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Despite a long and grueling journey, often with several changes, and a very hot climate, Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations. This country surprises travelers with stunning nature and a variety of entertainment for tourists, the infrastructure and hotel services are well developed here, there are a huge number of cultural attractions.

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, it occupies the whole mainland and covers the surrounding islets, the largest of which is Tasmania.

The Australian continent is a huge land of deserts and rare forests, and on the eastern coast of the mainland there is a mountain complex of the Great Dividing Range, its highest point is at the top of Mount Kostsyushko, at an altitude of 2228 meters. The Great Barrier Reef, a unique natural landmark, stretches for almost 2 thousand kilometers and covers the eastern coast.

Due to its distant location, the smallest continent of the planet was discovered and explored later than the rest. The first few decades after the discovery, the island was a place of exile for criminals, however, realizing the wealth and uniqueness of the continent, in the 18th century the British began to actively develop the continent and build cities. With the beginning of the "Gold Rush", immigrants from America and Europe poured into these lands en masse, because of which the number of aborigines began to dramatically decrease. At the beginning of the 20th century, the mainland became an independent state, and today it is one of the most developed countries with a high standard of living, which boasts a rich and eventful history, ancient cultural heritage.

A vacation in Australia is a real adventure, unusual, vivid and memorable. A trip to this country will be of interest to everyone: fans of cultural recreation, beach sloths, active and restless athletes.

The vast Australia has several climatic zones, which makes the rest here comfortable and enjoyable all year round. When it is winter on our continent, it is summer in Australian resorts, the best time to travel, especially to the southern part of the country. For traveling to the northern regions it is better to choose the Australian winter, at this time it is very dry here.

Southern Hemisphere Seasons are opposite to the North. The hottest period is the end of the autumn and the first half of the winter, and relatively cool here in the late spring and summer.

Take a diving in the waters of a large barrier reef, where the most huge coral cluster in the world is located. Reef covers more than 350 thousand kilometers, on which 900 islands with corals are located - an ideal place for diving and outdoor activities.

Go to Mount Ulur to meet picturesque dawn - this place is located in the very center of the continent, for indigenous Australians it is sacred. With the sunrise color of the mountain varies from dark purple to pink, creating stunning natural paintings!

The most beautiful beach of Continent - Uyanlass, with his magnificent snow-white coast. Go here to swim and sunbathe.


Bridges, like the mountains, can also be conquered - from the height of Harbor Bridge you will open fantastic views of Sydney. The Great Ocean Road is a beautiful car route in the world - go around him and you will stop to enjoy great landscapes.

Australian continent belongs to the number of those who actively take labor migrants. But before going to the road, it should be noted that local employers are very carefully selected by candidates. A qualified work in Australia is available only to specialists in demand professions, which are presented with serious requirements. But the unqualified workers are glad to accept any positions for a low fee.

Which professions are in demand

Labor migration in Australia is one of the most difficult versions of moving to this part of the world. Contrary to the fact that a third of the continent's population is migrants, not everyone can get here on the basis of employment.

Once in 2 years, the Australia Immigration Department updates the list of sought-after professions - The Skilled Occupations List. It includes 10 sectors: health care, mechanical engineering, medicine, shipping, geodesy, metallurgy, auto mechanics and others. You can get acquainted to get acquainted on the website of the Immigration Department.

The list of vacancies for each state is compiled individually. For example, in the southern regions that specialize in agriculture, workers on farms are always required, mainly for seasonal work. In Queensland, where the mining industry dominates, the lack of specialists and workers for mines is felt.

In-demand professions in Australia in 2021 are available in the following areas: construction, agribusiness, services, manufacturing, transportation, parenting and childcare, medicine.

Popular professions include:

  • electrician ;
  • doctor ;
  • veterinarian ;
  • engineer;
  • accountant ;
  • blasting master;
  • secretary;
  • pilot;
  • educator/teacher;
  • drivers/truckers;
  • programmer.

There is always a job for those who are ready to work in the service and tourism business. Hairdressers, maids, salesmen, dishwashers, waiters - all these professions are relevant in the coastal states and in the capital.

What are the types of employment

Employment in Australia for Russians can be permanent, but it can only consist in performing certain types of work in a limited period of time, for example, only in the summer.

Australia has over 500 national parks over 28 million hectares, four percent of the total land area, and another six percent are nature parks, state forests and reserves. Located in desert, alpine and marine areas, Australia's national parks include the world famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kakadu, Uluru-Kata Tjuta and Purnululu, as well as Flinders Ranges, Royal National Park and Daintree National Park.

067 Mitchell Falls Mitchell River NP VIII-2013 | © Aussie Oc/WikiCommons

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    Go down and you will find that Australia is more than a sun-drenched convict island. From varied landscapes to deep cultural history of indigenous peoples, unique native animals and friendly locals, this great southern land needs no introduction, but in case you need a little more incentive to fly halfway around the world, here are 16 reasons why you should visit Australia at least once in a lifetime.

    Great Barrier Reef

    Visible from space, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism in the world with a length of 344,400 square kilometers - approximately 70 million football fields. One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the reef contains 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands. The Great Barrier Reef is home to 1,500 different species of fish, as well as mammals, reptiles and birds, which together form one of the most complex ecosystems in the world.

    Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling Reef | © Queensland at wts wikivoyage/WikiCommons

    It contains the most livable city in the world

    For six consecutive years, the prestigious Economist Intelligence Unit's Business Index ranked Melbourne as the world's most livable city, ranking highly education, healthcare, infrastructure, research and development, tourism, entertainment and sports. Melbourne is also known as the leading financial city in the Asia-Pacific region, the cultural and sports capital of Australia, and is recognized as a UNESCO City of Literature.

    Melbourne Afternoon | © Nicholaspetridis/WikiRooms

    Australia is an extraordinary state, friendly and hospitable, with incredibly beautiful and rich lands, with unique representatives of fauna and flora. Australian natural attractions simply amaze with their fabulous beauty, which are luxuriously in harmony with the skyscrapers of huge metropolitan areas. Tourists from all over the world go to these parts to dive into scuba diving and play golf, explore the routes of the pioneers. Australia is a real find for travelers from all over the world. It is only necessary to think over the route of the trip in advance, and local guides will always help with great pleasure, who will make every effort to ensure that the trip to the country leaves behind a sea of ​​positive and enthusiastic impressions.

    Great Barrier Reef

    In the northwest along the Australian coast is the Great Barrier Reef, which includes a huge number of islands and coral reefs. Reef National Park covers a very large area, which is 10% of the total area of ​​coral reefs in the world. More than 19 million years ago, the very first reefs began to form here, throughout the centuries the destruction of old reefs took place, new ones were formed. Today, you can see an insignificant part of the coral here, only when you plunge into scuba diving you can see a full-fledged magnificent picture.

    Thanks to the picturesque underwater world, tourists who prefer diving always have something to see, because the Great Barrier Reef is truly fabulous: against the backdrop of a variety of bright and colorful plants, large gardens of corals, majestically float the same beautiful and unique shoals of various fish species.

    Lake Hillier

    Every visiting tourist should definitely include Lake Hillier in his itinerary, which is also a chic attraction in Australia. The lake is located on the island of Midd, where thick eucalyptus forests stretch. Hiller has a distinctive feature due to the water, which has a pink tint. The luxurious appearance of the lake is given by a unique framing consisting of salt and sand located along the shore.

    Blue Mountains

    Tourists who prefer to admire the incredible natural beauty, untouched by civilization, will always find such places in Australia. It is to this place that the Blue Mountains belong - the national park of the country. The park acquired this title for a reason.

    A large number of forests that grow in mountainous areas constantly emit essential oil vapors into the air, forming a blue haze in the sun's rays, thus creating a fabulous atmosphere.

    Yarra River Valley

    The southern part of Australia has long been known for its aromatic and delicious wines. The valley of the Yarra River is perhaps the most picturesque wine area, where a large number of grapes of various varieties grow. Back in 1839, the very first vine was planted here. Today, there are about 45 wineries with a rich harvest.

    Unlike a work permit to enter Australia, a business visa is classified as temporary (subclass 188). Immigration through a short-term visa gives you the right to stay in the country for up to 3 months without leaving. Depending on the organizational and legal form of the entrepreneur and the characteristics of his company, it is allowed to request a multivisa for 4-5 years with an unlimited number of times to visit the continent.

    Australia Business Registration Requirements

    When completing an additional package of documents for a business visa to Australia, it is necessary to collect all forms and certificates indicating the availability of appropriate education and qualifications, as well as experience in managing companies or large investments.

    Prove your qualifications and work experience at the embassy. Photo: pixabay. om

    Australian Immigration by the Year: Business Development Options

    Business visa to Australia for a year: documents

    In addition, you must attach a medical insurance with coverage of 30 thousand euros, a receipt for the transfer of consular fees, work book, educational and employment documents indicating the level of competence of the applicant in the chosen field of activity.

    A business visa is registered through an accredited visa center. Seeking legal advice can help increase the likelihood of your request being approved by up to 99%. The validity of the entry document and its cost are calculated on an individual basis.

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