The best excursions in Tomsk

The best excursions in Tomsk

Excursions around Tomsk are a great way to spend your free time in this Siberian city. In fact, Tomsk is the center of excursions and tourism in Siberia. It is one of the oldest cities in the region that has not lost its history. Ancient buildings and modern architecture are surprisingly intertwined here. Professional guides on excursions will be happy to show you the city and tell you the legends of Tomsk based on real events.

Tomsk - the center of excursions and tourism in Siberia

Tomsk, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Siberia, was founded in the 17th century. By order of Boris Godunov, in the spring of 1604, on the banks of the Tom, on the mountain, the construction of a fortress began. The wooden houses of the city keep their history. For example, today many buildings in Tomsk have the status of architectural monuments. There are very few cities in the world with such a variety of wooden structures. This is a real open-air museum with which you can get acquainted on a tour of the city of Tomsk.

There are many cultural, architectural, natural and other attractions in Tomsk. They make the city unique and memorable. It is also worth mentioning the bizarre monuments of Tomsk. Among them is a monument to a wooden ruble, a janitor, slippers, a fan, happiness and many others. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, Radishchev, Nicholas II, Nikolai Gumilev, the mysterious elder Fyodor and many other famous personalities have left their mark on the history of the city. All this turns Tomsk into the center of excursions and tourism in Siberia and all of Russia.

Where to buy excursions in Tomsk

Many people who go on business or travel around the country believe that there will be no problems with finding excursions. Only in fact, it can be difficult to find a really good option. In addition, it takes a lot of time, since not all travel agencies work with local excursions. To save time and even money, the easiest way is to use the Tripster or Sputnik8 website. For many years they have been offering original tours of Tomsk. Here are the best excursions from local guides who know and love their city. It is here that you can choose and order an excursion in Tomsk for the desired day and hour at any convenient time. You can read all the offers and their descriptions without haste. In addition, you can plan your time in Tomsk in advance with the confidence that you will see all the main attractions of this Siberian city.

Individual excursions around Tomsk, and very inexpensive! Prices for excursions around Tomsk start from 1000 rubles, and for some excursions the price is completely fixed. It doesn't matter how many of you there are 1, 3 or 5 people. Often, many excursions can be booked without prepayment and even canceled for free. Agree that it is convenient and, in our opinion, is an excellent opportunity to get to know Tomsk better.

Sightseeing tour of Tomsk

If you want to get to know the Siberian city as quickly as possible, walk along its historic streets and see all the most beautiful and interesting things, a sightseeing tour of Tomsk is ideal for you. As part of the excursion, the guide will teach you how to navigate the city, tell you the most interesting legends and stories related to the city and show you its sights. Such excursions around the city of Tomsk are suitable for those who first came to the city and for those who have already been here several times, but want to see the whole picture.

Hidden in Siberia On this tour of Tomsk, you will see the main attractions of the city. You will learn the history of Siberian architecture and the details of the life of students in the XIX-XX centuries. In addition, you can choose the topics and directions that interest you the most. There will be 5 topics for the excursion to choose from, and 12 topics in total.

Love on the bank of Tomi The history of Tomsk is replete with fascinating details. You will learn a lot about its residents and guests, events, incidents and intrigues. You will visit one of the first stone churches beyond the Urals. You will walk along the oldest street in the city and visit the place where the Tomsk prison was built. On this sightseeing tour of Tomsk, you will be imbued with the warmth and charm of the historic quarters and understand what is the secret of Tomsk's special charm.

Around Tomsk by car On this car tour of the city of Tomsk, you will stop, walk and take pictures. Visit the lacy wooden tower quarter and the monastery. You will climb to the place where the city was founded - a wooden prison and see the famous monument to Chekhov. Then you will find yourself in the Tatar settlement where there are mosques and a palace in the Moorish style.

Tomsk by car Another tour of Tomsk by car. During this excursion you will see the place of the founding of the city of Tomsk and enjoy a bird's eye view of the city. Visit the ancient wooden streets of the temples and monastery. You will be shown Beloe Ozero, the Governor's Quarter, Tomsk Arbat, Lagerny Garden, Brewers Alley, a monument to the wooden ruble and much more. There is only one more difference. In the previous version of the tour, the guide is a man, and in this one is a woman.

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