Innovative business ideas for startups: these 9 cool ideas will be in demand from 2020 to 2030

Innovative business ideas for startups: these 9 cool ideas will be in demand from 2020 to 2030

An innovative business is a type of entrepreneurship associated with the implementation of new knowledge, inventions, technologies. The result is the creation of new products that have no analogues, or the improvement of products already sold on the market. The goal of this work is to gain a competitive advantage. This may seem like a daunting task, but today Russia is creating favorable conditions for startups based on the promotion of new solutions.

The concept of innovative business

A number of similar concepts are used on equal terms: innovative business, entrepreneurship, innovation process and activity. These concepts are united by the following components: the commercialization of new knowledge and technologies, making a profit through the creation of technical and technological innovations, the dissemination of innovations, the transformation of a new idea into a commodity.

Business innovation is the key to understanding these terms. However, innovation does not necessarily imply the introduction of a new product. Innovation can be associated with upgrading technologies that are already available. This is due to the fact that developing an innovative business rarely starts from scratch.

Sources of business ideas

There are many examples of a bright entrepreneurial start in the world with an original idea. It is both simple and difficult at the same time, since not everyone can find an idea for a business. Therefore, entrepreneurs refuse to introduce innovations and prefer already proven products: cell phones, household appliances, clothes, toys, etc.

However, the sources of new solutions are freely available. These are consumer testimonials that provide helpful advice on how to improve your company. Another source is market analysis and competitor products that you can either optimize or suggest a new solution. The Internet and IT, info business and other developing areas are a wide field for introducing innovations into business.

Infobusiness is based on the sale of information. There is room for innovation in this area. Any expert information can become a salable product.

Methods for finding innovative ideas

Most people come up with new solutions by trial and error. This method is the most common and most ineffective, as it is time-consuming and resource-intensive. Scientific methods include the "sevenfold search strategy" proposed by G. Bush in 1964, and the TRIZ method (theory of inventive problem solving), developed by engineer G. Alt-Schuller in the late 1940s.

How to find a working startup idea

Information technology in excursion affairs

Information technology in excursion affairs

Excursion support is an integral part of a modern tourist product of any region. However, the requirements of the modern consumer to the tourism market determine the search for new approaches to organizing excursion activities, in particular, the active use of innovative technologies.

Innovative technologies are usually understood as radically new or improved technologies that significantly improve production conditions or are themselves a commodity. Innovations as a process or as a product can become one of the main income items of an enterprise, significantly affecting the increase in profits, and also, since they are based on the implementation of the achievements of scientific and technological progress, are essential factors for increasing the competitiveness of the tourism industry.

In the excursion business, as in the field of tourism in general, the use of innovative technologies is aimed at creating a new or modifying a product that is already offered to the consumer, as well as improving the quality and range of services by introducing information technologies and modern forms of organizational and management activities.

- using new forms and methods (individual excursions, interactive excursions, including quest excursions, costumed and role-playing excursions, the latest museum excursions, excursions for people with special needs, etc.) .); - using IT technologies (multimedia technologies, cataloging tourist attractions, virtual museums, virtual excursions, including 3-D excursions, the use of robot guides, QR codes, etc.).

Recently, new forms and methods of conducting excursions are actively used in the world, incl. and in Ukraine. So, in particular, in February 2017 in Lviv, a presentation of a new tourist project "Spacer Cab" was held, which provides for retro-tours around the city in electric cars. The developers propose to conduct excursions around Lviv on vintage electric vehicles of the FORD T brand, model 1915. The goal of this project is to open up new tourism opportunities for the city, show the historical and architectural beauty of not only the central part, but also other areas of the city, promote Lviv at the state and European levels, promote environmental friendliness and the combination of modern technologies with a historical component.

The use of QR codes and a number of other mobile applications adapted to tourism significantly expands the cognitive possibilities of excursions, taking into account the subjective preferences of tourists as much as possible.

In general terms, a QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that carries information that can be read by anyone using a phone with a built-in camera. Thanks to easy recognition, the subscriber can instantly enter text information into his phone, add contacts to the address book, follow web links, send SMS messages, etc. Using QR codes, they even organize contests and role-playing games.

In September 2017, the Lviv City Tourism Administration and one of the national mobile operators launched an innovative excursion project “For the First Time in Lviv” - an interactive tour of 15 most interesting locations in the city center. You can get information about interactive excursion objects by scanning the QR code with a mobile phone - information about the object and the path to the next location will be available on a special website.

A fundamentally new solution in organizing excursions at the present stage is virtual EE tours. As noted by Veres K., virtual EE tours create a "presence effect" for the viewer, which allows them to get the most complete information about a product or service. It should be noted that a significant advantage of virtual excursions is their compliance and accessibility for the client - regardless of age, country of residence, financial capabilities, social status, etc., at a convenient time, without leaving home, it is possible to view the virtual excursion selected on the website ...

Therefore, in modern conditions, innovative technologies in excursion activities are integral components of its development and competitiveness.

If you are an entrepreneur with ambitious plans and dream of finding your niche for a successful startup, meet some really cool business ideas that will be in demand in the next decade from 2020 to 2030.

Innovative business ideas differ from standard ideas in that they really make the world a better place, they bring new technologies to the world that solve the problems of the earth and humanity.

Today, more and more entrepreneurs are creating new tech start-up companies that can potentially solve such major global problems as climate change, excess waste, water scarcity, and the disappearance of animals and plants.

innovative business ideas for cool startups in the coming years

Plastic recycling as know-how

Plastic is one of the worst enemies of our time. Despite the fact that plastic is indispensable in the modern world, it harms our lives more than helps. Inevitable evil, you say. Regardless of your personal relationship to the environment, recycling can be your calling and your millions of dollars worth of startup.

Plastic recycling has great potential in the global market. The planet is packed with plastic, and new plastic products are the least it needs now. Now is the time to take control of plastic recycling and create new technologies in this large-scale industry.

Scientists estimate that the plastic collected throughout the Earth is estimated at more than $ 500 billion. I think the scale and prospects for the business are clear.

Throwing away is easier than recycling. That is why plastic waste is damaging our planet, entering the earth and the ocean, and returning to us in the form of microplastics in food.

Robotic Waste and Garbage Management

Waste is growing at an alarming rate around the world and is increasingly difficult to manage. It is difficult to collect and dispose of garbage in such a volume, especially given the threats to health and life that accompany these processes.

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