Presentation on the topic; Business tourism: Organization of business tours

Presentation on the topic; Business tourism: Organization of business tours


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Completed by: student of SKSiT09-1 Zelenina Marina.

TOURIST INDUSTRY - a set of hotels and other accommodation facilities, means of transport, catering facilities, facilities and entertainment facilities, educational, business, health, sports and other facilities, organizations engaged in tour operator and travel agency activities, and also organizations providing excursion services and services of guide-interpreters.

In the tourism industry there are: Tourism industry Sector of tour operator Sector of travel agencies Sector of transport Sector of excursion and educational organizations Sector of leisure, entertainment and sports Industry of hospitality Sector of accommodation facilities Sector of food Related services.

A travel agency is an entrepreneurial structure engaged on a commercial basis in intermediary transactions in the sale and purchase of tourist services. Travel agencies are not producers of tourism services, they only act as intermediaries between consumers and providers of tourism services. However, they play a decisive role in organizing tourist travel. All travel agencies act on the market either as tour operators or as travel agencies. A travel company is an organizational and economic unit that prepares, performs and provides services to tourists.

Classification of enterprises producing products and services for tourists: Primary service enterprises - enterprises receive income from tourism. These include direct-use enterprises: medical institutions, transport enterprises. Indirect enterprises: Secondary service enterprises - enterprises receive income not only from tourism activities. Catering companies Transport companies Banks Educational institutions, etc.

Tour operators are subdivided into:


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Title Subtitle of the presentation Digital 3D medicine Results in the field of computer graphics and geometric modeling Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship Business tourism Baranova Natalya Aleksandrovna, Candidate of Political Science, Associate Professor of the Department of Service and Tourism

Topic 3. Organization of business tours Educational questions: MICE-events Specifics of organizing corporate events. Topic 3

Types of corporate events: business (reception at the head, meetings, presentations, summing up the results of the year); • developmental (seminars, master classes, trainings, conferences); • team-building, or team-building (rallying trainings, business games, competitions, rope course, hiking); • sports (games, competitions, races, tournaments); • entertainment (corporate events, buffets, concerts, corporate events in nature); • solemn (rewarding employees, conferring titles) Corporate event

According to the composition of participants, corporate events are divided into: internal (closed) - events in which only company employees participate; open events - with the participation of invited persons (business partners, government officials, the media, etc.); mass events - with access to the participation of all comers. Corporate event

Corporate events are divided according to the venue: "Corporate events" can be held on their own territory (conference hall, banquet hall, office) Or on the road (hotel, house of culture, ship, rest house, recreation center, boarding house , country club). Corporate events are one of the foundations for the formation of corporate culture Corporate event

Typology and categories of guests (target groups): VIP - Persons - in accordance with the existing status and profile of the organization. Journalists, The main target audience of the external holiday is partners, mid-level semi-responsible officials, ordinary MPs, suppliers and partners. Staff - participants and spectators. Corporate event

Planning corporate events • the interest of employees in the upcoming event (preliminary found out through a survey); • voluntary participation in the event; • clear time frames; the date of the holding should suit the majority; • carefully and in advance selected premises (conferences, parties); • preparation of a clear, detailed scenario of a corporate event, its coordination with everyone who takes part in the organization, speaks; • a responsible approach to design: from corporate invitations to hall design. Corporate event

Topic 4. Experience of organizing business tourism in countries and regions of the world. Educational questions: World centers of business tourism. Price and time regime of business tourism. Russian experience in organizing business tourism. Topic 4.

Business travel improves corporate productivity with a 10: 1 return on investment. about 50% of airline revenues, about 60% of hotel revenues, and more than 70% of car rental companies' revenues are generated from services 73% of the respondents had “the most positive” impressions of events held in Europe, only 2% of negative reviews. Topic 4.

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