Industrial or industrial tourism

Industrial tourism: craftsmen reveal their secrets

There are many different directions in tourism. One of them is industrial tourism, which has many features of a youth subculture and is called in English as "urban exploration - urban exploration", abbreviated "urbex".

The very concept of industrial or industrial tourism can be described as the study of objects and territories of civil, industrial and military purposes, as well as abandoned structures in order to satisfy research interest or aesthetic pleasure.

Let's find out why tourists visit unusual or abandoned places:

1. Test your own nerves and feel the adrenaline rush.

Visiting some places may threaten health due to collapse of a structure, poisonous substances, radiation, or problems with law enforcement agencies may arise if the territory or building is protected. But to some people and adventurers, it sounds like a challenge. They strive to experience new emotions, test their stamina and overcome fear.

2. Getting aesthetic pleasure and interesting photos.

Abandoned dilapidated buildings or deserted tunnels have their own atmosphere and are able to take your breath away. Visiting places like this gives people goosebumps. And the photos taken here are beautiful and unusual.

3. Research purposes. Curious people, students, technical specialists can be interested in and study, for example, factories of the last century.

Therefore, everyone comes to industrial tourism for their own reasons. Some - in pursuit of extreme sports, adrenaline, thrills and new impressions, others are attracted by aesthetic beauty and research activities.

Types of industrial tourism:


The most common type of industrial tourism is stalking, which is a visit to abandoned or abandoned places. These can be not only abandoned residential buildings, but also entire cities, for example, Pripyat. Often, such trips can be associated with danger due to the threat of collapse of the structure, security, chemical pollution, radiation.


Traveling is living!

Industrial tourism: craftsmen reveal their secrets

What can you see at factories and factories in Belarus? Plunge into the production process, see "how everything happens" and learn a lot of new things.

Industrial tourism in Belarus is gaining momentum! And this is not surprising, because only during the production excursion you can learn something truly unique, known only to the masters of their craft. Do you want to know how the legendary BELAZ cars are made? Or how are branded leather bags of the Belarusian brand Galanteya born? Right here and right now VETLIVA will tell you about excursions to industrial enterprises that reveal the secrets of production.

Industrial tourism in Belarus

Excursion to the BELAZ plant: towards the largest dump trucks in the world

Where: Zhodino Cost: from 40 BYN Number of tourists: from 1 Days: depends on the tour date

Even a 2-meter basketball player looks like an insect next to this monster of the domestic car industry! Just imagine: any dump truck manufactured at a plant in the Belarusian city of Zhodino can carry from 90 to 450 tons of cargo in one trip! So that you understand the scale of these numbers, let's measure this weight in elephants and whales (these mammals are the heaviest in the world):

The blue whale, which is the largest mammal in the world, weighs from 50 to 150 tons, that is, theoretically, the coolest BELAZ 75410 with a carrying capacity of 450 tons can easily transport three whales (if they could, of course, fit into its body).

The African elephant, the heaviest land mammal, weighs only about 3 tons, that is, one and a half hundred elephants BELAZ would have transported without problems!

Interview with the Minister of Investments and Development of the Sverdlovsk Region Victoria Kazakova

It is known that growth points can be found in every crisis. Now, the coronavirus pandemic, which has halted overseas travel, could be one of the most powerful incentives for domestic tourism. We talked with the Minister of Investments and Development of the Sverdlovsk Region Viktoria Kazakova in the heading "Know ours" about how this opportunity is used in the Sverdlovsk region, what instruments and tourism products are betting on.


Victoria, what is the flow of tourists to the Sverdlovsk region? What do you think it is?

Before the pandemic, the flow of tourists to the Sverdlovsk region was growing every year. To be honest, we were worried about the numbers for 2019, because the 2018 FIFA World Cup significantly increased the numbers. However, last year 1.6 million tourists came to us, which is 6% more than in the year of the World Cup. This means that interest in the region is steadily growing!

For counting, we use a standard approach: the number of overnight stays in hotels, recreation centers, sanatoriums. Of course, this is how some tourists fall out of sight, but so far we do not have a more objective indicator. With colleagues from the regions, we have repeatedly discussed options for registering guests. For example, we consider the use of information from mobile operators, the banking sector, and transport companies. I am sure that the active development of information technology will subsequently optimize and change the approaches to accounting for tourist traffic.

Do most of the tourists come from neighboring regions? And are there any guests of the border?

Of course, Yekaterinburg, as the capital of the Urals, primarily attracts tourists from neighboring regions. At the same time, the structure of tourist traffic is heterogeneous. For example, among business tourists, whose share prevails in the internal flow, there are a large number of guests from Moscow and. And their number will continue to grow. So, according to the travel audience Amadeus Company system, the largest volume of search queries was observed for flights to Yekaterinburg from Moscow, large cities such as Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, as well as from Tyumen, Ufa, Surgut.

Regardless of the purpose of the visit, short trips to Yekaterinburg are more often chosen - for 1–4 days. In the structure of the domestic tourist flow, business tourists are expected to prevail: the Sverdlovsk region is an industrial region and it is natural that businessmen, managers and specialists from all over the world come to us on business trips, to business meetings, to participate in international business events.

We have about 6% of foreign tourists, that is, 100 thousand people annually. Mostly they come from Europe - the Czech Republic, Germany, neighboring countries. We have a lot of direct international flights, and the planes are steadily filled.

You have a well-developed event tourism. Do you plan to further increase this flow?

We have learned from our own experience that major events provide an opportunity to develop infrastructure (airports, train stations, roads, landscaping, construction of sports and cultural facilities). At the same time, the level of services is increasing, the safety characteristics of public facilities are improving, and small and medium-sized businesses are developing.

Thanks to the work of the Governor and the Government of the Sverdlovsk Region, we have been ranking for the sixth year in a row in the rating of the event potential of Russian regions. It all started with the "Innoprom" exhibition, which is held here annually with Of course, the attraction of international events contributed to the development of the image of the Sverdlovsk region as a center of business tourism: the World Boxing Championships last year also played a huge role here. There are also major events at the federal level, including WorldSkills and Forum 100+.

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