Spanish city of Barcelona

Barcelona City Hall implements tourism reforms

MADRID, August 20 - RIA Novosti, Elena Shesternina. The Barcelona authorities, led by Mayor Ada Colau, have begun large-scale reforms in the tourism sector. The changes will affect real estate, transport, the distribution of the tourist tax and a number of other areas, the mayor's office explained to RIA Novosti.

"In tourism, Barcelona has a huge economic asset that has grown strongly over the past ten to fifteen years. Just one figure: this summer, the number of foreigners visiting Barcelona will grow by 5%. We face the threat of creating." tourism bubble ", for example, in the field of real estate", - said the spokesman for the mayor's office, Marion Soria.

Tourism in Barcelona has really grown at a tremendous pace lately. If in 1990 the city was visited by 1.7 million people, and in 2000 - 3.1 million, then last year 7.9 million tourists visited Barcelona, ​​of which 199 thousand were from Russia, such data led RIA Novosti to the organization for the development of tourism in Barcelona Turisme de Barcelona.

According to a representative of the Barcelona City Hall, “in order to protect the tourism sector and make it rational and organized, the new municipal government is going to analyze all the pros and cons, to find out if we want to grow, diversify it is better to distribute tourism profits. " "The truth is that tourism brings a lot to the city, but it is also true that this profit is concentrated in the hands of a limited number of people, and social stratification has increased greatly in recent years," added a city official

Ada Colau is going to discuss his proposals, which appeared during the election campaign (the election of the mayor of Barcelona took place on May 24), in the Municipal Tourism Council, where all organizations related to this area, as well as local residents. "This council will study the situation and make decisions on how to deal with it," the mayor's office explained. The strategic plan for tourism in the city of Barcelona is designed for 2016-2020, but some of the initiatives have already begun to be implemented.

Real Estate

The mayor's office began the reform of the tourism sector with the most acute problem today - real estate. Specifically - with the ban on the issuance of new licenses to the hotel business and the problem of illegal delivery of housing to tourists in the city.

The suspension of the issuance of new licenses has so far affected 30 objects, including the transformation of one of the symbols of the city, the Akbar Tower, into a hotel.

The ban will be in effect for at least a year and applies to hotels, hostels, guesthouses, apartments and other premises for rent to tourists. The goal is proclaimed "to provide guarantees of the quality of life to the townspeople and to prevent disruption of public order." “The ultimate challenge is to get a complete picture of the rental space for tourists, which will allow us to assess the existing proposals and the impact that has on access to housing, the occupation of public space, ways of use and management,” - said the city hall.

The initiative was not liked by many. In particular, the organization Manos Limpias ("Clean Hands") considered it illegal and filed a lawsuit against the mayor's office, which, however, lost.

"The policy of the mayor of Barcelona regarding the suspension of the issuance of hotel licenses is illegal, we filed a lawsuit. We defend the rule of law due to the passivity of government ministries. And we will continue to fight to suspend this decision," RIA Novosti told Manos Limpias ... At the same time, the organization itself admits that there is a problem in the field of real estate in Barcelona. "It is necessary to regulate the policy in the field of tourist apartments, which are not fully leased out," the organization believes.

Representatives of the Catalan government also criticized Colau's actions. Thus, Felip Puig, an adviser on entrepreneurship of the autonomous government, called the mayor's initiative "hasty, unnecessary and erroneous." "Instead of looking for a solution to the problem together with the Generalitat (the government of Catalonia - ed.), Ada Colau delivers verdicts unilaterally," Puig said.

Barcelona is a dream city for lovers of exquisite architecture, warm Mediterranean climate, sports fans and food lovers. Few travel destinations offer such a successful combination of sightseeing, beach, and eventful recreation. This is one of the most popular European cities: it is not the most expensive vacation here, which attracts young people, people of mature age, parents with children.

It is quite possible to organize a trip to the capital of Catalonia by yourself. What do you need to travel on your own? Careful monitoring of resources, advice from experienced travelers, willingness to spend time on an independent visa application, booking tickets, accommodation.

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Visa processing

Spain is part of the Schengen area, so a visa from any Schengen member state is required to visit it. Those who have already visited Europe are familiar with the visa application process.

Required documents:

If you are traveling only to Spain, then apply for a visa through the Spanish consulate or visa centers (the link between the applicant-embassy), which operate in 28 Russian cities. The process of submitting papers is simplified and standardized as much as possible, so anyone can get the coveted stamp on their own, without the services of intermediaries, by paying service and consular fees.

Holders of a "clean" passport will receive a visa for 3 months, if there is at least one Schengen - from six months. The passport is valid for at least 3 months from the end of the trip.


Accommodation, where to stay

Which type of accommodation to choose depends only on your budget - the choice of options is very wide. AirBnb, Booking are two of the simplest tools for finding accommodation: the first will offer options for renting apartments (there is a chance to find something authentic and at the same time inexpensive), the second is a universal resource for free and secure booking.

Hotel or apartment rental?

In this section, you can find prices for all our individual author's excursions in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, Andorra and the south of France. For information on current discounts for excursions, see the section "Current Discounts". You can read more about each excursion in the following thematic sections:

Guided Tours of Barcelona by Car

Tour duration - 6 hours. Cost: 1-3 people - 270 €, 4-5 people - 300 €, 6 people - 360 €, 7 or more people - on request. Book an excursion

Tour duration - 4 hours. Cost: 1-3 people - 220 €, 4-5 people - 240 €, 6 people - 280 €, 7 or more people - on request. Book an excursion

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Tour duration - 8 hours. Cost: 1-3 people - 330 €, 4-5 people - 370 €, 6 people - 420 €, 7 or more people - on request. Book an excursion

Tour duration - 4 hours. Cost: 1-3 people - 220 €, 4-5 people - 240 €, 6 people - 280 €, 7 or more people - on request. Book an excursion

Tour duration - 4 hours. Cost: 1-2 people - 220 €, 4-5 people - 240 €, 6 people - 280 €, 7 or more people - on request. Book an excursion

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Tour duration - 3 hours. Cost: 1-3 people - 170 €, 4-5 people - 200 €, 6 people - 240 €, 7 or more people - on request. Book an excursion

Barcelona Walking Tours

Tour duration - 4 hours. Cost: 1-2 people - 110 €, 3-4 people - 120 €, 5-6 people - 130 €, 7-10 people - 140 €. Book an excursion

Barcelona, ​​the thriving Catalan capital, makes a grand impression. The city boasts outstanding buildings of the Gothic and Art Nouveau style, magnificent museums (dedicated to Picasso, Miro and Catalan art), but the greatest pleasure can be obtained by getting lost among the narrow alleys, bars and cafes where you can have fun, eat and drink until late and soak up the local atmosphere. ...

This largest port and most prosperous commercial center in Spain has a complex and dynamic culture and is ahead of the rest of the country. Barcelona - one of the most prominent cities in Spain, has its own history of development that is different from all others, which found a perfect and eccentric expression in the architecture of Antoni Gaudí.

Arrival, transport and accommodation in Barcelona

The airport, 17 kilometers southwest, is connected by a train line to Barcelona Sants main station, from where you can take the metro to the city center (line 3 to Ramblas and Liceu). Many trains from the airport also go to Plasa de Catalunya, which is a more direct route to the Barri Gotic area. You can take the Airbus airport bus to the center via Placa d'Espanya, Gran Via and Placa de Catalunya.

Getting to the city center by local taxi is expensive, so it's best to book a transfer from Barcelona airport (the fastest way to get to the city). Barcelona Sants is the city's main train station, where intercity and some international trains arrive, and many intercity buses stop here (metro line 3 leads directly from here to the Ramblas).

Spanish and European long-distance trains, as well as intercity trains, arrive at the Estacio de Francia train station next to the park at the fortress (Parc de la Ciutadella). From Estacio de Francia, take Metro line 4 from the nearby Barceloneta station or just walk (5 minutes) to the Barri Gotic area via Via Laietana and Calle Jaume.

The main bus station is located at Estacio del Nord (Gare du Nord), three blocks north of the fortress park at the Arc de Triomf metro station. Ships from the Balearic Islands dock at the Estacio Maritima marina below the Ramblas on the Moll de Barcelona.

The best travel agency is located below Plaza Catalunya (daily 9.0-21.0; Metro Catalunya). Other branches are located at St. James Square (metro Jame I), at the train station and at the airport. The Plaça Catalunya branch carries out personal hotel reservations. The fastest way to travel around the city is by metro (5. 0/6. 0-23. 0/24. 0, until 2. 0 on weekends), the stations are marked with a red crystal sign.

Bus routes (6.0-22.0) are much more extensive, and at each stop there is a city map with all routes. A limited number of yellow night buses pass through Plaza Catalunya. For travel by metro and bus, there is a single tariff of 1.15 euros and a little more expensive for night buses.

If you plan to stay in Barcelona for more than two days, it is better to buy an E-10 or targeta ticket book at the metro station at a price of 6 euros for the metro, buses and some regional rail lines within the city limits ( there are also cards for suburban areas).

There are also T-Dia daily cards (for a day and 5 days) with the right to unlimited travel. The Barcelona Card (one and five days) includes travel from/to the local airport, all city transport, discounts on museums, shopping and restaurants. Tourist buses (Bus Turistic) connect 27 famous sights of Barcelona, ​​you can change as you like.

Barcelona guides Sergey and Tatiana welcome you! Together with the Barcelona-Excursion team, we are pleased to offer you individual excursions in Russian in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, Andorra and the south of France.

The masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi, the secrets of the Gothic Quarter, the museums of Salvador Dali, the sacred mountain of Montserrat, wineries, medieval towns in the Catalan countryside, the beauty of the Pyrenees.

Today we offer more than 40 excursions in Barcelona and beyond - and each of the routes is interesting and unique in its own way.

In addition, it is possible to conduct excursions according to a personal plan, which we will develop especially for you, taking into account your personal interests and wishes. An individual approach is one of our top priorities in our work. For ease of navigation, we have grouped excursions into the following sections, with a detailed description of each route:

And this is what our Top-10 excursions in Barcelona and its surroundings look like, which, according to statistics, tourists order most often.

The employees of the small Barcelona-Excursion team are different people with different views, preferences and interests, but there is something that unites us all. A guide in Barcelona is not only a profession for each of us, but, above all, a vocation!

More than ten years have been devoted to active and, we dare to hope, successful work in Catalan tourism, as evidenced by the feedback from our clients, we have a total of (scary to think!) several thousand excursions behind us - but we still love our business and love the city in which we live, never ceasing to be surprised every day: how different it is, Barcelona!

A guide in Barcelona is not only a profession for us, but also a vocation!

Yes, Barcelona is exactly like that: not like itself, eclectic, many-sided - and equally beautiful in each of the hundreds of faces! All the guides of our small friendly team are real fans of this city! Without this "fanaticism" in our profession, and generally there is nothing to do. But, praise God, the main feature of Barcelona is precisely this: one day it takes you prisoner, and you, of your own free will, remain there forever.

Barcelona in numbers is three hundred sunny days and fifteen million tourists annually (up to 200,000 people pass along the Ramblas alone per day); these are two hundred amazingly beautiful churches and almost the same number of subway stations; thousands of bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels; hundreds of museums, art galleries, nightclubs and discos; it is, after all, four hundred international events hosted by the capital of Catalonia every year.

Barcelona in names is Antoni Gaudi, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, Antoni Tapies and Joan Miró, Montserrat Caballe and Jose Carreras, this is Shakira and, of course, the famous football club Barcelona, ​​our Barça "- one of the frontmen of world football!

Life in the city is in full swing twenty-five hours a day, without interruptions for sleep, lunch and rest, and this is one of the paradoxes of Barcelona: despite a very venerable age - more than two thousand years - the Mediterranean witch remains forever young and, moreover, only getting prettier from day to day!

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