Responsibilities of the Tourism Product Formation Manager

Tourism manager duties

The job description of a tourism manager regulates the relationship between an employee and an employer.

Job Description for Tourism Manager

It contains a list of functional duties, rights of an official. The document describes the responsibility of an employee of a travel agency, establishes requirements for his qualifications, the procedure for subordination, appointment and dismissal.

The regulations are developed by the heads of departments. Approved by the head of the organization.

І General Provisions

1. The tourism manager belongs to the "executives" category.

2. The tourism manager reports directly to the CEO of the organization.

3. The appointment and dismissal of a tourism manager is carried out by order of the general director.

4. A person with a higher education and experience in a similar position for at least one year is appointed to the position of a tourism manager.

5. During the absence of a tourism manager, his rights, functional duties, responsibility are assigned to another official appointed in accordance with the established procedure.

Tourism Manager is a qualified specialist in organizing tourist trips. This field of activity is interesting and creative, since at work you need to constantly show imagination and ingenuity. Usually, to get a job in a popular company, you need to have a higher specialized education, as well as have the talent of an organizer.

What should a tourism manager know?

Information owned by the tourism manager

What does the manager do

Let's take a look at the job description of a tourism manager and what it includes. This specialist is involved in accompanying clients who decide to relax. That is, he does not physically accompany them on the journey, but organizes their rest. He selects offers from tour operators, based on the wishes of clients, he makes itineraries, chooses accommodation, arranges leisure activities and a variety of excursions. Usually the manager deals with certain countries, since it is quite difficult to cover all areas. At the same time, he must know everything about them: what are the conditions of arrival, what insurance is needed, what features of the settlement, etc. He is also always in touch with his clients, and if they have any difficulties or questions, he helps them to solve problems.

What qualities should such an employee have? First, a good memory: you have to keep large amounts of information in your head. Secondly, the ability to communicate with people. You will need to tell them about the rest, answer monotonous questions, persuade, listen to negativity, etc. Thirdly, you must be resistant to stress, since they are guaranteed to arise in the process of work.


if you want to build a successful career, then you need to master soft skills (over-professional). For a manager, multitasking, the ability to think quickly and make decisions, the ability to focus on specific tasks and attentiveness to every little thing are important.

The manager often develops new routes by himself

If you have these skills, you can count on promotion and career growth. Otherwise, you will be working at the bottom level, without moving to new positions and not reaching new horizons. Remember, the manager has to keep a lot of information in his head. At the same time, it is desirable that he knows at least English, since he will probably have to communicate by telephone with hoteliers, guides, managers of hotels or entertainment establishments. This employee must solve problems that customers have (and they almost always arise), and he must be ready for this 24 hours a day.

If we consider the advantages of the profession, then this is an opportunity to have high-quality and inexpensive rest (companies offer their employees huge discounts on vacations and all kinds of benefits), as well as the opportunity to travel around the world on the company's business (often managers, before laying a new direction, study them yourself). You will be well versed in tourist destinations and will be able to relax in a way that ordinary tourists do not. Along the way, you can choose the best vacation options, as well as keep track of various sales and interesting offers.

Home Accounting and Human Resources Personnel Accounting

The profession of a tourism manager is now in great demand, because we live in a rather cold climate and most of our citizens like to relax by the sea in a warm pleasant climate abroad. This means that a lot of people constantly need the services of travel agencies.

In fact, the profession of a manager for organizing and selecting tours requires extensive knowledge in various fields and has serious qualification requirements. A manager must work daily with a huge amount of information and communicate with a large number of very different people, both with clients and with foreign counterparties.

In addition, the duties of a manager impose on this person a rather serious responsibility, since his activities affect the financial result of the company and the costs of clients, and in some cases the health and safety of clients may depend on him.

All this is important to consider when drawing up a job description for a manager, we will tell you today what exactly should be contained in this instruction.

Tourism manager - what is the essence of the profession?

Briefly, the essence of the profession of a tourism manager can be described as follows - it is a qualified specialist in the field of tourism who organizes tourist trips.

In order to choose the right tour for a client and organize a trip, a qualified manager must have a good knowledge of the tourist services market in general, which implies a good knowledge of the specialist in a number of areas:

  • knowledge of the main tourist destinations (each of which has its own specifics);
  • general knowledge of the peculiarities of the culture of different countries of the world and national mentality;
  • knowledge of the general rules for the functioning of the global tourism industry and the specifics of specific tourist destinations;
  • knowledge of the conditions of tourist services in individual countries in the main areas, their segmentation by the quality and range of travel services;
  • excellent skills in search and selection of tours in international databases for booking tours, hotels, flights and other related services;
  • a specialist must be an excellent organizer and communicator, able to quickly establish contact with representatives of the travel industry in other countries, as well as resolve all emerging problems related to the organization of the tour.

Such work in itself is creative and very interesting, it requires organizational talent, inexhaustible energy and optimism, ingenuity and resourcefulness.

The manager also needs to know:

  • The main attractions of the most popular countries in the world among tourists, and of all kinds - historical, cultural, natural objects of various types, etc.;
  • Main traditions and ethnic social characteristics of different countries;
  • Climate and natural features of various tourist destinations by season, as well as being able to provide information to the tourist, even on specific months of the chosen destination and about the temperature regime at this time, the chosen place of rest ;
  • The manager must know the peculiarities of transport communications and hotel reservations in the places where he directs his clients, draw up an interesting and comfortable general tour route for them;
  • The manager must know and be well oriented in booking systems for hotels, flights, excursions, etc., to take into account various customer requests for the cost and level of comfort of the provided tourist services;
  • Rules of work of consular and visa organizations of different countries, etc. The procedure for interaction with these services, to be able to advise the client on visa issues and the rules for traveling abroad in various life situations;
  • Be aware of the main current customs rules, currency control, the rules of insurance and the provision of insurance services in travel ;
  • The manager needs to know the basic marketing and advertising techniques used in the travel industry;
  • The manager should be fluent in foreign languages ​​and be an excellent organizer and communicator, be stress-resistant and energetic enough.

Job Description for Tourism Manager

A clear division of daily work activities between employees of a tourism organization is the key to its success. The job description of a tourism manager is designed to identify the range of necessary qualification requirements for an employee of the organization and a list of his job responsibilities. In addition to the above, this document is the basis for resolving labor conflicts.

Sample Tourism Manager Job Description

APPROVED: Director of the Academy of Tourism LLC Stankevich (B. Stankevich) May 02, 2019

Job Description for Tourism Manager


Main tasks and functions

The manager has the following main tasks:

  • providing qualified assistance to tourists in the selection and purchase of tourist products in order to satisfy the requirements expressed by tourists as much as possible;
  • organization of a full-fledged rest of tourists who have bought a tourist product.

Main functions of the manager:

  • conducting a thorough analysis of the requirements and wishes of each tourist who has shown interest in buying a tourist product;
  • planning and organizing trips;
  • promotion and sale tourism products;
  • attracting and retaining customers;
  • organizing feedback with tourists who have returned from a trip.

Job Responsibilities

List of manager's job responsibilities:

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