Internship abroad in the hospitality industry

How to Succeed in Tourism

Explore tourist routes

I travel a lot around the world and have noticed long ago that in any city in any country there are "tourist" sights and places that only local residents know about. If you want to be a true professional in the field of tourism, then you must learn all about the destinations you are going to work with.

To do this, you can use foreign resources telling about the most visited places, then you can find profile groups in social networks, incl. for travelers, as a rule, there is always up-to-date information on visas, roads and other travel components. It is important to note that knowing the latest information about the place where your client is going is always a big plus for you and a significant competitive advantage.

Learn to communicate

The most important skill that I have learned and that is relevant to me until now is the ability to communicate and feel the client. The subsequent work depends on the first telephone conversation with your client. Even when answering a simple question, add an interesting detail to the answer: this will distinguish you from dozens of other travel agency employees. Always be friendly, professional, open and passionate about your work. An excellent mood, correctness and interest in the client and his requests should be present in the voice of a tourism specialist.

Ask as many clarifying questions as possible: choosing a trip for a client requires not only knowing his preferences, but also other important factors: whether he is traveling with his family, what places he has already visited, etc. identify the need and be able to show all available options. Even if the tour purchased by the client does not bring you a lot of income, do not be discouraged, the main thing is positive feedback about you among relatives and friends who will use your services in the future. You should not use such expressions as: "This is impossible", "I do not know", "You are wrong." Speak delicately, using the phrases: “It is necessary for you to have a great rest. "," Your question is very interesting, I need to consult with colleagues who have visited this place "," You are a little mistaken. " Don't make it a point for a customer to make a purchase decision for your product while talking to you. Your task is to make an appointment. Personal communication with the client is especially important when selling expensive exclusive tours or in cases where the client already has his own idea of ​​the route.

Connect with Experienced Colleagues

In the tourism industry, you almost always have to deal with situations that you have not heard of before. As a rule, such events happen due to unaccounted for circumstances from the side that receives, less often - carriers. But in companies and at industry events there is always a lively discussion: even specialists with extensive experience in tourism are trying to get advice and get the opinion of "colleagues in the shop". Participate in the discussion of situations, try to find out all the details and draw conclusions for the future: it is quite possible that very soon you will have the same tasks. Knowing in advance about such experience, you will be able to quickly resolve issues and gain credibility in the eyes of clients and colleagues.

Of course, this knowledge is also necessary for heads of departments. Thanks to them, you will prompt your subordinates how to find a solution to any difficult issue or recommend contacting a colleague who has already encountered it.

Don't strive to be good to all colleagues

Most aspiring professionals and even some executives make one big mistake - trying to be friends with everyone. Unfortunately this is not possible. Changes in career development allow for your yesterday's colleagues to become subordinates. This may cause you some discomfort, but you must draw a clear line between yourself and your subordinates. Your colleagues should know your position: if the work is done efficiently and on time, no questions arise. But if your subordinate does not justify trust, then you will not make allowances for what you have known for a long time. The tourism industry is as competitive as possible, so it is important to build the right relationship with the staff.

Invest in your own education and aim for an MBA

Take the time to learn. Find a good mentor. Invest in a business coach for sales, it is better if it is a professional with an understanding of the specifics of the tourism industry. Attend exhibitions and conferences dedicated to tourism issues, thanks to them you can make useful contacts in a professional environment and keep abreast of all important events. In addition, it makes sense to browse the news of the leading travel portals, incl. international, this allows you to determine in advance the most promising travel destinations.

Space tourism

Internship and internship at a hotel abroad for students and young professionals is a chance to gain experience in the profession. All hotels are located in tourist destinations, so the interns also travel the world.

Paid Internship in Overseas Hotels

Due to the increasing tourist flow, hotels abroad are offering paid internship programs around the world. When recruiting an overseas hotel, employers offer training in corporate culture and work standards over several days or even weeks. After that, the trainee becomes a full-fledged employee, works on an equal basis with other staff and ensures a comfortable stay for guests. Work experience is useful for professional development in the field of tourism and hospitality.

Requirements for the Tourism Internship Program

Students, graduates in the field of education (faculty of tourism, hotel business, management) can take an internship in a hotel abroad. In this case, they offer a higher position with tasks that will help in building an international career in the hotel industry.

Students and young professionals are also encouraged to participate, but for them, when choosing a specific vacancy, the level of English and work experience are decisive factors.

The general requirements for participants are as follows:

  • over 18 years old;
  • good conversational level of English (from intermediate +);
  • work experience is desirable (sometimes the minimum is months to participate);
  • specific experience for higher positions (for example, working in booking programs).

Possible vacancies in the hotel

The choice of a particular vacancy depends on the profile of a particular candidate:

  • Waiter ;
  • Food and Beverage Department;
  • Head Office Manager;
  • Hotel Welcome Manager ;
  • event manager;
  • sommelier;
  • marketing manager;
  • recreation and SPA services manager;
  • booking manager.

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