Key phrases for everyday business communication in English

English in a hotel: a simple and practical phrasebook for tourists

They say that everyone would like to be treated like at home in a hotel, and like in a hotel at home. But to feel comfortable in a hotel abroad, you need to know English. It is good if you study it and can safely communicate abroad. And what about those who do not know English well and are going to travel soon? For you, we have compiled an understandable and practical phrasebook on the topic "English in a hotel". Read the step-by-step instructions on how to communicate in English in your hotel.

We advise you to watch the webinar of our methodologist Ekaterina on the topic "English for Travel".

We've written a simple travel phrasebook that contains dialogues, phrases and vocabulary on 25 essential topics. Go on a journey with the main character and improve your English. You can download the book for free on this page.

Book a hotel room

You can book a hotel room on Russian-language sites, but sometimes it becomes necessary to reserve it by phone. In this case, you will need to clarify information about the hotel and specifically about the room, as well as its cost. This can be done using the following phrases:

Let's figure out the classification of hotel rooms. If everything is clear with a single and triple room, then the wordings double and twin need to be clarified. Double is a double room with one double bed, and twin is a double room with two single (twin) beds.

The hotel may also offer you a suite (suite/swiːt /) or a presidential suite. If you are traveling with friends or parents, you can order two adjoining rooms.

It is easy to get confused not only in the classification of rooms, but also in the classification of beds. Usually hotels offer their clients standard single beds, double beds and queen beds/queen size beds. The so-called "king" bed is a bed larger than a double bed. Some hotels may also offer you a sofa bed/pull-out couch or rollaway bed, and a cot for your child.

Security deposit or deposit - the advance payment that you make to book a room.

When talking about the price of staying at a hotel, there are two important points to keep in mind. First, always ask if the hotel can give you a discount. If you are not abroad during the high season, chances are you will be given a nice bonus. Secondly, always check the final price of your stay. This way you will immediately know what services will be included in the bill, and you will not be in for an unpleasant surprise when you check out.

Useful English phrases for a hotel to book a room, check in and check out. Simple English for the hotel.

Phrases for business communication in English with partners and colleagues are an essential key to the success of any businessman.

Conversation in English during negotiations or in the office should be easy and casual. The outcome of the deal almost always depends on the general impression of the company representative present at the business meeting.

Always go into meetings or negotiations with a positive attitude Tell yourself you're going to make this the best deal for all parties

Always participate in business meetings or negotiations with a positive attitude. Inspire yourself that this will be the best deal for all parties.

In the article "Features of Business English and its Difference from Spoken", we have already indicated which phrases and expressions should be avoided when communicating in English with business partners.

This article contains key phrases for communicating with business partners in English. Having learned them, you can easily strike up a conversation, direct it in the right direction, and, undoubtedly, emerge victorious from a business meeting.

Business greeting in English

The whole course of negotiations will depend on how you start the conversation. Be decisive and extremely polite, remember to smile.

Remember that English and American business etiquette may differ. We advise you to read the article Business meeting with Americans and British: features of etiquette in order to know how to properly address a colleague from the UK and the USA, what to wear and how to behave during a business meeting.

Start a conversation in EnglishTranslate into Russian What can I do for you? What can I do for you? What shall we start with (today)? Where do we start (today)? The point (The matter/The fact ) is that… The thing is… I think we can start with… I think we can start with… Let's get down to business Let's get on to the point of… Let's get down to business (to the question of…) Let's speak to the pointI'd like to clear up the point of ... I would like to clear up the point of ... We are having trouble with ... and we'd like ... We're having trouble with ... and we'd like ... Let's resume the discussion (s ) Let's resume the discussion

Phrases for clarification in English

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