Severstal opens its warm heart

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On Monday, at a special press conference, representatives of Severstal, the Russian representative office of the travel company TUI, part of the business empire of Alexei Mordashov, the tourism department of the Vologda Oblast government and the mayor of Cherepovets announced the start of a new joint project for the development of industrial tourism.

Can watchforever

The base for its development will be the industrial site of CherMK Severstal and the Museum of the Metallurgical Industry created by the company.

After viewing the multimedia exposition of the museum, visitors are expected to move to the real rolling production of a metallurgical company, where they can see with their own eyes the production of rolled steel at Mill 2000. For this, a glazed viewing gallery with a height of 10 m and a length of 30 m will be equipped in the shop (a similar platform is operating, for example, at the plant of the Austrian steel company Voestalpine).

According to the information available to the Airplane, a tourist facility in production can cost Severstal 15 million rubles.

In fact, the idea of ​​industrial tourism uses a famous saying that came to us from the English language, the essence of which is that you can endlessly look at three things: how a fire burns, how water flows and how other people work (Therearethreethingsyou can watchforever: fire, water, andotherpeopleworking).

Industrial tours are a popular trend that has existed in Europe for almost a quarter of a century and is actively developing in Russia, Vedomosti quotes the words of the press secretary of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Irina Tyurina. Factories BMW, Bentley Motors, Harley-Davidson, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Coca-Cola and even Boeing can be visited by the average tourist. The cost of the tour, as a rule, does not exceed 10 euros, and many factories can be visited for free, she lists. According to Tyurina, both industrial companies and the tourism industry are interested in the development of industrial tourism. The first in this case receive the promotion of the corporate brand, the popularization of blue-collar occupations and the elimination of, as Alexander Shevelev, CEO of Severstal recently put it, "environmental and technological prejudices." The second is new niches required in an environment where outbound tourism indicators are declining.

It is curious that the visit to Severstal will take place within the framework of a new tourist product created at TUI Russia under the old brand - Cherepovets - the hot heart of the Russian North.

From the “checkpoint” to the observation deck

The slogan was coined by the author of these lines during a brainstorming session organized by the city tourism association over 15 years ago. In search of something more or less interesting that the city can show to a visiting tourist, the production of Severstal also appeared. But then the idea aroused a categorical rejection of the company's management, which was primarily concerned with the establishment of elementary order on the fenced area of ​​CherMK, which in Soviet times was a real "entrance yard".

Severstal opens its warm heart

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