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Milan (Milano) is the largest city, the center of economy and finance in the north of Italy, and, concurrently, the capital of Lombardy. It is very different from the rest of Italy, it cannot be called a museum city like Rome or Florence, it is very lively, bustling, and very fashionable. It so happened that Milan is one of the world's scientific, technological centers and a trendsetter in fashion and design.

During the Second World War, the city was badly damaged, so there are not so many historical sights in Milan, but tourists are attracted here, in general, and not this, but shopping, the bulk of them rushing between the "Golden Quadrangle" , the Vittorio Emmanuele II gallery, the Ingrosso shopping area and, of course, outlets.

How to get to Milan


Milan has 2 airports: the first - Malpensa, international, located 50 km from the city, and the domestic - Linate, 7 km from the city.

Tickets to Milan can be found using this SEARCH. You drive in Milan, the city of departure, and see the necessary flights on the right dates.


Milan is the largest railway junction, very convenient for tourists to travel around the country and abroad. At Milano Centrale train station there is an information service and an understandable train timetable. Yes, the station itself will be interesting to the tourist by the contrast of its monumental grandeur, and, at the same time, the bustle of merchants, beggars, etc.


Most of the intercity buses are located at the bus station, located opposite the Stazione Porta Garibaldi train station, in Piazza Sigmund Freud. Here are the ticket offices of the largest bus company Eurolines. A bus in Milan is not as convenient as a train, because not all buses use this bus station as a final stop, some of them arrive in the city at various places, so the tourist will have to clarify the place of arrival.

You can choose a good hotel HERE. Choose the number of stars, price, dates and choose what you like.

Milan Transport

Independent and individual tourism; what is important to know about it

Features of the rest in Milan

Milan is an insanely beautiful city that you should definitely visit when planning a trip to Italy. It is best if you have the opportunity to spend several days in this magical city, since it is simply physically impossible to get around all the sights in a day.

Depending on your preferences and financial capabilities, you can choose a wide variety of vacations - from visiting galleries and museums to shopping at the most popular department stores and boutiques. A huge advantage of Milan over other cities in Italy is the amazing choice of places to stay, no matter how much money is in your wallet. Visiting many attractions, such as ancient temples and cathedrals, is absolutely free, so you can see very beautiful places without compromising your budget.

If you are traveling with the whole family with small children, I advise you to visit the Leonardo da Vinci Museum. The excursion is quite inexpensive, about 15 euros, and for kids it is absolutely free. Believe me, the impressions will remain the most wonderful, you will remember for a long time the various exhibits collected over many years. If the children are very young, go to the city park, where you can have a great time.

I rested in Milan several times, each time I fall in love with the city even more. I really liked traveling alone, as you can independently plan your vacation and visit all the historical places that interest you. If desired, you can find private guides who. read in full

When is the best time to relax in Milan?

Italy is beautiful in all seasons. The choice of the right time for your vacation in Milan depends only on your goals - to see picturesque places and get around interesting sights or go shopping in the world capital of fashion.

For true fashionistas who can afford to buy the most fashionable novelties right from the catwalk, I advise you to visit Milan during the Haute Couture Week. Shows with presentations of new collections are traditionally held in March and early October. Prices during this period, of course, are exorbitant, but there is an opportunity to purchase exclusive models that may not appear on the windows of world famous boutiques and galleries.

Any season is perfect for walking around Milan, because even in winter the average air temperature does not drop below 10 degrees below zero. Traditionally, the period from the end is considered the holiday season. read in full

Where to stay in Milan?

Independent and individual tourism is a very interesting direction for those who intend to completely escape from the gray everyday life and spend time with benefit

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About me: Good afternoon! I have been living in Milan for 10 years already, I was born and raised in Moscow, I have a professional linguistic education, in 2007 I graduated from the Moscow State Linguistic University. Toreza speaks English and Italian, and for more than 15 years I have been working by profession in all kinds of negotiations and exhibitions, as well as teaching. Milan has become.

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About me: My name is Irina, I have been living in Milan and Como for 20 years, I graduated from the municipal school for guides with a specialization in Christian tourism. I am a practicing Christian. I am inspired by the heritage, the tremendous heritage for every Christian that has survived in Milan. I will share with great pleasure.

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About me: 9 years of experience in private practice in northern Italy of interpretation and translation in various fields and topics. Many years of experience in the field of economics and business. Significant experience as a translator (Italian Russian) in various fields. Translation of contractions. ...

For some reason, Milan was completely unlucky: this city was disliked by both Italians and tourists. Locals call him "the gray old woman" - compared to the rest of Italy, there is really little sun there. Travelers know only the Milan-shopping association, and if they are not interested in shops, they drive by without a twinge of conscience. We decided to investigate the injustice: we collected the most negative reviews about Milan and told why all this is not true and how he deserved a little of your love.

Architecture: “Buildings are simple and uninteresting!”

I would like to ask right away: "Have we been to the same Milan?" Architecturally, it has everything from the Gothic Duomo to modern architectural wonders like the Bosco Verticale in the Isola quarter. If you go to the outskirts, you will generally find yourself among the buildings of the 60s - do not be alarmed, they do not look like Russian gray boxes at all. Milan's periphery - everything that does not fall into the second ring road, for example, the districts of Lambrate, Turro, Giambellino. They are easily accessible by any public transport.

Vertical forest is a residential complex of two skyscrapers. Green spaces help filter out fine dust particles and create a favorable microclimate. In 2014, the project was awarded the International Highrise Award

So, in the center there is a grandiose Gothic cathedral of the 15th century, and on the outskirts there are buildings from the XX century, you will not see so much anywhere. In addition to the standard places of power in the spirit of the Victor Emmanuel Gallery, which you definitely won't miss, we recommend that you look at others.

Gallery of Victor Emmanuel II. Photo: SamathiSet

House of Galimberti (Сasa Galimberti) at Via Malpighi, 6. Building in the style of the Milanese Liberty (the Italian branch of Art Nouveau). The smooth lines of the facade are decorated with ornate drawings and images of girls who look like fairy nymphs, and the balconies are decorated with greenery and flowers. It would seem that Alphonse Mucha himself had a hand, but no: the Italian architect Giovanni Battista Bossi worked here. By the way, on the ground floor there is Panino Giusto, an Italian chain of cafes serving some of the most delicious panini in the city.

Milan Central Station (Milano Centrale). If you come to the city by train, there is a risk of missing out on the beauty of this structure. It is understandable, I want to be in the hotel as soon as possible. Do not be lazy to return another day, without suitcases and fuss. The building was built in 1931 and combines the styles of Liberty, Art Deco and the monumental style of the Benito Mussolini era. It is easy to imagine that this is not a train station at all, but an art gallery.

Milan Central Station. Photo: byvalet

Nightlife: There is no entertainment for young people

Those who like to drink and dance often complain that young people in Milan are dying with boredom, like an expired burrata. Like, in the evening there is absolutely nowhere to go. To be honest, Italy, in principle, is not famous for nightclubs and bars, but believe me, compared to other cities, Milan is simply Ibiza of local bottling, a giant of club life.

Places like Armani Prive or Just Cavalli are pompous places for fashion lovers. Famous designers have really put their great hands on the concepts of these clubs. Check out Amnesia for techno, Gattopardo for a dance night in a church building. Nothing puritanical: DJ sets until the morning, tracks thunder under the arches, and magnificent pictures of the dance floor are obtained from the balustrade. Masada is located in a loft with a terrace in one of the less affluent areas. This is not only a disco, but also a closed club, where on weekdays you can watch a movie with new friends, and on weekends you should have a good time.

Milan is such a delightful, energetic and incredibly stylish city!

You hit the road ... suitcases are packed, tickets are bought, and then you understand that .. While abroad, you still want to feel confident in the future and you just need a feeling that with any difficulty or problem - you can get help!

We all love to relax beautifully, and I suggest - let's do it wisely.

Milan local time

Italy uses Central European Time. The difference with Moscow is minus two hours in the summer and minus three hours in the winter.

Transport in Milan

Official taxi in Milan

Taxi in Milan:

  • works around the clock,
  • it is profitable to take a taxi from a special parking lot,
  • you can ask employees in a restaurant, hotel or cafe to order a taxi by phone + (39 02) 344-000, + (39 347) 825-74-40,
  • catching a taxi on the street in Milan is not accepted,
  • payment is calculated by meter,
  • you will have to pay additionally for calling a taxi in Milan (about 2 euros), night travel, luggage, etc.
  • official taxis in Milan are white cars with a burning sign on the roof and a sign “Servizio Pubblico ”,
  • not all taxis accept card payments!

Memo for a tourist in Milan: when traveling by taxi, it is better to take a check upon leaving, this will come in handy in case you forget something in the car. Then, by calling the taxi service, you will soon get your lost back.

Public transport in Milan:

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