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Wow, it's great to fly down the hill! And even on a soft "cheesecake"! This is what the people call tubing. A charge of good mood, good spirits, pink cheeks are guaranteed! On the territory of the resort "Gorki on Lazurny" there are: tubing tracks, an ice skating rink, a tavern with amazing cuisine, a real Russian bath and a barbecue area. Tubing tracks have different configurations and different levels of difficulty. Climbing the mountain is carried out using a cable - towing hoist.

Tour program:

Departure: 9:30 Lenin Ave. 61-b, office of the Sputnik Tourist Bureau. 10:00 st. Sh. Metallurgov, Palace of Culture "Builder". 11:00 Arrival at the resort "Tubingi on Lazurny". Tubing ride - 1 hour. Free time. 14:00 Gathering of the group. Departure to Chelyabinsk.

Tour cost per person - 1100 rubles. The cost for pensioners, students and children under 14 years old is 990 rubles.

The tour price includes: transport and excursion services, tubing (1 hour), accident insurance.

Recommendations for equipment: sportswear, spare shoes and spare mittens.

Bus tourDate of tour: February 28, 2021 Duration: 5 hours Wow, how cool ..

Sputnik Travel Bureau offers an unusual, incendiary - entertaining weekend tour:

In the 19th century, it became fashionable to travel along rivers in Russia. The steamship business was extremely profitable and popular. Everyone swam: nobles, officials, commoners, peasants. In the XXI century, the whole "houses" of rest - 3, 4-deck motor ships sail along the Russian rivers. Once again, cruises are a great opportunity to relax and travel. By the way, you can go on a weekend cruise. Perhaps one of the most important moments of such a holiday is the constant change of pictures. Today you admire the shores of the majestic Kama, tomorrow you swim in the green parking lot or go on an excursion ... It would seem like a great day, but that's not all. Remember in the song "music is playing on the ship ...", and it is true that in the evening you are expected to attend a dinner party with the Captain or to a "deck" disco. For those who are afraid that seasickness will appear on the ship, we hasten to reassure you. This is not the sea or the ocean. There are no big waves on the Kama, which means there will be no "seasickness" either. And a tasty addition to the cruise - excursions, different, cognitive, ethnographic, entertaining ... In 2021, excursions are offered: to Izhevsk - with a visit to the Kalashnikov Museum! They invite you to Votkinsk on a musical excursion with a visit to the Museum-Estate of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky! To the glorious village of Kukui to meet Udmurt grandmothers, singing, dancing and singing!

Weekend tours

Chelyabinsk is one of the largest industrial, cultural and business centers in Russia, the seventh largest city in the country in terms of population. It is clear that one day is not enough to get to know him. But even you have only a few hours left, you shouldn't give up walking around the city. Perhaps it will serve as a starting point for planning your further trips to the South Urals.

What to see on your own in a day on foot

Unfortunately, in Chelyabinsk there is still no pedestrian tourist route, marked on the asphalt. We offer you a route option, put the main points on the map in the program that you usually use, and hit the road. You can exclude from the route what you are not interested in, take your time, see only the main sights to get a general impression of the city, sit in a cafe, try Ural cuisine.


Let's start our walk from Kirovka - this is the official name of the pedestrian section of Kirov Street about 900 meters long from Lenin Avenue to Truda Street. This name was given to her on the basis of a competition held in 2004. Kirovka is the main tourist attraction of Chelyabinsk: if tourists have little time to get to know the city, they go to Kirovka, all the locals always bring their guests here.

There are many interesting things for tourists and guests of the city. However, locals also love their Kirovka, it is a favorite place for family walks, and in the evenings the street is filled with young people. Here artists exhibit their works, you can buy souvenirs and listen to performances by street musicians, shops and cozy cafes work.

So what is Chelyabinsk Kirovka famous for, what is there and must-see:

  • More than one and a half dozen different bronze sculptures, with which tourists love to take pictures.
  • Main post office and "Zero verst".
  • Chelyabinsk City is the tallest building in Chelyabinsk, a business center 111 meters high with a spire.
  • Monument to the Founders of Chelyabinsk, crowned with a spire with the figure of the Archangel Michael, and the figures of a Cossack with a lance, a Bashkir, a peasant with a saw and officer Tevkelev, the founder of the fortress.
  • Monument buildings - houses of merchants, tenement and trading houses of the late XIX - early XX.

Boulevard of Glory

This boulevard appeared on the map of the city just ten years ago, as one of the central squares was named. On the territory of the Boulevard of Glory, there is a complex of memorial structures dedicated to the memory of those who perished during the Great Patriotic War: the Eternal Flame and the Walk of Fame, where the names of Chelyabinsk citizens - Heroes of the Soviet Union and full holders of the Order of the Red Banner are inscribed on the plates. From the side of Svoboda Street - a monument to the "Valiant sons of the Fatherland", internationalist soldiers who died in armed conflicts.

Where the boulevard adjoins Kirovka, there is a monument to the participants of the Ural Volunteer Corps. This corps was formed in 1943 from volunteers from the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Molotovsk regions. From this square, where the monument is erected, on May 9, 1943, volunteer tankers went to the battlefield.

Weekend tours in the Urals and the Chelyabinsk region. Travel Bureau Sputnik Chelyabinsk

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Ski center "Eurasia", located 180 km from Chelyabinsk. The complex operates all year round, in winter as a ski center - there are 12 ski slopes with a total length of more than 10,000 meters with a vertical drop of up to 240 meters. For freestyle lovers, the resort has built 2 parks with jumps and railings of varying difficulty. For "Intermediate" riders and above, there are special tracks with obstacles. For beginners, there is a training slope with a separate lift.

All trails are served by a 4-chair lift, which will take you to the top of the mountain 610 meters in just 7-8 minutes. The training slope is served by a drag lift.

On the territory of the ski center there is a hotel, a cafe, a climbing wall, a trampoline hall, a tubing track 200 meters long, an ice rink, barbecue areas, a rental point and walking tracks with a length of 500 m to 5 km.

Great prices for the winter of 2021, choose any option that suits you!

The cost is indicated for arrival for two people:

Double room

Tariff "Let's go, ride!" transfer Chelyabinsk - GLTs "Eurasia" - Chelyabinsk, accommodation in a "standard" room, meals: breakfast, use of a chair lift.

Tariff "In the mountains for the weekend" accommodation in a "standard" room, meals: breakfast, use of a chair lift.

Additional charges: cost of the card - 50 rubles. To be paid locally, the amount is not refundable. Dates of arrival:

Arrivals: winter 2021 Duration: 3 days/2 nights Ski tour Ski center "E ..

Built in recent years and actively developing promising resort, which in the future will become the basis of a large ski region with a really large number of slopes and lifts. The all-season complex "Arkhyz" is the launching pad of the North Caucasian tourist cluster. The resort opened in December 2013. In the 2018/2019 season, two more gondola sections of the new Northern Lights cable car and part of the tracks under it began to operate on the northern slope. Only two tourist villages of the resort - "Romantic" and "Lunnaya Polyana" - there are four cable cars (two gondolas and two chairlifts), 14 tracks of all categories of complexity have been laid with a total length of more than 24 kilometers with a difference in altitude of the ski area of ​​825 meters. There is a snowmaking system and lighted tracks for evening skiing. Arkhyz is a famous tourist destination in the Caucasus. Picturesque valleys in the spurs of the Main Caucasian ridge are famous for their pristine nature and mild climate. The Abishir-Akhuba ridge with a height of 3,170 meters protects the region from northern winds, so there are many sunny days in Arkhyz. Moreover, in the winter season there is more than enough snow for comfortable skiing. Freeride enthusiasts have long settled in the area. The lowest point of the resort - the village of Romantic is located at an altitude of 1650 meters above sea level, like the well-known Dombay. The highest point of the tracks is 2504 meters above sea level. The resort was designed from the ground up to modern standards and continues to evolve. There are several rentals, an ice rink, restaurants and cafes, but first things first.

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