In which area to stay in Dubai for a tourist; description, map, hotels and our reviews

New rules for entering the UAE in January 2021

It is hard to believe that in just half a century this quiet, fishing village has grown into one of the most developed megacities in the world, breaking countless world records.

Modern Dubai has become famous all over the world for a long time as a city-innovator, a city-dream, in spite of fate, paving the way for a better future. It is here that more than 50% of all business events in the Middle East are held.

Armani Hotel Dubai *

No one has ever needed a map to search for Armani Hotel Dubai - the Burj Khalifa can be seen from anywhere in Dubai. The hotel with the name of the famous couturier occupies 11 floors in the tallest building in the world.

Elegant meeting rooms offer stunning views of the city, the Dubai Fountain and the prestigious Downtown Dubai. This site was chosen for the presentation of the Jaguar F-PACE crossover, turning the facade of the Burj Khalifa into the world's largest projection screen.

Dubai World Trade Center

The Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) has rightfully held the title of the largest exhibition space in the entire region for many years. On an area of ​​more than one hundred thousand square meters. m. there are several pavilions for events, as well as an outdoor garden for gala dinners and entertainment events. It is the main venue for economic forums, international congresses and social events with the participation of the royal family. Every month, an average of 15 events are held here, from the largest exhibition GITEX in the field of information and communication technologies to the World Summit on Green Economy. It also houses the offices of global giants such as General Motors, Johnson & Johnson and MasterCard International. The convenient location in the heart of Dubai's business activities ensures a hassle-free travel experience for guests. The road to the metro takes 5 minutes on foot, to Dubai International Airport - 15 minutes by car.

Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera, which opened on August 31, 2016, is rightfully considered a masterpiece of modern design. The outline of the building is reminiscent of the old schooner dhow, symbolizing Dubai's connection to the traditions of sailing and pearl fishing. The architect conceived the building in such a way that it could transform depending on the event. A classic opera house for 2,000 spectators easily transforms into a concert hall with columns and sound reflectors for unique acoustics. The technical features make the Dubai Opera the best venue for any kind of opera performances, concerts, fashion shows, entertainment shows, conferences, art and industrial exhibitions, and even social events. The building will also open a rooftop restaurant and garden overlooking the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa.

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel *

Dubai has always been known for its passion for ambitious projects, and most business travelers no longer look at other options when they see the world's tallest hotel - JW Marriott Marquis in Business Bay. The hotel has over 1600 rooms and offers 32 conference rooms and 2 large rooms for lavish celebrations. Capacity ranges from small, theater-style 18-seat spaces to the Dubai Ballroom for 1,500 guests. The JW Marriott Marquis 5 * has been selected by the Official Dubai Business Events Bureau to host the summit for 250 event managers from around the world to showcase Dubai's ability to host events of all levels.

Top 5 Event Venues in Dubai

Since the summer of this year, the UAE has opened to tourists. Like most countries, the Emirates have introduced certain entry rules for tourists. We will tell you about the conditions under which you can now get to the UAE, and what documents are needed for this in this article.

Information is current at 14.1.021

What is the current situation in Dubai and other emirates

The situation in the Emirates is now stable and calm. Over the past week, about 1,000 new cases of the disease were recorded. In October, the number of people infected was about 1,600.

Mass vaccination of residents against COVID-19 began in the UAE on December 9. The situation in the country is improving every day. Failure to comply with safety precautions is fined and shops closed. The mask mode works everywhere.

Is it possible now to fly to rest in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates


All interested tourists can travel to Dubai in December 2020. COVID-19 tests will be required to enter the emirate.

The cost of package tours for 7 nights:

What is currently working in Dubai

Almost everything that tourists need for a good rest is open in Dubai. Beaches, hotels, shopping malls and catering facilities are open. Not all attractions are open yet.

Abu Dhabi

Flights to Abu Dhabi were resumed back in October. But in this emirate, tourists have nothing to do. The main disadvantage of staying in Abu Dhabi is the mandatory two-week quarantine.

Dubai's Top 5 Event Venues

In 2019, a visa-free agreement between Russia and the United Arab Emirates entered into force. Now, to cross the border, you only need a passport, and you can stay in the country without issuing permits for up to 90 days.

Snowboard in the middle of the desert

Half a century ago, in a small town in Dubai, they fished and dug for pearls, and occasionally caravans of merchants passed through the deserted streets. Now, looking at how the gigantic shadow of the Burj Khalifa tower glides over the glass skyscrapers, you cannot believe it. Take a ride in the driver's seat in a Dubai automatic subway car, rent a hotel room on the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah or jump with a parachute - from a bird's eye view, it is best seen that today's Dubai does not belong to the present, but to the future.

17 km from the capital of the oil power - Abu Dhabi - Masdar City is being built, the first eco-city that will fully support itself from the energy of the sun and wind. Residents will drive electric cars along the streets, a wall will be erected around the city, and over it - an openwork dome to protect from the scorching sun and desert winds. You can look at the city of the future right now: the easiest way to get to Masdar is by taxi along the E10 highway, but the car will have to be left outside.

Sleep in the desert

For a real drive, take a safari among the endless sands. For lovers of fast driving, local firms offer jeeps or buggy-ATVs, for connoisseurs of color - camels. Most of the excursions are one-day, in the evening the caravan stops in the oasis, where the flavor of the Bedouin village is recreated. After a traditional dinner and dance show, the group is taken back to civilization.

If you want to truly understand the desert and add color to a standard hotel excursion, stay in the desert overnight. Take warm clothes, sleeping bags and a tent - this can be agreed with the organizers - and do not regret missing breakfast at the hotel. No matter how many stars your hotel has, this night there will be thousands of times more.

Feel like Schumacher

The shores of the Fujairah emirate are a favorite diving destination not only among foreigners, but also among locals. The water here is clear, the marine life is not frightened. Shark island, despite the name, is famous not for sea predators, but for night diving - near the steep rocks you can meet stingrays and octopuses, swim among colorful fish and marvel at the variety of corals. This site is suitable even for beginners.

In the north of the port of Korfakkan, it is worth appreciating the beauty of the artificial reef "Car Graveyard" - it was created about 20 years ago. Now you can see seahorses, moray eels, barracudas, reef sharks and other living creatures in the windows of flooded cars. Experienced divers will find it interesting to look at the underwater cave with the sonorous name “The Abyss of the World”.

Swim under the waterfall in the Hajar Mountains

In the country of the victorious future, they know how to appreciate the past: here they honor the customs of the old days, but do not flaunt it. Search for traditional architecture among futuristic glass towers for a deeper experience of the Emirates. In Sharjah, go to the Historical Museum in Al-Hish Fort - skyscrapers surround the two-story fortress on all sides, and today it is hard to believe that two centuries ago these walls were considered impregnable.

Gathered in Dubai, which area to choose for your vacation did not decide? Then this article is for you. Dubai is a large city and is not created for walking, so the choice of the area and the hotel must be approached responsibly. In this article, I will tell you about the areas of Dubai, as well as where it is better to relax in Dubai and which hotel to choose in Dubai. I will try to describe the pros and cons of each area, share my personal experience, tips and tricks, and, of course, I will share my selection of good hotels.

Geographically, the city is divided into several districts, each of them has its own characteristics and nuances.

Recommendation: Often, an independent trip to the Emirates is more expensive than a package tour. When choosing a hotel in Dubai, I advise you to first compare the prices for the options you like with the vouchers.

I advise you to look for tours on Travelata and LevelTravel - these are proven and reliable tour aggregators, they will help you quickly and easily find the best deals among many tour operators, read our recommendations: → 8 simple rules for buying cheap tours + promotional code

Dubai Marina

Where to relax in Dubai if you want glamor and glamor? Definitely in Dubai Marina. This is probably the most expensive area of ​​Dubai for recreation, one might say - this is the business card of Dubai and its face. This is where the most luxurious hotels, restaurants and spas are concentrated.

The area is also considered the largest yacht harbor in the world, the abundance of luxury yachts is amazing, there is even a yacht club here. The area is very photogenic with stunning views of the skyscrapers and the Dubai Marina canal. In general, chic, brilliance, beauty, in a word. It is incredibly pleasant to walk along Dubai Marina, there is even a large walking area - Marina Walk, which stretches along the beach.

  • Nice and picturesque, you can take a boat ride in Dubai Marina.
  • An abundance of accommodation options, you can stay in hotels or apartments in one of the residential complexes (mainly 5 * and 4 * hotels).
  • Lots of walking places.
  • Excellent infrastructure, cafes, restaurants, food courts, shopping centers, cinemas, children's entertainment.
  • Good transport accessibility (2 metro stations "Damac Properties" and "Lakes Towers", monorail to the island of Palma, by bus number 8 it is easy to get to the Jumeirah area and its attractions: Burj Al Arab hotel, Madinat Jumeirah and water park Wild Wadi).
  • Near a good public beach Jumeirah Beach (beach 2 km, there is all the beach infrastructure - umbrellas, sun loungers, free toilets and changing rooms, an abundance of water activities).
  • The closest area to the new Dubai airport is Al Maktoum (package tourists often arrive here).

  • Everything is very expensive, prices for everything are higher than the average in Dubai, even it is banal to rent a sun lounger on the beach from $ 25.
  • There is no cheap accommodation, prices for hotels 3-4 * - from $ 60 per day at a distance from the beach, from $ 100 - close to the beach, hotels on the first beach line - $ 150/250.
  • Some hotels are far from the metro.
  • It takes a long time to get to the city center and its attractions.
  • The area is being actively built up, construction sites and tower cranes are everywhere.
  • The most remote area from the main Dubai International Airport (it will take more than an hour to get there).
  • The beach is very crowded, apparently due to its popularity.

Which attractions are nearby:

  • Dubai Marina Canal
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Public Jumeirah Beach overlooking the skyscrapers
  • Palm Islands ( they can be reached by monorail)
  • Dubai Marina Mall

Well-rated and affordable hotels in Dubai Marina:

  • Rove Dubai Marin 3 * - $ 97 for two with breakfast.
  • Pearl Marina Hotel Apartment - $ 105 for two with breakfast.
  • La Verda Suites and Villas Dubai Marina - $ 118 for two with breakfast.
  • Nuran Marina - $ 150 for two with breakfast.
  • Stella Di Mare Dubai Marina Hotel 5 * - $ 160 for two with breakfast.
  • City Premiere Marina Hotel Apartments - 160 $ ​​for two with breakfast.

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