Novorossiysk business tourism

Novorossiysk business tourism

Novorossiysk is a hero city with a rich history. Despite its young age and somewhat "transit" status among beachgoers, this place definitely deserves close attention. And here's why: Novorossiysk is not a typical sea destination, but also not a purely industrial port. There are a lot of worthy sights and, at the same time, all the infrastructure inherent in a big city. And next to him are two of the best wineries in the Krasnodar Territory. Finally, local beaches are still relatively free and comfortable, and in terms of cleanliness or service, they are not much inferior to eminent neighbors. In a word, if there is a desire to have a great rest and find out how the steel was tempered, what the great naval commanders of the 19th century were like, how the exodus of the White Army was going - Novorossiysk awaits.

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How to get to Novorossiysk

Moscow and St. Petersburg are connected by regular flights with Anapa and Gelendzhik. From the airports of the capitals you can get to Novorossiysk by buses, which run quite often, or by taxi. Russian Railways is also not lagging behind - even in the off-season, there are always 2-3 trains in the daily schedule, going straight to the resort. Motorists will have a pleasant journey along the partially toll road M-4. All transport details are here.

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Press conference Novorossiysk will become the capital of business tourism and MICE services

In 2018, an international investment project in the field of MICE tourism will begin in Novorossiysk.

This will be a unique tourist and recreational cluster for the country, the largest in Novorossiysk, the infrastructure of which will be focused on international business events, professional exhibitions and educational programs. The cluster will create new jobs in the region and significantly increase the volume of rooms in Novorossiysk. The project will be implemented on the principles of public-private partnership.

The first step in creating a project will be an international professional competition aimed at developing a concept for a cluster that meets the requirements for organizing international business events.

Renowned architect Anya Sofia Ehrenfried, partner of the EDDEA architectural bureau, member of the expert council of the CENTER Agency has been chosen as the international curator of the project.

Within the framework of the press conference, the start of the Open International Competition for the creation of the concept of a tourist and recreational cluster will be announced and the prerequisites of the project, based on the data obtained through the complex of analytical studies carried out in 2017, will be told.

Novorossiysk was chosen as the site for a significant project in the field of MICE tourism for several reasons. The city is located in the Krasnodar Territory - a region that is a priority for the development of tourism and has the highest rating of investment attractiveness. It is the largest port on the Black Sea coast with direct access to international trade routes to Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and other regions. According to the Department of Economic Development of Novorossiysk, the city is one of the leading economic entities of the Kuban and ranks second in terms of production of goods and services.

Thus, the implementation of the project will speed up the solution of the tasks set both in the Concept of the federal target program "Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation (2019-2025)", and in the Concept for the development of sanatorium-resort and tourist complex of the Krasnodar Territory until 2030 and aimed at creating an international center for all-season tourism in the Krasnodar Territory.

Speakers invited to participate:

  • Yuri Barzykin, Chairman of the RF CCI Committee on Entrepreneurship in Tourism, Vice President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry
  • Igor Dyachenko, Mayor of Novorossiysk
  • Maxim Korobov, Project Investor Representative
  • Sergey Georgievsky, Head of the Organizing Committee of the Open International Competition, Director of the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER

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The opening of a new business center, created to support the city's entrepreneurs, is a million fresh ideas and positive emotions.

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And also - a lot of opportunities to realize your bold plans. The center is called “The Sea”.

Having been here, the correspondents of "HP" were charged with the energy that young entrepreneurs, who ardently defend their ideas, broadcast to all those present. We were surprised how many business people we have who are not lost in the harsh realities. And some even started their own business at the most difficult moment: when quarantine and self-isolation were announced!

And most importantly, the city authorities are ready to support all entrepreneurs. This was stated by the head of Novorossiysk Igor Dyachenko at the opening of the new center. Legal, financial, accounting support and many other types of assistance await those who seek to open their own business. The business center opened its doors to everyone.

Communication with the head of the city was organized in a round table format. Elena Pistunova, executive director of the regional business development fund, spoke about the opportunities that entrepreneurs can count on.

Entrepreneurs gave small presentations. There was even a fashion show. The Teltevskys demonstrated the clothes of the new Russia “Great Day”. These are unusual outfits made of natural fabrics with designer embroidery. The models have already been appreciated by clients from 70 cities of Russia and 7 countries of the world. Manufacturers have big plans to expand their business, geography of product sales.

- Would it be interesting for our city to become the center of the fashion industry, the southern capital? - Daria Teltevskaya asked Igor Dyachenko.

Igor Alekseevich took this and other questions of entrepreneurs very seriously, stating that it is necessary to consider the possibilities of developing small business and exporting.

A well-known Novorossian, an instructor for children and youth tourism, Anatoly Nechaev, develops routes for walking around the outskirts of our city.

photo of Olga Zhuk

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In total, he already has about a dozen routes, which can be taken by novice tourists who do not have the skills of long transitions. Anatoly Nikolaevich leads groups to the forest absolutely free of charge, considering it his mission on the planet.

HP correspondents have joined the instructor more than once, making exciting reports from the campaigns. And now we present the five most popular routes along which not only locals, but also guests of the city can go along with Nechaev to look at Novorossiysk from other, unusual, angles.

Start from the Kamchatka farm (Abrau-Dyurso village). We are moving towards the sea, but along secret paths along the Ozereyka river, we will see its springs. Let us bow to the soldiers who died in 1943 at the monument to tankmen. We will walk along the pre-revolutionary iron bridge across the Ozereyka river, hug a 400-year-old oak tree next to Marushka's farm, walk through a local landmark - a walnut grove, planted twenty years ago by a local resident Vasily Marietis. We will go to the village Yuzhnoy Ozereevka at the monument to the fallen landing party. The end of the route is at the bus stop.

Pros: the route is short and with slight elevation differences, good for beginner hikers, retirees, children aged 3 years and older.

What will surprise you: in autumn or spring you can meet hares on the way to Marushka farm. In autumn, the forest is full of wild rose and hawthorn, you can eat wild berries and harvest for the winter.

Start from the village of Myskhako from the memorial place Death Valley. We visit the dugout monument at the location of the 108th Guards Brigade, the Explosion monument, the tree planted by General Secretary Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev in 1974. Then we go out onto the forest path. On the way, we get to know the local sights: we feed the squirrels at the squirrel house, take pictures by the tree, which has received the ominous name "Sorcerer", wash ourselves with spring water. We will climb to a clearing located at the foot of the Koldun mountain, from where a stunning view of the city opens, we take pictures and have a rest. We go down to the complex "Well of Life".

Pros: the route is especially useful for schoolchildren who will get acquainted with the monuments of the Great Patriotic War and learn little-known facts from the military history of the hero-city of Novorossiysk.

What will surprise you: the beautiful nature of Novorossiysk. In the crevices, the forest is already diverse, there is a full set of our endemics - Red Book junipers, Pitsunda pine, oaks. The most vivid impressions will remain from the bird's eye view of the city.

Start from the village of Yuzhnaya Ozereevka. Along the dry bed of a mountain river, we climb the mountain along the "tortoise path", about which Drozdov shot a documentary twenty-five years ago. In it, he talks about our Red Book tortoise Nikolsky, which is full here especially in May. It is an hour's journey to the Yogis' Pavilion, from where a stunning view of the sea opens. Admiring local junipers, photographing views of the Ozereyka river valley. At the Yogi Pavilion we have a rest, take pictures, admire the Black Sea from a bird's eye view. We go down to the natural monument Limanchik lake. We rest on the seashore or next to the lake. In summer you can dive from the pier into the sea, in winter you can relax by the lake, admire its extraordinary color. The way back along the seashore. In summer, you can stop at a wild beach between Ozereevka and Limanchik and swim in the cleanest sea on the coast.

Pros: one of the most scenic routes. The view of the sea from the Yogi Pavilion will be remembered for a lifetime and will be a dream. There is a small difference in height and a long climb up the mountain, you can pump your legs.

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