition itself. Thus, Cook introduced into the tourism industry the well-known principle of "all-inclusive", when, having paid for the ticket, the guest no longer cares about anything, worrying about where to eat, what to do and where to spend the night.

Traveler's checks, travel brochures and guides, cruises (river and transatlantic), school trips, pilgrimage tourism and charter flights - we all know this thanks to Thomas Cook.

We will devote today's article to those for whom July 5, along with September 27 (World Tourism Day), is a professional holiday. So, let's talk about the best travel agencies in Crimea!

Crimean travel agencies: list, addresses, websites, phone numbers

Crimea is a classic tourist region. Of course, many travel companies providing services in the field of tourism could not but appear here.

The travel industry in Crimea is so developed that the format of an article would not even be enough for us to list all the travel agencies of Crimea - there are hundreds of them, so we will highlight only a few of them.

The best travel agencies of Crimea

Research of prospects for the development of the market of tourist services in the Republic of Crimea.

Problems of the tourism market in the Republic of Crimea

Tourism and the entire tourism industry as a whole is a huge and dynamic sector of both the Russian and world economies. In terms of profitability, the tourism industry is second only to the oil production and automotive industries. The tourist industry is constantly developing and does not stand still - this is a huge plus, because tourist services are constantly developing.

A tourist service is a set of targeted actions in the service sector that are focused on providing and meeting the needs of a tourist or excursionist, meeting the goals of tourism, the nature and focus of a tourist service, tour, tourist product, not contradicting the universal principles of morality and good order.

One of the most relevant tourist destinations at the moment is Crimea - a profitable region for the Russian economy, and the tourism and resort-sanatorium industry is one of the most attractive in the region.

After joining Russia in March 2014, a number of problems in the tourism industry were identified in the Republic of Crimea:

- Difficult transport links with Russia;

- Unsatisfactory condition of access roads and parking for tourist buses near objects of tourist interest;

- Unsatisfactory condition of a significant part of the roadway;

- Moral obsolescence of the only passenger airport of Crimea "Simferopol";

- Inconsistency of the level of service with generally accepted standards and expectations of tourists;

Everything about the travel agencies of Crimea, providing services in the field of tourism: a description of the fields of activity, their contacts.

Multi-day tours and excursions in Crimea

Organization of travel in Crimea of ​​varying complexity is a key area of ​​our firm's work, which we have been doing since 2002. Our author's multi-day routes in Crimea are a comfortable civilized vacation with a share of adventure and emotions. All our tours are prefabricated (this means that we join from 1 person to a group). All tours with clear arrival schedules - they will take place anyway. We are waiting for you in Crimea! We also often offer discounts and promotions for our programs! :) Ask about them!

Prefabricated excursion tours in Crimea are designed in such a way that the guest of our peninsula will see the most basic and top sights. All hotels, cafes, wineries, transport companies and other partners have been cooperating with us for many years in a row. The organization of our tours is aimed at only one thing - good and kind emotions of tourists. Do you know why prefabricated excursion tours are better than an independent trip to Crimea? We will tell you >>>

Excursion tour "Crimean Triangle"

The Crimean Triangle is the top must-see sights of Crimea in the Yalta-Sevastopol-Bakhchisarai triangle. Famous monuments of nature and history: Swallow's Nest and Bear Mountain, Livadia and Alupka palaces, Balaklava and Chersonesos, Fountain of Tears and Foros Church.

Excursion tour "All Crimea"

Excursion tour "WHOLE CRIMEA" is ideal for getting acquainted with the entire excursion palette of the Crimean peninsula. You will visit literally all the main sights of Crimea - castles, caves, palaces, mountains, embankments of resort towns, try national cuisine and Crimean wine.

Active tour "Crimea Mountains-Sea"

Auto-walking tour of Crimea is designed for supporters of an active lifestyle, for connoisseurs of nature and beauty. The tour is based on the southern coast of Crimea in the city of Alushta, from where radial hiking trips in the Crimean mountains are made. This tour is recommended for travelers between 15 and 70 years old.

Active excursion tour of the "tops of the Crimea"

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