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Business tourism in Tyumen

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Tyumen has been in key positions in business activity ratings in recent years. The excitement around the business activity of Tyumen leads to the fact that hotel players are actively entering the market. The growth rate of supply in the industry is significantly ahead of the growth rate of demand. This review presents a real picture of the state of the hotel industry in Tyumen.


There are more than 3000 rooms, 313 accommodation facilities on the Tyumen market, including 53 hotels in the 1-4 * category, with a total number of 2628 rooms (75% of the market). In terms of the number of rooms provided, Tyumen occupies a leading position in the Ural Federal District, with more than 4 rooms per 1000 residents of the city. For comparison, Yekaterinburg (the leader in the Ural Federal District in terms of occupancy and business activity) has an indicator of 3.85 rooms per 1000 people.

Approximately half of the supply of rooms - 1631 rooms is 10 hotels in the category 3-4 *.

Business tourism in Tyumen

Excursions in Tyumen: prices and reviews

Excursions in Tyumen are distinguished by interesting features. This is due to the fact that the city is famous both in Russia and abroad for its oil and gas wealth. Accordingly, there are many factories for the extraction and processing of oil and gas resources. As a result, the city is thriving and has many advantages: low unemployment, growing infrastructure, construction of new modern housing, constant population growth. Unlike other regional centers and regions, tourists feel that they are not in the wilderness and separation from civilization. In Tyumen, life is boiling no less than in the capital, despite the remoteness from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other "centers of civilization."

The city is located on the Tobol River - the left tributary of the Tura. Since the oil and gas industries are developed, business tourism is flourishing. Tyumen is a modern city with excellent sanatorium rest. There are a lot of interesting sights here that should not be ignored. There are enough places for ecological recreation in the vicinity, where you can spend time alone with nature. There are areas in which it is allowed to hunt and fish.

Where to buy excursions in Tyumen for a year

Arriving in Tyumen, you can walk around the city on your own. However, such trips will give you the wrong palette of impressions as being accompanied by a guide. Inadvertently through ignorance or because of the irrational distribution of time, you can miss some attraction. In addition, independent adventures can result in additional material expenditures. Therefore, it is better to use an online service with a good reputation in advance.

If you want to visit Tyumen, then the best option is to decide in advance on the direction of the tour, choosing the one that suits your taste and cost. The online service Tripster will help with this. Here you can preview the proposed programs in advance - from the usual routes to very unusual ones. If you want to have fun, but do not have a lot of funds, then there are budget options. In addition, from time to time you can buy a tour of promotions and discounts. Therefore, excursions around Tyumen should be planned before the start of the trip in order to fully get to know the city. The rest will fully meet your expectations, it will be interesting and non-trivial.

For more information about the Tripster portal, see our dedicated article.

Prices for excursions around Tyumen for a year

A natural question that worries a person before going on vacation and who plans an active entertainment and educational program is the question - "How much do excursions around Tyumen cost?" After all, there is such a variety of places that you want to visit: nature, factories, sanatoriums, places for winter sports, cafes, historical sites. The cost of excursions in Tyumen depends on many factors, such as the number of places you want to visit, the need for transport. The type of rest (group or individual), the duration of the program, as well as the presence of additional expenses - on entrance tickets, etc., also affect.

Let's see what the Tripster service offers us. The most accessible excursion on the site - "Tyumen: stories, legends, people" costs 3990 rubles for 1-2 people. Therefore, if there are two of you, then it will cost each one 1995 rubles. The most expensive excursion around the city of Tyumen is an excursion to "Hot springs and black gold". It costs 5990 for 1-3 people.

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