Rest in Volgograd: Excursions to memorable places, fishing and hot summer

Rest in Volgograd: Excursions to memorable places, fishing and hot summer

Reception of school and excursion groups of tourists in Volgograd, tours to Volgograd

Volgograd Travel Company offers a wide range of excursion programs for schoolchildren and adult groups of tourists in Volgograd. We accept groups and individual guests, we organize complex tourist services, excursions and an entertainment program for you. Your tour to Volgograd will be an unforgettable trip!

Our excursion programs and tours in Volgograd and the Volgograd region are:

  • standard and specially designed tours and excursions for the group
  • professional guides and tour guides with extensive experience in working with different age groups of tourist groups
  • duration of excursions and tours from several hours to 2-3 days
  • comfortable transport with excursion equipment, air conditioning, heating
  • favorable prices for excursions and flexible payment system
  • selection of accommodation and accommodation in hotels and hostels in Volgograd

see our programs of excursions and tours in Volgograd

Individual excursion programs and tours in Volgograd and the region

We can compose an individual excursion program according to your preferences, where we will include the desired excursions, attractions, events or places:

  • Mamaev Kurgan
  • a sightseeing tour (Kilometer zero on the Square of the Fallen Fighters, Alley of Heroes, the ensemble of the Central Embankment, Guards Square with the ruins of the mill and Pavlov's house)
  • museums of Volgograd - panoramic museum of the Battle of Stalingrad, local history and memorial-historical museum, memory museum, Old Sarepta, museum of musical instruments, etc.
  • boat trips along the Volga
  • suburban attractions (Soldier's Field, the military memorial cemetery in Rossoshki, the Museum of Russian Fairy Tale, Cossack Kuren, etc.) .)
  • theaters, exhibition halls of Volgograd

Any of our excursions can be included in an individual tour of Volgograd, our specialist will work out the route and offer the most interesting options for your group of tourists.

We can develop a program for receiving tourists in Volgograd for any number of guests, as well as for any number of days at any time of the year. The program will also include accommodation, transportation, meals, of your choice.

To leave a request for calculating the cost of accepting a group in Volgograd, contact us in any convenient way:

Questions and answers for tourists

Volgograd, former Stalingrad, is a city with a long history. It is because of its heroic past that it has always attracted tourists. To see the Motherland Calls monument, visit the panoramic museum of the Battle of Stalingrad, climb to the top of the Mamayev Kurgan with a portrait of his grandfather who died at Stalingrad as part of the Immortal Regiment, about a million tourists come to Volgograd every year. Many of them are foreigners who want to see with their own eyes the places where one of the decisive battles of the Second World War took place.

Holidays in Volgograd can be planned both for the weekend and for a full week, in 2021 there are so many excursions and interesting places offered here that everything cannot be reconsidered.

Victory Day in Volgograd is always celebrated on a special scale. Every year the city is included in the top 5 cities popular for travel on a significant date for the country.

Where to go in Volgograd

Cool places for fishermen, festivals for party-goers

In recent years, festival, active, business tourism has been actively developing in Volgograd. Do not forget that this is a southern city, summer here begins at the end of April and sometimes lasts until mid-October. When in Central Russia and in the north, Russians have already put on jackets and boots, they still wear sandals, sunbathe on sun loungers on the embankment, in parks and on beaches, cut along the Volga on boats and jet skis, go paddle boarding and wakeboarding. So you can safely come here to warm up.

Rivers are a separate asset. There are many of them in the Volgograd region, the largest are the Volga and Don. And this is fishing and outdoor activities, fish and crayfish, sightseeing boat trips, beaches and camp sites. If you want to spend a vacation with fishing rods - then you are definitely in Volgograd.

Another local dream is to become a festival city. They want to make the musical ParkSeason Fest with performances of popular artists on an annual basis.

Volgograd in 2021 will also delight fans of gastronomic tourism. Be sure to try local dumplings with tyutina, a Kiev cutlet that is sold at any kiosk, Don crayfish, dried pike and dried roach.

Where to stay in Volgograd

Tourists come to Volgograd all year round. And if during your visit some large-scale event or holiday does not take place in the city, then there is no problem finding accommodation. Several new hotels have been built here for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and you can always find a room based on your preferences in terms of price, location and level of comfort. Someone likes to see the main square of the city from the window, but in the center, of course, the prices are higher.

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