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Business Travel Courses

Learning from leading coaches. 100% employment guarantee. Developing and increasing the profits of your Travel Agency. Turnkey travel agency creation. Practical information only. After graduation - a personalized Certificate.

April-May 2016 | Moscow

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Why is it necessary to work with us?

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We try to make training possible for everyone, so there are courses of different prices. Payment by installments is possible for most of the courses.

100% employment guarantee

Since our company operates as a personnel center, we constantly receive applications from employers. We are recruiting groups already for these applications. All you have to do is study well, and you are guaranteed a job!

Post-training support

We do not abandon our students after completing courses and employment. You have the opportunity to receive qualified assistance from our side.

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A 25% discount on tuition is provided upon full payment of the course cost (100%). The cost is fixed and indicated in the contract. There are no additional payments.

The Institute of Modern Technologies, Management and Business invites you to get an education in the specialty "Tourism Manager". In four months you will learn about the classification of hotels, the organization of air flights, medical insurance, the specifics of working with tour operators, the technology of selling tours, about Russian legislation regulating the travel industry and much more.

Tourism Manager Training Program

Disciplines indicated in the diploma:

Discipline Number of hours Introduction to the specialty65 Fundamentals of management75 Psychology of personality and communication75 Conflictology60 Sales management70 Fundamentals of marketing65 PR technology in business60 Fundamentals of advertising60 Psychology of management and organizational behavior65 Procedure for organizing and negotiating65 Fundamentals of the tourism industry75 Fundamentals of management of travel companies70 Strategic management in tourism75 Management of regional tourism70 Marketing communications in tourism business80 Regulation of tourism activities75 Final interdisciplinary exam5 Final certification10 Total: 1120 hours

Course content:

  • Introduction to tourism activities. Terminology and basic concepts in tourism. The rules of the tourism manager.
  • Hotel classification. Types of accommodation in hotels. Food.
  • Air travel. Aviation companies. Airport. Charter and regular air transportation.
  • Medical insurance policy
  • Target direction of tourist programs.
  • The concept of a tour operator. Major tour operators. Franchise of tour operators, travel agents.
  • Consulting and communication with the client. Dealing with tourist objections. Selection and booking of the tour
  • Voucher (voucher), Information sheet.
  • The procedure for the implementation of tourist services. Tour sales technologies.
  • Documents required for traveling abroad.
  • Legal regulation of tourist activities in the Russian Federation. the main regulatory legal acts in the field of tourism. Legal relations with contractors.
  • Travel formalities and insurance in tourism
  • Competitiveness of a travel company. ... Tourism development prospects.
  • Fundamentals of management, psychology of communication, sales.

The cost of training in the specialty

Study period: Study period 4 months

The cost of the entire course of study: 26,000 rubles.

1 payment option. Payment on a monthly basis (6500 rubles per month). The interest-free payment by installments is indicated in the contract, indicating the terms of payment.

2 payment option. A 25% discount on tuition (19,500 rubles for the entire course of study) is provided upon full payment of the course cost (100%). The cost is fixed and indicated in the contract. You are immediately provided with the entire training program. There are no additional payments.

3 payment option. Shorter training period. The duration of the training course is from 1 to 3 months. You can adjust the terms yourself when concluding a contract (the training period is prescribed in the contract). Payment for the course - 50% upon admission (13,000 rubles), and 50% upon graduation (13,000 rubles).

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