Medical tourism

Medical tourism: what is it

The concept of "medical tourism" has become widespread throughout the world, this segment in the tourism business is gaining more and more popularity from year to year. This concept means a trip abroad in order not only to relax in comfortable conditions and see famous sights, but also to receive professional medical care.

For example, a person cannot receive qualitatively certain medical procedures in his country, therefore he travels to another state where these areas of medicine are more developed. Increasingly, tropical resorts are practicing the construction of small medical centers in their resort areas, offering exclusive services in the health sector, which attracts an additional number of tourists every year. The following countries of the world are included in the top of the most popular medical tourism destinations:


As surprising as it may be, Turkey, with its rich historical traditions and a huge number of interesting sights, with its luxurious resorts and comfortable hotels on the coast, also “joined the race” for the popular direction of “medical tourism” ". This country has the largest number of accredited medical institutions willing to work with foreign patients during their vacation.

There are many specialists from various fields of medicine working in this country, who are fluent in several international languages. The Turkish government passed stringent laws a few years ago to enforce quality standards in the procurement of state-of-the-art medical equipment and in the use of innovative treatment technologies. The most common medical procedures in Turkey are: cosmetic surgery, organ transplantation, vision restoration and other surgeries.


Thailand is considered one of the most popular destinations in health tourism. This country offers foreign patients inexpensive procedures in private clinics. By the way, Thailand was the first Asian country to receive international accreditation for medical services for foreign tourists (back in 2002).

Here you will be offered to be served by experienced medical specialists using the world's best medical treatment technologies. Thailand competes with confidence in the field of medical tourism with the United States, Europe and the Middle East. The most popular in this country are the following proposals: neurological therapy, dentistry, cardiological and orthopedic procedures, as well as cosmetic and organ transplant surgeries.

South Korea

This country has become a hot destination in the field of medical tourism since 2009. Today, over 300 thousand foreign tourists undergo treatment in this country annually. For vacationers, not only comfortable clinics are being built here, but also large information and medical centers in order to redistribute tourists to different clinical institutions of the country, depending on the types of diseases.

The most common medical offers in South Korea are the following: spinal surgeries, ultra-precise diagnostics of diseases, cosmetic surgeries and herbal medicine.


The small country of Singapore is ranked sixth in Asia by the World Health Organization for the quality of health services it offers. There are dozens of accredited medical centers here. Surprisingly, even Indonesia, Malaysia, USA and Great Britain come to Singapore for treatment.

As you probably already understood, the topic of our conversation in the women's club "Over 30" is medical tourism. Let's see what is hidden under this name.

Imagine a situation: you are going on vacation to an exotic country, but there you not only bask on the beach, but also go through the procedures you need, say, put your teeth or eyes in order.

It is usually difficult for an inexperienced person to believe that quality medical services can be obtained in exotic countries (there are certain persistent stereotypes), and, nevertheless, this is so.

Medical tourism is a very broad concept that includes not only banal dental prosthetics, but also serious operations, including cardiological and plastic ones, and even the treatment of oncological diseases.

Why is it convenient to be treated abroad?

The demand for such services is dictated by several reasons. First of all, a modern person, as a rule, does not have enough time to take care of his health, while for some reason it usually turns out to find time for rest. So the solution is found - to combine business with pleasure.

In addition, many already clearly understand how the cost of medical services differs in their country and in the country where you can go to rest. And this is without prejudice to the quality of service delivery. But more on that later. Residents of the United States and Western Europe have long been looking for access to other countries to improve their health, since prices in their medical institutions sometimes go off scale.

Sometimes the technologies in their own country are not so well developed that you can only get treatment abroad. And this is where medical tourism comes to the rescue. Unfortunately, in some cases, a trip abroad for medical purposes can save a person's life, for example, in the case of a donor organ transplant.

Many countries in which this tourist destination is developed are investing a lot in it, making it a priority. New equipment and medicines are being purchased, doctors are undergoing practical training in leading clinics in the world - everything is being done to ensure that medicine is really up to par.

Thailand, for example, is a prime example of this attitude towards the medical industry, although sometimes it is extremely difficult to believe that quality medical care can be obtained in this exotic country. More than 600 thousand tourists come here annually on "medical" tours, adding 800 million dollars to the country's economy.

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In 2019, the volume of the medical tourism market was estimated at 65-80 billion US dollars, in dynamics from the end of 2019 to 2025, it will be more than 12% of the compound annual growth rate. This sector is growing dynamically every year and shows that it has become easy and safe to get treatment abroad.

Any patient can receive a high level of medical care by deciding on treatment or recovery abroad. Let's go!

What is medical tourism?

When a person travels outside the country of residence to receive medical procedures or treatment for an illness, he becomes a consumer of medical tourism services.

The word "tourism" implies in this concept that people often stay in a foreign country before or after surgery for travel and recreation.

Medical Tourism Services

The ease and availability of international travel for medical tourism is fueling the growth of the industry, and:

  • Various packages and discounts offered by airlines and hospitals.
  • Favorable exchange rates and economical prices combined with better services.
  • The hospitality provided by a health tourism destination and the opportunity to combine treatment with relaxation.

In addition to lower costs, there are other reasons why patients are increasingly using this referral:

  • Active certification of local hospitals by international associations, which increases trust and ensures effective treatment for international patients.
  • Faster access to the services you need. Medical tourism is taking patients off the waiting list thanks to the various programs of health institutes.
  • Qualified doctors with international practical experience.
  • Latest treatments and surgeries available only in other countries.
  • Comfortable hospital stay with the latest infrastructure.
  • Individual approach, hospital staff who are individually assigned to the patient and translation services.
  • High quality medicines and medical equipment.

Medical Tourism Trends

Recently, more and more people prefer to be treated abroad. Moreover, everyone is guided by their own reasons. Some do not trust the healthcare of their country, while others want to combine the passage of medical procedures with travel. In all these cases, medical tourism can be a solution. Almost every person who devotes time to their health now knows what this is.

Main varieties

There are several types of medical tourism:

Diagnostic. The patient is sent to another country so that he can pass tests in leading laboratories, undergo examination using modern high-precision equipment, and also consult with experienced specialists. All these measures allow the diagnosis to be made as accurately as possible.

Healing. The person already has an idea of ​​the state of his health and plans to fly abroad to receive specific medical services. In this case, different methods can be involved - surgical intervention, apparatus therapy, chemotherapy, etc.

Recovery. This type of tourism allows you to restore the normal functioning of organs and systems, lost as a result of paralysis, stroke, coma and other serious pathologies.

Alternative medicine should be referred to a separate category. In many states there are centers of Buddhism, yoga, Ayurveda and other teachings that are unusual for Russian tourists. They use acupuncture, various massage techniques and herbal medicine to treat visitors.

Benefits List

Modern medical tourism has many advantages:

high diagnostic accuracy, the ability to carry out treatment in various directions;

using innovative methods, which currently do not have an equivalent substitute in Russia;

use of modern equipment to make operations more efficient and safer;

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