Registration of a company in Dubai for running a hotel business in 2018

Holidays in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a popular country. People are frightened and at the same time attracted by stories about this exotic state, which is called "the land of deserts and sheikhs." But the only way to find out how people really live there is to go there - no, not on vacation! - and to work. It's no secret that in the United Arab Emirates, the standard of living is second only to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. There is an excellent education, extremely high incomes, a loyal tax system, in particular, for business. Employment in the UAE is a legal opportunity to live longer in this Arab country and gain valuable experience. As in any Muslim state, the customs of the Emirates have their own restrictions and prohibitions, some of which also apply to foreigners. At the same time, the UAE opens up unprecedented prospects for the daredevil. And women are getting more and more rights here, despite Muslim traditions and conservatism.

Job search in the United Arab Emirates

The economy in the UAE is developing rapidly, but there is not enough local personnel. Citizens of the state are practically not hired to work in the field of construction, in the service sector, and even more so they do not go to unskilled positions. Therefore, the government of the Emirates has nothing against the participation of foreigners in the labor market. No wonder immigrants make up 90% of all employees in the country. Of course, some vacancies for foreigners are closed: they cannot become civil servants, occupy key positions in the field of economic management. Employing in the United Arab Emirates, immigrants from the CIS join the ranks of a million foreigners for whom jobs are created in this state every year.

The UAE economy is developing rapidly, new jobs are created every year

Some nuances of the UAE labor legislation

UAE legislation regulating relations between employees and employers is mainly aimed at protecting foreigners. On the other hand, for violations of an employment contract by an employee or for its early termination, there are stricter sanctions than, for example, in Europe. The Ministry of Labor usually punishes such a foreigner with a six-month ban on further employment. In the event of a breach of the terms of the contract, this sanction may last for a year. And for the transfer to another place, you will have to pay a special fee to the state.

How to look for work through intermediaries

When looking for work in the UAE through intermediary firms, it is best to choose companies with a good reputation so as not to fall for the bait of scammers. According to user reviews, the following companies are considered to be decent intermediary firms that you can trust:

  • Global Vision,
  • Job. astrobaiter,
  • Job Travel Possible and others.

They charge $ 600 to $ 900 for their support. Sometimes employers pay for the services of intermediary companies, and not future hired employees. Usually, these same firms offer a wide range of different positions and good conditions for concluding an employment contract.

On the fourth day, I started receiving calls from employers. They assigned me an interview. The first interview was at Sacoor Brothers. I went because I should at least know how it is? How do interviews go here, what do they ask. The interview lasted for about an hour. The same questions were asked as in a regular interview in Russia when applying for a job. Tell us about yourself and your previous jobs and what you did there. During the week I had six interviews in different companies. I chose the way - whoever called first, went there. Now I regret a little that I spent a little time looking for work. But everything that is done is done for the better. This company offered me to undergo training with them: 6 days. I completed the training and they sent me an offer. I had only one day to sign it, because I was flying to another country. I signed it without hesitation. Well, a week later, the best offers from other companies started pouring in. But what's done is done. So, I found a job in a week, plus training for 6 days, and a day later I signed an offer. In total, I spent 15 days.

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Work in the United Arab Emirates for Russians - the secrets and nuances of legal employment

Dubai has become the world's most preferred travel destination over the past few decades. Investors have become very often choosing to register a company in Dubai, due in part to the various incentives offered by the government for startups.

One of the most lucrative businesses in Dubai is the hotel business, which will have a lot of clients thanks to tourism - a lot of people visit Dubai every year with their friends and families. A variety of futuristic projects and skyscrapers are encouraging corporate giants to invest in this sector.

A foreign investor wishing to invest in a hospitality business must comply with the rules related to the classification of this business, which has the following categories:

  • Sanatorium ;
  • Hotel ;
  • Hotel apartments;
  • Youth hostel;
  • Pension;
  • Rest house.

Hotels are divided into categories from 1 star to 7 stars, and holiday homes are divided into standard and luxury. Starting a business in Dubai can be easy if you follow exactly the requirements listed by the authorities. If you want to register a company in Dubai for running a hotel business, then you need to consider the following points.

Before starting a hotel business, you must comply with the regulations set out by the Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing (DTCM), which are as follows:

  • Before issuing a tourist license, owners or investors must provide a bank guarantee;
  • The minimum size of any hotel room cannot be less than 30 square meters;
  • Having an effective program to ensure the secure storage of guest data.
  • All packages and prices must be displayed correctly.

Please contact us to register a company in Dubai. We will also help you open a corporate bank account in Dubai! Currently, registration of a local company will require a local partner - a citizen of the Emirates, who will own 51% of the company's shares, however, at the end of 2018 this restriction will be lifted for all or some companies.

Dubai has established some legal requirements that are more or less the same for all types of businesses. However, there are some differences in the hospitality industry. For example, most businesses require a trade license, but in order to register a company in Dubai to open a hotel business, you need to obtain a tourism license. Thus, when registering a company, you need to follow not the usual procedures, but take into account the specific features.

Any business requires the appointment of a manager who runs the company. The hospitality business also requires a manager with the appropriate qualifications and approved certification. Appointing a manager at the outset is important as he will be able to assist in obtaining initial approval and collecting all the paperwork required to do so.

Once a manager has been appointed, initial approval must be obtained from the relevant department. This requires the following documents:

  • Application Form from the Department of Economic Development (DED);
  • Copy of passport and Emirates ID from applicant/owner/investor;
  • Drawings locations, site maps and hotel completion certificate;
  • Hospitality classification card;
  • Copy of manager's passport along with education certificate and work experience information;
  • Approved by the Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing, Certificate of Compliance;
  • Approved by the Dubai General Police Department.

How to look for a job in the UAE and what difficulties await a foreigner when preparing documents for employment? Working conditions in the Emirates.

The UAE is a federation of seven emirates - namely Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman - which have their own rules and regulations.

When deciding to start a business in another country, any investor should consider a range of commercial issues that influence the decision to start a business in that country.

The UAE is an attractive hub for investors for the following reasons:

  • No corporate or income taxes, no exchange controls and no restrictions on income and capital repatriation.
  • The most liberal business regime in the Gulf region, attracting significant capital flows.
  • The UAE focuses on economic diversification in trade, logistics, banking, tourism, real estate and manufacturing, providing opportunities in all business sectors.
  • The UAE has a well-organized infrastructure, a strong banking system and a stable political system.
  • The UAE provides a window in the form of Free Trade Zones that can allow 100% foreign ownership and zero taxation.
  • The Emirates provide a favorable tax environment for most industrial sectors.
  • High numbers of immigrant workers at all levels of the economy, accounting for 80 percent of the workforce.
  • The UAE's culture is enhanced by Islamic traditions, however, more than 150 immigrant nationalities are contributing their own cultural traditions.
  • The UAE provides a safe environment with one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

UAE Political System

The Supreme Council is composed of the rulers of each emirate and is the highest authority in the country. He appoints the federal government and ratifies federal legislation. While His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai is the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE Federation, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahayan, Ruler of Abu Dhabi, is the President of the UAE.

Legislative process in the UAE

The Federal Cabinet, consisting of a Council of Ministers chaired by the Prime Minister, initiates Federal legislation and makes strategic decisions.

The country's parliament, the Federal National Council (FNC), assists the advisory council of ministers. The formation of the FNC is recognized as a positive step towards promoting the participation of the people in governing the country. FNC consists of 40 members drawn proportionately from each emirate.

Each emirate has its own local government agencies that develop laws applicable to each emirate. However, federal law applies to the UAE as a whole and stands above the provisions of local legislation.

Political development of the United Arab Emirates

In just three or four decades, the UAE has turned from a backward agrarian country into a golden oasis of the desert, where all imaginable and inconceivable mirages come to life. Oil production and export brought in so much money that local sheikhs no longer know what to do with it. Sparkling skyscrapers, artificial islands, "seven-star" hotels, supercars at every turn, endless shopping centers have long become commonplace for residents of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. But tourists are insanely interesting to look at this oriental vanity bazaar.

People go to the UAE for beach holidays, entertainment, shopping, and, of course, to join the luxurious life. Where else can you find so many luxury goods per square kilometer?

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When is the best time to go

The most suitable time for a vacation in the UAE is October-November or March-April, although you can come here all year round. Eternal summer reigns here, it is simply divided into hot and not so hot. Tour prices are lower during the winter months, but the sea will be cool and the winds are often blowing along the coast. In the period June-August, the real hell begins. Extreme temperatures are hard to endure, being in the sun is dangerous to health, so there are few who wish. But daredevils who decide to travel at this time will be able to enjoy swimming in "boiling" water and good discounts in hotels.

Beach Vacation

Your vacation in the United Arab Emirates will be a success if you remember the basic rules of conduct and show respect for the local inhabitants. As you can imagine, the UAE is a Muslim country. Meanwhile, our compatriots, accustomed to permissiveness while on holiday in Turkey or Egypt, are sometimes a little disappointed with the restrictions awaiting them in the Emirates. However, it should be borne in mind that the UAE, unlike Egypt or Turkey, does not live off tourism, and, therefore, their hospitality and cordiality are innate qualities, and not an attempt to make money on you. Doesn't such sincerity and kindness on their part deserve the response of tourists to respect local traditions, rules and customs ?!

Religious Traditions

Islam in Arabic means “submitting to the will of God”. By the way, Islam ranks second on the planet in terms of the number of believers. Muslims believe in the sovereign God - Allah and believe that everything that happens in the world is governed by his mind and will. The holy book of Muslims is the Koran. It contains virtually everything, including norms of behavior and rules, from the first second of birth to the very deathbed. The laws of the Quran apply to all spheres of life: spiritual, family, everyday, material and so on. But what exactly can surprise tourists in this direction? Of course, prayer 5 times a day, and in various places and not at all quiet. Prayer times differ, as a rule, once a day, this schedule is broadcast on radio or television, but not all residents are aware of it. They are satisfied with the calls to prayer coming from the loudspeakers of mosques, of which there are a great many (in fact, one mosque for each quarter). Moreover, if someone from the local is still not close to the mosque, then, as a rule, he begins to pray (perform namaz) at the place where he is (of course, if a number of conditions are met according to the Koran, one of which is the appeal towards Mecca). What is not recommended for tourists who have become involuntary spectators of such actions? First of all, you should not laugh, condemn the actions of local residents or discuss the details of the procedure. In general, observing the prayer is considered an indecent act, and one should not stand directly in front of the person praying or walk around him. Filming during the performance of namaz by the Arabs is certainly prohibited. In addition, it is unacceptable to be in the mosque in revealing clothes. Also, you cannot enter mosques that are not intended for visiting by tourists.

By the way, religious traditions also apply to food. For example, during the Muslim great holiday of Ramadan (which will last from 28.6 to 27.7 in 2014), Arabs are prohibited from drinking, smoking or eating on the streets until sunset. If you want to show that you respect their traditions and do not want to incur the ire of local people, do not chew or drink in public. Meanwhile, on you personally, Ramadan can be manifested by the fact that in some local restaurants and cafes you simply will not be fed lunch. The timing of the celebration of Ramadan varies from year to year - follow the Muslim calendar.

Welcome and visiting rules

Arabs use a handshake when they greet, but be prepared for it to be longer than we are used to. By the way, when you say goodbye, the ritual should be repeated. With friends and people who are dear, a two-handed handshake is used. Meanwhile, all these rules apply mainly to men. Since it is not customary for Arab women to shake hands first, a handshake is permissible only in case of initiative on the part of women. Depending on which of the local residents and for what period of time you came, it is customary in the UAE to treat guests with at least drinks (tea, coffee, non-alcoholic chilled aperitifs). You cannot refuse the treat, otherwise the owner will think that you are offended by him or will take such a step as disrespect. Once you understand that you will have to taste something, then get ready for what kind of drinks they can offer you. Coffee in the Emirates has been raised to the rank of cult drinks; it is drunk several times a day and brewed in a special way - of course, by hand. Then they are poured into small bowls - cups without a handle. Tea is also served in a similar dish, often black with mint or green with herbs. As a rule, drinks are brought to the table already moderately sweet, but without cream or milk. When you go to the Arabs' house, it is customary to take off your shoes. While sitting, the soles should not be directed towards the owners; this position is considered offensive to local residents. it is customary for the Arabs to transmit and receive drink and food exclusively with the right hand.

Dress code in the UAE

If you want to show respect for the inhabitants of the Emirates, then follow the rules of the wardrobe. For walking along the city streets, men are not recommended to wear shorts and a T-shirt, and women are not recommended to wear clothes with an open belly, back, neckline, mini skirts or see-through dresses. Even if you are dressed inappropriately, you may not be reprimanded in a hotel, shopping center or restaurant, but you may be approached with a warning near mosques, in the subway and residential areas.

2 verbal comments may result in a fine of about $ 100. As for the mosques, here, fortunately, those who come are offered temporary clothing: abayas (long dresses) for women, and special long shirts for men. Meanwhile, for example, in Dubai, the dress code is not so strict, here they are more loyal to tourists. As for beachwear, you cannot sunbathe topless in the Emirates. Breast exposure is considered not only a violation, but also a perverting act. Nudists in the UAE also do not tolerate, what a good thing, you can end up behind bars.

Banned public romance

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