Obtaining a business visa to Canada in 2020

Hiking in Canada: Unforgettable Hiking Trails

A considerable number of Russian residents do business abroad in order to earn substantial money and live in prosperity, because most foreign countries open up a solid number of opportunities for good earnings and Canada is no exception in this matter.

To successfully conduct business with foreign partners, a business visa to Canada is required. It is also necessary to visit the country for the purpose of business negotiations, to sign contracts and attend conferences.

Who needs to request this type of visa

Main types of business visas

There are three categories in total

Main package of documents

  • An international passport, the validity of which must not be less than 90 days from the date of the end of the trip. Please note that extended passports will not be accepted. The document must have a neat appearance, the photo must not come off. In addition, you must provide other valid or old foreign passports;
  • A copy of all pages of a Russian passport or a document giving the right to reside in Russia, including pages without marks and records;
  • If an application is submitted for a visa for a minor, you must provide a separate travel document;

Photo requirements for paperwork

Tinted glasses are not allowed. You can use cosmetics, jewelry, headwear, or a wig only if it does not greatly change the person's appearance. Both pictures, which are provided to documents for a business visa, must be completely identical. Only color photographs are allowed, which must be fresh and taken no later than six months before the date of the proposed trip.

Completed questionnaires and applications of established forms:

  • visa application form IMM 5257 on the website of the Embassy name of the application form Application for Temporary Resident Visa;
  • Form IMM 5645 - filled in for each applicant, contains information about family members;
  • Form IMM 5484 - filled in for each applicant (list of submitted documents);
  • 3 color photographs 3.5 x 4.5 cm, taken no more than 6 months before the submission of documents from indication on the back of the applicant's full name and date of birth;
  • Certificate provided from the place of work, which must contain data on paid wages for the last 6 months, position held, duration of vacation or business trip and signed by an authorized person. The certificate must be issued no later than one month before the submission of documents;
  • A copy of the certificate of registration of the Russian enterprise-employer, certified by the seal of the enterprise (optional);
  • Receipt of payment of the consular fee;

List of additional documents

Obtaining a business visa to Canada in 2020

When visiting Canada, many visitors from all over the world are interested in hiking trails. And it's not accidental. Hiking in Canada is highly developed, and there are countless routes. The area of ​​Canada is 9,984,670 km², which means that there are plenty of natural corners here. And in the presence of quantity, the quality does not suffer at all, because in vast territories with forests, lakes, mountains and various living creatures, there is an inevitable opportunity to see the impeccable natural beauty.

In addition, nature in Canada is carefully protected, thanks to the coordinated work of a whole set of government agencies (for example, Parks Canada).

Camping and hiking in Canada is easy as long as you stay within the established perimeter.

Below is a list of Canada's classic hiking trails.

West Coast Trail, British Columbia

While not a test for the faint of heart, the West Coast Trail is perhaps one of the most famous trails in Canada. This 75 km route passes through forests, bays and beaches, where you can find places with wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean.

The rule here is that there cannot be more hikers on the trail than it should be, not to mention the slightly inflated cost of booking a place.

Killarney Park, Ontario

Photo by killarneyoutfitters. om

Killarney Conservation is a natural gem of Ontario. The site became famous thanks to the Group of Seven (a group of Canadian landscape painters that existed from 1920 to 1933), which not only immortalized local beauty in oil paintings, but also convinced the local authorities to establish a protected reserve here. Today, Killarney hosts thousands of visitors each year who come here to explore the local scenic trails. In addition to hiking, you can also set up a camp, but for this you have to book a place in advance.

How to get a business visa for doing business in Canada for Russians and Ukrainians in 2020. List of required documents.

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My trip to Canada

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The nature of Canada is impressive with its power, you can find different plants and many different animals. Travel to different national parks, see wild animals there, in general, the nature of Canada is very impressive. The guides who conducted the tours for me are professionals with a capital letter, patient, knowing languages, will always help in any questions. The cuisine in Canada is different, but most of all I liked it in French Canada, the meat dishes are great, the seafood is delicious and fresh.

I liked night cities, especially Montreal, with illuminated houses, bridges, it feels like cities just wake up at night, and only life begins. You can walk around the cities until the morning, sit in cafes and restaurants, have a nice time in clubs and restaurants. In Canada, you can do anything, rent a yacht, you can order an elite fishing trip, a helicopter tour and much more. Canada is a very hospitable country and is ready to receive tourists all year round and do not be afraid of the Canadian cold, the country is beautiful at any time of the year.

We fell in love with Canada

In the developed countries of Europe and America, there are high rates of taxes and social charges. Because of them, small business income is minimized. Canada, on the other hand, boasts moderate taxes (especially when compared with the United States), as well as a high standard of living for its citizens. Business in Canada is simple to register and easy to conduct. And if immigration to this country is supposed, he is able to acquire the status of the main source of income.

Canada Business Immigration Programs

The Government of the Maple Leaf Country encourages private initiative. Therefore, entrepreneurship in Canada opens up broad prospects for foreigners.

There is no need to go far for the facts confirming this thesis. It is enough to study the rating list from one of the largest audit companies KPMG, which is current in the middle of the second quarter of 2021. It has three Canadian cities at once - Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto - according to the terms of doing business, are included in the global top 10.

Business immigration to Canada, compared to other types of relocation, such as standard federal and provincial immigration programs, has the following advantages:

  • English is not decisive;
  • the move can be made as soon as possible;
  • if you have lived in Canada for at least 48 months in the foreseeable future, citizenship may be obtained;
  • the taxation system with rates in the range of 11-16% is transparent and loyal.

Canada has more than one business immigration program. Let's consider the main ones.

  • Purchase of an existing/management of your own business structure. This direction is understood as the organization of business in Canada through the acquisition of a functioning enterprise or the transfer of a foreign company to the country. This will enable its owner to obtain a work permit and subsequently issue a residence permit for the whole family.

It is important to know that there is no investment criterion for this program. To obtain a work visa, the applicant provides a business plan and the corresponding package of documents. You can initiate the immigration procedure after working in Canada for a year.

  • Start Up Visa. This program allows a foreigner to open a business in Canada from scratch, that is, without having their own capital. The applicant must offer a unique business idea in the field of production, technology, science or service that can interest private investors, investment or venture funds.
  • Self-Employed Persons Program. Professionals in the field of culture and art, sports, as well as farming, who do not need a permanent employer and are able to provide themselves with employment in their new homeland on their own, can become its participants. The main requirement is at least 2 years of activity in one of the above areas.

Provincial business immigration programs include:

  • British Columbia Immigration Program. It is aimed at foreign experienced entrepreneurs and workers in demanded professions. One of the main requirements for a foreigner participating in the program who decides to open a small business in Canada is as follows: have personal funds in the amount of at least 600 thousand CAD (Canadian dollars);
  • The Ontario Provincial Program. Within its framework, there are 3 directions. The first is for employers and employees. The second - Human Capital - is aimed at masters and candidates of science, as well as workers with craft specialties. Those entrepreneurs who wish to buy or open a business in Ontario can take part in the Business Entrepreneur subprogram. One of its main conditions: the candidate must have worked as a senior manager/head of the company from the last 5 years for at least 36 months.

Choosing the organizational and legal form of business

In the context of the question of how to open a business in Canada for a Russian, the choice of the organizational legal form of the enterprise is of great importance. This characteristic determines the main factor influencing the level of profit from entrepreneurial activity - the taxation system. It will be discussed below.

There are 4 main organizational and legal forms of business in Canada. Let's take a quick look at their main advantages and disadvantages.

  • The only enterprise (analogous to an individual entrepreneur) - The Sole Proprietorship - is currently at its peak in Canada. This business is the least costly and labor intensive.

Canada is a very interesting country for the development of high-tech projects.

Registering a company in Canada will give a business project an advantage in solving the following tasks:

  • attracting human resources, i.e. it has one of the best Western-style technical education and the world's most advanced immigration policy. This means that you can attract top-class specialists from all over the world to a company registered in Canada;
  • attracting investment, i.e. there is a great venture capital ecosystem that allows innovative and scalable startups to grow very quickly through the international market, from the US to Asia;
  • optimal taxation, i.e. there are low corporate taxes at the initial stage of business development. If you have an international business, then a company registered in Canada will not pay corporate tax on income received outside its territory;
  • a profitable exit from the project, i.e. successful startups that have established themselves in Canada, as a rule, do not have problems with attracting new rounds of investment and, accordingly, a profitable exit from a successful project will be most likely in this country. This is also confirmed by the absence of corruption, political and administrative pressure on business and many other things that characterize a weak investment climate.

Canada is one of the best examples of an excellent investment climate for developing billion-dollar business projects. Such, for example, as: Slack, Bioware, Ubisoft, Hootsuite, Avigilon and many others.

However, at the initial stage, the issue of choosing the type of company is relevant.

There are three main legal entities in Canada based on different ownership structures:

  • individual property,
  • partnership (where the property and activities of individuals are combined for joint activities),
  • corporation (here ownership can be either individual, but separated from the results of subsequent activities, or joint, if the corporation is open to many investors).

This is why company types are often referred to in Canada as business structures.

Foreign companies are free to conduct business in Canada through the registration of their branches and the establishment of joint ventures.

As with most common law jurisdictions, an individual or entity wishing to do business in Canada can choose from several different business structures. The appropriate structure is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on such parameters as: the nature and location of the enterprise, the responsibility of the employees, the financing requirements of the business project, tax considerations and the requirements of the target audience of your product or service.

Sole ownership

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