Russians in Dubai: what they do, where they work and how they relax in the UAE

Opening and registering a business in the UAE (Dubai) for Russians; how to do it right

The United Arab Emirates relatively recently began their journey as an independent state. However, during this time it has become one of the main players in the oil market, an important tourist and business center, where both the values ​​of the West and the traditions of the East coexist peacefully. Thanks to this, the country has become interesting for investments from all over the world. Consider in this article how to open a business from scratch in Dubai for a Russian businessman, what is needed to register a company in the UAE.

The specifics of the business culture of the Arab Emirates

The Arab Emirates is a deeply religious state. On the other hand, Arabs are historically renowned for their bargaining and negotiating skills. These 2 factors need to be considered when negotiating.

Business meetings are not just an opportunity to discuss plans, pressing issues and contract details. This is a whole ritual that takes place in a room that looks like a living room. All participants are sitting on sofas with a cup of coffee. Arabs are not interested in presentations and manufacturability, documents, booklets. They are interested in how the person talks about the project.

When negotiating, it is important not to rush, let the other party think and not rush it into making a decision. Also, the negotiation process itself is sometimes delayed for several days or even weeks.

Arab companies have a clear structure. It is not customary to delegate here, so often the final decision on all issues is made by one person.

Given the religiosity of local residents, everyone who travels to the UAE for work should carefully consider their appearance. Women should wear closed clothes, for men the best option would be a business suit.

Peculiarities of doing business in the UAE

Doing business in the United Arab Emirates has both advantages and disadvantages.

  • Safety and Tolerance. Despite the fact that the majority of local residents are Muslims, they treat people who adhere to a different faith well. A Christmas tree is decorated in hotels and restaurants at Christmas, and Arab business partners always congratulate foreigners on important religious holidays. The crime rate in the country is so low that many do not close an expensive car, leaving it in a public parking lot.
  • No corruption. Even 20 years ago in the Emirates, any state body was a deeply corrupt mechanism at all levels. However, the state managed not only to fight corruption, but to completely eradicate it.
  • Well-developed infrastructure. It lies in the fact that the country provides opportunities for starting a business of any price segment. There are both old commercial buildings and new ones. Products and services can also be targeted at different consumers.
  • A large number of free economic zones. There are 30 of them in Dubai alone.
  • Low cost of employees. Due to the fact that the UAE is popular among labor migrants.
  • Uncomplicated taxation system. The state guarantees a significant relief in paying taxes if the goods are sold on the territory of the country, and FEZ companies are often completely exempt from taxes and pay only 5% duty on imported goods.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a union of seven emirates in the Persian Gulf region with a population of about 10 million inhabitants. It is a rich and dynamic country. Half a century ago, it was a backward state of desert nomads, and on the site of the luxurious skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi there was a fishing village. Everything changed when oil was found here. Nowadays, mostly foreigners are hired to work in the Emirates, and they earn much more than at home.

Labor market in the Arab Emirates

There are not so many working local residents in the UAE, since they live mainly on state subsidies and are not ready to work in a low-paid and not prestigious, in their opinion, position. Some prefer to fill vacancies in the public sector, where salaries are much higher. Others live on investment income. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the country's workforce is made up of immigrants. These are mainly workers from Asia (India, Pakistan, as well as the republics of the former USSR - Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc.). Whole dynasties of relatives have formed among the diasporas who have been working here for generations. An example is people from the Indian state of Kerala. The demand for foreign labor is always high here.

There are many representative offices of large international companies in the United Arab Emirates. 90% of branch managers are expats, including from developed Western countries.

A specific feature of the local labor market is the difference in pay for different ethnic groups. The country has a medieval division of people into the elite, consisting of indigenous Arabs, "white" expats and hired workers with dark skin from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc. For the same job, the "white", as a rule, gets more. than a migrant from South Asia. Of the migrant workers, British citizens are in the most privileged position, as the Emirates is a former British colony. The percentage of newcomers to the indigenous population is reflected in the infographics:


The country's authorities do not set the minimum wage. How much to pay for a job in Dubai, employers decide on their own. Landscapers and cleaners receive the least amount - 1,500 dirhams (AED) per month. Medium-level salaries are received by service specialists (about 2500 AED). The highest salary for highly qualified workers with higher professional education (8-30 thousand AED).

Specialties in demand in the United Arab Emirates

The following professions are most in demand in the Emirates.

  • Construction workers. Construction in the UAE is very intensive, so specialists of any profession are needed here - from handymen, bricklayers, electricians to construction engineers, industrial climbers, foremen and realtors.
  • Oil workers. Work in the UAE in the oil industry remains highly paid, despite the decline in the production of "black gold" (its share in GDP fell to 5%). It requires both low-skilled workers and middle and top managers.
  • Banking and finance employees. The United Arab Emirates is very attractive for investment, so there is always a demand for financial analysts, managers, traders, bank employees.
  • Drivers, including taxi drivers. Abu Dhabi is a busy transport hub. An international driver's license is required to work.
  • Hotel administrators at the reception. The tourism industry in the Emirates is actively developing. Therefore, the demand for hotel workers will only grow.
  • Restaurant service. There are thousands of restaurants in Dubai, representing the cuisine of different nations of the world. Chefs, bartenders and waiters are always in demand.
  • Doctors. Confirmation of a medical degree and certificates of proficiency in English or Arabic are required.
  • IT specialists. System administrators, developers, programmers will find high-paying jobs in the Emirates, because the government encourages the development of innovations.
  • Flight attendants. The recruitment is carried out by the country's national carriers - Emirates, Etihad, FlyDubai. The interview is held in large cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg). If the applicant passes the selection (usually 5-10 candidates out of 100 are selected), they apply for a visa, pay for the flight and corporate training.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the richest countries in the world. Oil companies account for 40% of the country's GDP. This Muslim country is not a popular destination for Russians, but still a small proportion of Russian migrants travel to the UAE in search of a better life. But is it possible to find a decent job in the UAE and stay there forever?

How to find a job

You can start your job search in the UAE by researching local websites, newspapers and magazines. You can also contact the agency, but be prepared to pay a rather large commission for employment. On average, you will have to pay 600-1000 dollars.

In the United Arab Emirates, 85-90% of the population are migrants from Southeast Asia. Most often, these are Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos. Also, about 50 thousand of our compatriots and immigrants from the former USSR live in the UAE.

International Agencies

Agencies for finding a job in the UAE take over all responsibilities regarding your employment. They are looking for the right vacancy, contacting employers, arranging an interview and applying for a visa. A manager is attached to you who will oversee your employment.

Working with the United Arab Emirates:

  • JobAurora. Collaborate with international companies, hotels and cafes. Provide vacancies for temporary employment.
  • UAE Consultancies. They work in the field of tourism, hotel business, trade, and the real estate market.
  • Global Staff. An agency looking for work for Ukrainians in the UAE in the field of IT, trade and management.

Websites for finding a job in the UAE

If you don't want to pay a commission to the agency, you can look for a job yourself on local sites. Vacancies are published here:

  • Russian Emirates. Forum for Russian-speaking migrants living in the UAE.
  • dubizzle. Local bulletin board where vacancies from direct employers are posted.
  • Bayt. om. Largest job site in the Middle East. A wide range of vacancies, including in the United Arab Emirates.
  • ManpowerGroup. A local recruiting agency that publishes jobs for small organizations and large corporations.

While on holiday in the United Arab Emirates, tourists often encounter Russian-speaking staff in hotels, restaurants, bars. The reason is that there are many labor migrants from the CIS in the country. When they talk about Russian Dubai, they mean the entire diaspora. If you choose the right hotel complex, excursion companies, and without knowing English, you can have a good rest in the UAE.

Ours in Dubai

The main reason for coming to the UAE is the big earnings in the country. People from Russia and other CIS countries get jobs relatively quickly. This is due to hard work, responsibility, and most importantly - knowledge of the Russian language. 80% of Russians in Dubai work in the service sector. There are hotels and hotels where the staff is 50-60%. It is convenient for the owners, while tourists are comfortable to relax when they communicate with you in their native language.

About Russian Dubai, features:

  • There are kindergartens and schools where teachers and educators know Russian.
  • Assistance in obtaining a visa - work, tourist.
  • There are several information portals where you can get up-to-date information and news.
  • Announcements of renting apartments, apartments.

Most of the diasporas from the CIS countries communicate with each other. In addition to the residents of Russia, there are many immigrants from Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan in the UAE. For up-to-date information, it is recommended to visit the website of the community "Dubai in Russian" or "Russian House in the UAE".

Where they serve in Russian

In practice, there is no specific Russian Dubai, specific rations or neighborhoods where there are many Russian speakers. It is difficult to meet a native of Moscow or Krasnodar on vacation on the street. The reason is that all the newcomers work hard and hard. But this is also a plus - most hotels and restaurants have at least one employee who knows Russian. Usually these are receptionists at the counters in hotels, waiters, excursion guides.

How can you find out, there will be service in your native language:

  • Duplication of inscriptions, information in Arabic, English and Russian.
  • Information can be obtained when booking the hotel. The description often indicates that the staff speaks Russian.
  • Before booking a table in a restaurant, you can call or visit the official website of the institution.

An example of Russian Dubai is the Skazka restaurant. Everything here reminds of Slavic roots - the interior, the staff, the menu. Dishes of national Russian cuisine are served. There are several specialized stores offering goods from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

On what conditions you can enter Dubai, why vacation in the emirate is safe, and what entertainments are already available to tourists, read our special review.


From September 11, 2020, direct flights between Russia and the UAE (arrival city - Dubai) have been resumed. You can get to Dubai with Aeroflot (2 flights per week) and Emirates (2 flights per week). To ensure maximum comfort for Russian tourists, the Middle Eastern carrier has put the flagship A-380 on the Dubai-Moscow-Dubai route.


• Take a PCR test for COVID-19 no later than 96 hours before departure, make sure that the result is negative and translate the screening results into English. Certificate of absence of coronavirus must be in hard copy. Digital copies will not be accepted. Children under 12 years of age and passengers with moderate to severe disabilities are not required to be tested.

• Purchase medical insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment costs. Emirates and flydubai provide full medical coverage for their passengers in the event of a COVID-19 infection. Customers of both airlines can expect to receive treatment costs of up to € 150,000 and quarantine costs of € 100 per day for 14 days if diagnosed with COVID-19.

On Emirates flights, this initiative is valid until October 31, 2020, and for flydubai flights until November 30, 2020.

• Complete the Health Declaration Form. The health declaration form can be printed out in advance or taken from the airport check-in counter. The form applies to all categories of citizens and must be submitted at check-in for any flight to Dubai.

• Print and complete the Quarantine Undertaking Form. This form confirms the tourist's consent to install the COVID-19 DXB application in a smartphone, to comply, if necessary, with self-isolation and other measures to limit the spread of coronavirus.

• Download the COVID19 - DXB Smart App (from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) and register for it before traveling to Dubai.


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