Organization of MICE events

Organization of MICE events

organizing meetings of any format

incentive and motivational trips

organization of conferences, exhibitions and congresses

organization of festive events

MICE events are corporate events that are held to train personnel and develop partnerships. This is a relatively new business travel industry that is growing very rapidly. The abbreviation MICE includes several formats for holding business events:

Meetings - meetings, presentations and negotiations.

The format of business meetings is effective for communication in business. Presentations and negotiations are important for professional development, and personal communication creates friendships. Thanks to such meetings, the most serious strategic issues are resolved.

Incentives - motivational trips, trainings, corporate events and teambuildings in an informal setting.

Similar events are held to stimulate employees. Typically, these trips are a combination of conference and training. The manager can send key employees to an international convention, exhibition or entertainment event. The main goal of such events is team building and strengthening of close business ties.

Conferences - conferences, congresses, congresses, forums, seminars

Pros and cons of the professionImportant qualitiesWhere to studySalary for 22.7,020

MICE manager - business tourism manager - manager for organizing business meetings, travel and corporate events. The profession is suitable for those who are interested in psychology, geography and social studies (see the choice of a profession by interest in school subjects). In 2020, the ProfGid career guidance center has developed an accurate career guidance test. He himself will tell you which professions suit you, give an opinion about your personality type and intelligence.

The MICE Manager is the travel organizer for the travel industry. MICE departments can be both an integral part of the business tourism department in travel companies, and a separate company organizing offsite business meetings and corporate events.

Features of the profession

In Russia, business tourism as a field of activity was formed recently, at the end of the 90s and continues to develop rapidly. High standards of the profession are established by foreign companies, in which the service in the field of "business travel" - "business tourism" has been worked out for years.

A MICE or Meeting & Travel Manager is usually a seasoned tourism manager, well-versed in multiple destinations or around the world, who is responsible for organizing travel and events for large groups ( from 100 to 1000 people). Unlike organizing a vacation tour, business trips should be organized more carefully and clearly, since the goal of businessmen is to quickly, efficiently and with maximum comfort solve business issues abroad.

The main requests of a business traveler to be provided by a MICE manager:

  • Optimal departure and arrival times, convenient flight connections without wasting precious time. For example, today a businessman needs to get to an exhibition in Shanghai, tomorrow - to the London office, and the day after tomorrow - to a conference in Chicago. At the same time, he should not waste a minute of his working time in vain.
  • Ability to change the date or time of departure without fines in case business negotiations are delayed, which happens quite often.
  • High-speed and uninterrupted internet in the room, the opportunity to use the services of the business center directly at the hotel around the clock.
  • The proximity of hotels with modernly equipped conference rooms to the airports in order to save time and money on transfers during mass events.
  • The opportunity to use the laundry, dry cleaning, hairdresser, gym within the hotel to look presentable.
  • Provide an optimal travel budget calculation.

- the term and acronym (abbreviation in English) are widely used in international business travel practice to denote four key words that characterize the field of business travel - Meetings-Incentive-Conferences-Events.

- meetings, organization of turnkey business meetings.

- motivation, incentives. Therefore, this word denotes rewarding, stimulating travel for employees, partners or customers, usually on vacation.

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