Russia climbed in the global tourism competitiveness ranking

Russia climbed in the global tourism competitiveness ranking

The World Economic Forum has published another report on the development of the tourism industry in 140 countries over the past two years. Russia in this in the world rating of competitiveness has risen 4 positions up.


In the world rating of the competitiveness of the tourism and travel industry in the 2019 version, Russia took 39th place, having improved its position over the past two years by 4 points at once. Earlier, in 2015, our country was on the 45th line.

Taiwan (37th) and the Czech Republic (38th) became Russia's closest neighbors in the 2019 ranking, followed by Indonesia (40th) and Costa Rica (41).

It is noteworthy that the Russian Federation in terms of tourism development bypassed Turkey (43rd place), Cyprus (44), Bulgaria (45), Hungary (48), Israel (57), Vietnam (63), the Dominican Republic ( 73).

In addition, Russia topped the rating of the post-Soviet countries. Estonia, which was the leader 2 years ago (37th place), was only in 46th place in the 2019 ranking. Latvia took 53rd place, Lithuania - 59th place, Georgia was in 68th place. Azerbaijan - 71. Ukraine took 78th place in the rating, Armenia - 79th position, Kazakhstan - 80th place, and Tajikistan - 104th place. The worst thing about the overall assessment of tourism competitiveness among all the countries of the former USSR is that of Kyrgyzstan - 110th line of the rating.


Spain has been recognized as the country with the most stable and dynamic tourism sector for the third time in a row. According to the WEF, Spain has the most “developed economy oriented towards tourism”, while “more than half of the sector's income comes from international visitors”.

The TOP-10 also includes France, Germany, Japan, USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Canada and Switzerland.

Egypt ranked 65th in the list of competitive countries, moving up 10 positions.

The last three places in the list of 140 countries are occupied by Liberia, Chad, Yemen (140).


The T&T Competitiveness Index, published by the WEF every two years, contains detailed profiles of the tourism industries of 140 economies of the world, analyzed by 14 main indicators, on the basis of which the rating of countries in terms of the competitiveness of their tourism and travel industries is built.

Russia climbed in the global tourism competitiveness ranking

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