Psychological communication in tourism

Psychological communication in tourism

There are two ways to find employees to perform a particular job in the company: contact.

Every leader sooner or later tends to favor one or another style of management. In management.

What can you write in your resume and why is this document generally compiled? Experts say.

Negotiation is a process of interaction between several interdependent parties, carried out in order to achieve their own interests. The main thing in the negotiations is to solve the problem. However, the solution to the problem is influenced by the relationship between the parties, the capabilities and claims of the parties, personal interests that are different from the interests of the team, the effectiveness within group discussions in finding consensus, etc. Therefore, negotiations are more complex phenomenon than ordinary communication, and require taking into account all conditions, and also the specifics of the negotiation mechanism.

According to the composition of the participants, several types of negotiations can be distinguished:

  • vertical negotiations - for example, with higher authorities. They can be both formal and informal;
  • horizontal negotiations - held between members of the same team to build consensus and between members of different teams;
  • unauthorized negotiations (for which no one authorized );
  • at the extended table - in subcommittees, working groups, etc.;
  • high-level negotiations - are held between team leaders to develop possible solutions to the problem.

The negotiation model is determined based on the essence of the negotiation process and the factors that determine it. Any model must meet three criteria: negotiation must lead to a reasonable agreement, if at all possible; they must be effective; they should improve, or at least not spoil, the relationship between the parties.

A reasonable agreement is one that meets the legitimate interests of each party as much as possible, fairly regulates conflicting interests, is long-term, and takes into account the interests of society.

Effective negotiations are those that lead to a reasonable agreement, take place in the shortest or optimal time frame. The tactics of the relationship between subjects in the negotiations are presented in table. 2..

From the point of view of the above criteria, the most effective model of negotiation is the model called principled negotiations.

There are four factors to consider when using this model:

the first is people. A distinction must be made between the negotiators and the subject of the negotiations. This means that the participants should deal with the problem, not with each other;

There are two ways to find employees to perform a particular job in the company: contact.

Every leader sooner or later tends to favor one or another style of management. In management.

What can you write in your resume and why is this document generally compiled? Experts say.

Experts in the field of communication psychology note that before sitting down at the negotiating table, it is necessary to develop a clear strategy and tactics, to realize possible difficulties and prepare for them as far as the situation allows.

The strategy includes: a careful study of the personal characteristics of the interlocutor in negotiations, his business interests, characteristic ways of negotiating; creating a favorable atmosphere for the negotiation process; expressing your proposals and argumentation, the use of effective methods of influencing the interlocutor; thinking over "ways of retreat" and neutralizing remarks addressed to you; preparation of effective completion of negotiations (Table 2.).

When solving strategic tasks, it is necessary to think over each tactical step. In particular, the start of negotiations is of particular importance for the implementation of the strategy. It is at the initial stage that it is necessary to develop a correct and correct attitude towards the interlocutor, for this you should: establish contact with your partner, create a pleasant atmosphere of communication, arouse interest in the proposals you offer, find out the wishes of the other side, provide communication in the form of a dialogue.

Perception of a negotiating partner begins with an analysis of his appearance. And this is not so much about clothes, but about personal qualities: his taste, ethics, general culture.

What are the guidelines for a woman's appearance as she prepares to negotiate? Rule number one: moderation. Rule number two: neatness.

Rule number three: fit and graceful. Business men have fewer problems with clothes than women. However, the requirements of elegance, neatness and simplicity must also be met.

During the negotiations, great importance is attached to the preservation of personal space. If a partner "invades" him, then this is perceived by the "owner" as a challenge, disrespect, insult with all the ensuing consequences.

Each person's personal space has its own dimensions. It has been experimentally proven: for uncommunicative interlocutors ("squares"), neurotic ("zigzags"), anxious and insecure ("rectangles"), it is usually higher, and for partners who are sociable and balanced ("circles"), confident in yourself and your actions ("triangles") - less. During a business conversation, in addition to distance, they attach great importance to the relative position and angle of inclination of the interlocutors' bodies. For a partner conversation, it is better to sit not with a straight back opposite each other, but at an angle of 60. 90 °.

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