Sample business letter writing

How to write business letters so that clients ask for an appointment themselves

Business letters are compiled when communicating with partners for almost any reason. Ready examples and rules for drafting such documents can be found in the article.

Purpose and structure

A business letter can be defined as a document that is sent on behalf of the entire company to the address of another company, individual entrepreneur or individual (for example, an investor). In fact, any company correspondence is business letters. Their purpose is very different:

  • Commercial proposals for cooperation.
  • Proposals to change the terms of cooperation, negotiation.
  • Staff recommendation.
  • Reminder of the need to fulfill obligations under the contract.
  • An explanation of your position, a response to a previously sent letter and many others.

The document is usually drawn up on the company's letterhead, it is allowed to send it by regular or e-mail. However, if the partner is of particular importance, it is preferable to print it on high-quality, thick paper and hand it in person or by courier. The structure of the letter resembles a typical business document - you can schematically represent it in this way.

What to look for when composing

There are no specific rules and samples of such letters, so their structure, volume and design largely depend on the specific case. For example, a notification letter will be rather concise (3-4 paragraphs), and an employee's recommendation or business proposal may take more than one page.

However, there are some general rules that you should pay attention to when drafting a paper:

  • The document itself does not have any legal force, but it is drawn up in accordance with all the rules of execution. Its structure and style of presentation should correspond to the generally accepted principles of modern document flow.
  • Sentences are built logically, in a clear sequence. Ornate, complex, emotional and even more colloquial phrases are absent. The tonality is neutral.
  • The presentation is always conducted only from 1 person - either in the singular, if the text is written directly from the head, or in the plural, if it is written on behalf of the entire company.
  • The specific purpose of the drafting and the expected actions of the addressee (send a response, consider the candidacy of an employee, agree to negotiations, send a document, etc.).
  • The paper does not reflect the individual interests of the manager or other employees, but the goals of the company as a team. If you need to establish personal contact, it is advisable to do it differently and not position yourself as a representative of the company.

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The concept of a business letter

In the modern world, the ability to conduct business correspondence is a quality without which it is impossible to build a career. The ability to correctly compose business letters is a direct proof of the high level of professionalism and competence of the employee. A business letter is a common type of document that is used to exchange information in diplomatic, administrative and commercial correspondence. A business letter in English has its own characteristics and principles of writing.

Basic types of business letters

There are several classifications of business correspondence. The following types of letters in English can be distinguished:

  • The Letter of Invitation
  • An Offer
  • Inquiry Letter
  • Answer (to a request or offer) - (Reply)
  • Documents of the established form (invoice, packing list, invoice, etc.)
  • Statement
  • Letter of Congratulation
  • Note of thanks
  • Request letter
  • Complaint letter, etc. ...

Some examples of business letters with translation are presented below: A. Letter in English - The Letter of Invitation

B. Business Letter - An Offer

Dear Sirs, We are in the market for 1000 piece Fountain pens and 1500 piece Ball pens which we need for an export order.

Please send us your lowest quatation for your "Tasso" and "Onset" pens, packed in export cases of 100 piece each.

We are going to purchase 1000 fountain pens and 1500 ballpoint pens for export order.

The skill of writing emails that the addressee opens and reads will help you not only in sales, but also open up new opportunities for building long-term business relationships with potential partners in any field.

I prepared a checklist, which I followed myself when I was engaged in wholesale purchases of household appliances. Procurement is a kind of sale, only in this case you are trying to sell your company at a higher price in order to get prices lower.

These seven steps will help you create consistently high-impact business sales emails and more.

Get to know the customer

Personalized emails that are relevant to your respondent are more effective than generic emails. This is an axiom. Therefore, before writing the first letter to the client, it will be useful to collect the necessary minimum information about him.

64% of email recipients say they open emails based on title relevance

If you know a person's first and last name, it shouldn't be difficult for you to check if they have social media accounts or a LinkedIn profile and examine them. Remember, true personalization is critical.

Examples of data you can use to personalize your message:

  • Common acquaintances;
  • Common interests;
  • Work in the same company in the past;
  • Your respondent is active user of social networks and blogging;
  • Your children go to the same school or section.

Personalize your subject line

The subject line plays a decisive role in whether the email will be opened or not. Your task at this stage is to catch the customer's attention through personalization. It works well to address a contact by name, mention the name of his company or mutual acquaintances who can vouch for you.

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Examples of request letters

* transmission = transportation ** sucessive orders = regular orders

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Sie wurden uns von den Vertretern der Firma "Globe Industries", mit der wir seit mehreren Jahren in Kontakt stehen, empfohlen.

Wir interessieren uns für Ihre Chemikalien zur Herstellung von Baustoffen und Düngemitteln. Bitte, senden Sie uns Ihre Muster, um sie unseren Kunden zur Analyze zu übergeben.

Wir sind sicher, dass die Qualität Ihrer Chemikalien den Anforderungen unserer Kunden entspricht. Falls die Ergebnisse der Analyze positiv ausfallen und Ihre Preise annehmbar sind, sind wir bereit, bei Ihnen regelmäßig zu bestellen.

Examples of request letters

Examples of request letters

* to meet a liability

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

die Firma…, Manchester, hat bei uns Waren für etwa € 8,000, - bestellt und uns Ihren Namen als Referenz angegeben.

Hello! In this article, we will cover business emails.

  • Why business correspondence has not lost its relevance;
  • What are business letters and how they are drawn up;
  • How to write a business letter correctly.

Now behind our windows is the time of high technologies and the Internet. But business correspondence has not lost its importance and relevance, it has simply shifted to other media. Why is it important to be able to compose and execute business letters, let's talk today.

Why do you need business correspondence

First of all, it is an opportunity to exchange opinions, suggestions and thoughts with employees or business partners. With the help of correspondence, they state claims, requests, clarify misunderstandings between companies.

Business correspondence is one of the official types.

Differences between business letters and others

The main differences are as follows:

  • Style of presentation;
  • Vocabulary that does not allow vivid expression of emotions;
  • Drawn up on the official letterhead of the company;
  • The font is not too small, but also not large, while being the same throughout the text;
  • Rarely occupy more than 1 page;
  • There is a strict chain of command.

Types of business letters

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