Internet as a tool for promoting services for the hospitality industry

TOP 10 most incredible and luxurious business class hotels

The hotel industry has undergone tremendous changes over the past few decades, moving from the simplest forms to the most chic and extravagant in modern history, especially when it comes to hotels designed to host luxury business conferences. At these incredible hotels, guests don't just pay for their stay. They pay for world-class experiences and top business services, luxury suites and unique events. Some hotels offer spectacular views, while others present guests with some of the most beautiful interior designs.

Sometimes these hotels find their place among the most luxurious luxury hotels. Most of these hotels have received the Gold Star award and many other awards that set them apart from other hotels and convention centers. Many guests make use of the conference rooms provided to host world-class meetings, online meetings, or training in innovative business practices.

Services at one of the grand hotels include helicopter rides and special tours for the wealthy, as well as services that match the local flavor, tradition and culture. The hotels are distinguished by their convenient location and professional service. Here are the 10 most luxurious business hotels.

Sofitel Lyon Bellecour

Sofitel Lyon Bellecour is a luxury hotel located in Strasbourg, France. Founded in 1964, it has a network of approximately 100 hotels in 32 countries, many of which have been recognized as the best in the world. Check out some of the world's most luxurious hotel chains.

Guests can relax when it comes to organizing business conferences. This luxury hotel provides professionals who are experienced in organizing meetings and are creative in their business.

According to TripAdvisor, Sofitel Lyon Bellecour received 4 out of 5 rating points (based on 883 reviews).

Pan Pacific In Dhaka

The Pan Pacific Hotels chain has been located in Asia and North America since 1976. In particular, the Pan Pacific Hotel in Dhaka, Bangladesh has received a world award and offers guests the best services in Bangladesh.

This luxury hotel has a fully equipped business center for business guests, which includes 24-hour service and the ability to stay in your own private office. There are six meeting rooms available for business guests.

According to TripAdvisor, Pan Pacific in Dhaka has a 4 out of 5 rating points (based on 270 reviews).

Hotel Le Bon Antanta

TOP 10 most incredible and luxurious business class hotels

The article reveals the possibilities of effective use of the Internet as a tool to popularize enterprises in the beauty industry and their services. The ways of increasing user interest in the hotel's Internet project and increasing the conversion rate by tracking unproductive sections of the website and their effective changes based on experiments are considered.

Keywords: Internet marketing in the hotel business, web analytics, Internet solutions for hotels.

Advantageous positioning of a hospitality company on the Internet is one of the most important components of its success. Moreover, the lack of a web project for a hotel or hotel is perceived by the target audience as an indicator of a low level of the enterprise, regardless of the actual quality of the services provided. This forces all modern companies operating in the hotel business to create Internet projects. At the moment, every hotel has a website, regardless of its class and degree of comfort. And it has a certain impact on the level of popularity of the hotel among potential visitors.

The Internet can become a tool for the effective promotion of services for the hotel business only if the site is a sales channel, it presents the products and services offered by the hotel in a favorable light, the hotelier is constantly working to improve sales with using the site.

The correct approach to the development of the site and the organization of a rational marketing campaign with the involvement of specialists in the field of web analytics will allow choosing the right methods to popularize the company, increase the interest of the target audience in this Internet project in particular and the hotel in general.

Ways to attract customers via the Internet

The site is an advertising tool designed to promote hotel services. Like any other advertising tool, it can be effective, ineffective, or completely useless. The goal of every hotelier is to maximize resource efficiency. To do this, Internet marketing provides a number of tools, the most popular among which are the following:

1. SEO (from English search engine optimization) or search engine optimization; 2. contextual advertising; 3. Yandex. addresses and Google places - special services of search engines; 4. SMM (from the English Social media marketing) - promotion in social networks; 5. thematic mailings or email marketing; 6.thematic platforms - thematic blogs, forums, etc.

The most common, effective and at the same time expensive are search engine optimization and contextual advertising. Their combination ensures coverage of the maximum target audience. The rest of the Internet marketing tools are most often used as additional ones. Analytics allows you to track the effectiveness of each specific promotion method and correctly distribute financial investments in promotion. Let's take a closer look at the role each of the listed methods of driving traffic plays.

Search Engine Promotion

According to statistics, about 450 million people enter about 11 billion queries into search engine windows every month. Up to 90% of visitors come to web resources from search engine sites. At the same time, about 70% of users exclusively use links from organic search results for this, ignoring contextual advertising. At least 40% of buyers of modern online stores come from search engines. About 46% of users learn about the emergence of new Internet projects through search results. This confirms the importance of search engine optimization in a hotel's marketing campaign aimed at increasing traffic from the Internet and increasing the number of real customers.

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