MICE events: what they are, types and purposes

MICE events: what they are, types and purposes

Business tourism contributes to the development of modern business. Thanks to him, professionals living in different parts of the world exchange useful information, learn from each other's experience and introduce innovative technologies.

With the help of corporate travel, you can gain the necessary knowledge and improve professional skills, make new acquaintances and establish effective partnerships with colleagues. This type of travel is a kind of useful rest. Discovering new corners of the world and participating in interesting events, people are happy to share knowledge and learn from more qualified colleagues.

Corporate Business Travel Events

Organizing and managing corporate events during business travel is a separate branch of business travel called MICE.

MICE is a popular English abbreviation that is widely used in international practice. She hides in herself a variety of business events such as:

  • M - meetings;
  • I - incentives;
  • C - conferences;
  • E - exhibitions/events.

M - meetings

Business trips are a great opportunity to hold business meetings. Meetings of directors, strategic meetings and negotiations are all successfully conducted during the business tour. Presentations, seminars and business trainings are also often held.

Support of service meetings by the organizer consists in the provision of venues and professional equipment.

I - incentives

These events are aimed at encouraging and uniting partners and employees. This includes a variety of workshops, team games, adventure quests, excursions, psychological training and other joint play activities.

MICE events: what they are, types and purposes

Holding such a large-scale event as a conference requires the highest level of preparation. Not only thematic exhibitions of industrial achievements, but also purely scientific events are of business interest for the business community. In the format of conferences, especially international ones, there is also an opportunity to find partners, make useful contacts and reach profitable agreements.

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Conference services

The range of services depends on the nature of the event and its format, the client's preferences. Our agency will take care of the following:

  • planning an event, drawing up a program, defining a target audience, segmenting it;
  • informing participants, choosing communications, sending invitations, newsletters, publishing them in the media, advertising in social networks;
  • selection, rental and design of a suitable location, site, premises, pavilion, gallery, hall;
  • equipment, delivery and installation of technical equipment;
  • organization of coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, final buffet tables, catering;
  • transport, visa, insurance services;
  • branding of the event, development and production of thematic decor, photo zones, unique paraphernalia, printed materials, handouts;
  • accommodation of participants in hotels;
  • personal assistant for the guest;
  • cultural program - excursions, concert performances, animators, teambuilding ;
  • event monitoring, final analysis.

Types of conferences

Conferences differ in the composition of participants, focus, field of scientific and other interests. According to the territory covered, local ones are distinguished, for example, intra-university (student and teaching) or city, regional, as well as international meetings with international participation. The popularity of conferences is expanding, children's (school) scientific conferences appear.

The main division of activities is related to the type of research work presented to the public. These are scientific, scientific and practical - narrowly focused or broad topics. A separate area is business forums, which also have a conference format. This can also include - corporate, industry, exhibition.

According to the form of holding - full-time and part-time. The first provide for a personal visit with the opportunity to speak in front of an audience and mandatory publication in a collection of materials. The latter are held without reference to a specific location and in fact represent a collection of abstracts of speeches, their reviewing and editing, with the publication of a collection of materials on paper or electronic media.

With the development of modern information technologies, correspondence conferences, seminars and master classes have moved to the Internet, where publication on the website of the organizing company is equated to a speech. And the address of the Internet publication becomes a confirmation of participation.

A type of Internet conference is an online broadcast of communication between participants. With this form of conduct, it becomes possible to ask questions about other people's speeches and get a response to yours.

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What is the budget for organizing conferences

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