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To make the excursion interesting, you need to prepare for it, and this is also part of the guide's work. The guides develop tourist routes and prepare a story based on historical information and archival materials on the topic of the excursion.

The excursion should not only be exciting, but also clearly timed, so that the group has time to see everything and visit all the planned sights. Therefore, tour guides must coordinate with the staff of museums and galleries. It is also important to foresee possible emergencies, as well as to delicately resolve the conflicts that have arisen in time.


The work of a tour guide is very interesting, but this is not the only plus of the profession. Other benefits include:

  • traveling and meeting new people;
  • worthy remuneration for work;
  • language practice when working with foreign tourists;
  • an opportunity to start your own travel business.


Despite all the attractiveness, the profession has a guide and its disadvantages:

  • seasonality: income decreases in autumn and winter;
  • constant work on the legs and stress on the vocal cords;
  • serious competition;
  • great responsibility;
  • work in any weather.

Where to get education

The hospitality industry (entertainment, travel, restaurant and hotel business) is a rapidly growing sector of the economy, in the next 20 years it will double, and by 2024 it will provide 346 million jobs.

Why study hospitality and tourism abroad

Training in hospitality, tourism abroad opens up a whole world of career opportunities. Students receive hands-on training under the guidance of experienced teachers, internships in 5-star hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and learn to work in real business conditions.

Les Roches, Glion, BHMS, HIM have become the undisputed leaders in this area, offering training in hospitality and tourism in Switzerland, where the very concept of hospitality originated.

95% of Swiss university graduates receive job offers from Hilton, Bloomberg, Disney Land, Marriott, Louis Vuitton and other well-known companies.

Glion Institute of Higher Education invites you to take a Master Program in Real Estate, Finance and Hotel Development. For 1.5 years, students adopt the knowledge of market experts, master the tools for concluding profitable deals, build a professional network of contacts and gain practical work experience.

The Italian IULM University is renowned for its strong training in communications and advertising, hospitality and event management. Every year the university offers more and more opportunities to study in English. In the academic year 2021-2022, 8 programs in the international language are available to students. STUDIES & CAREERS experts spoke about each of them.

Saina Ismagul is a Les Roches graduate with a Bachelor's degree in 2018. In an interview for WeProject, a website dedicated to successful residents of Kazakhstan, she spoke about her choice of profession, teaching hospitality abroad and her first internship.

Anatoly Tsoi from Kazakhstan chose an exciting and non-trivial educational path. Passionate about the hospitality industry and the world of culinary has helped the young man to study at the Cesar Ritz Colleges and Le Cordon Bleu Paris. He shared his memories of choosing a professional path, studying abroad, internships and the first job. At the end of the article, Anatoly gave valuable advice to everyone who wants to undergo training in hospitality and cooking abroad.

2020 stood out from the rest, bringing the “new normal” to the hospitality and hospitality industry. The pandemic crisis has had a negative impact on companies, but has also opened up new opportunities. What hospitality trends will be the most visible in 2021? Let's find out together.

The school curriculum around the world differs in duration and content. Applicants from Russia and the CIS countries who have chosen to enter a foreign university are faced with questions: how to fill the gaps in academic knowledge, improve the level of English and fill in the missing years of study. The logical decision is to pass the Foundation preparatory program. What it is and what opportunities it opens up for students, read a detailed guide from STUDIES & CAREERS experts.

Ekaterina Borisovskaya became a student at the Les Roches Marbella Institute of Hotel and Restaurant Business in October 2020. The girl has 2 years of study abroad, the experience gained has made it clear that it is not easy to adapt to new living conditions, but it is possible. In this article, she shares top tips to help you prepare for Le Roche and easily integrate into college life.

Studying at the Glion Institute of Higher Education is the ideal way to prepare for a distinguished career in the hospitality industry and any customer-centric industry. Effective communication is the key to successful leadership. The international language of business is English, which makes it the main career asset. The philosophy of leadership and language practice is at the heart of the new Glion program.

Travel agent is quite an interesting and profitable profession. The specialist is responsible for communicating with clients. With the subsequent sale to them of various vouchers abroad.

We will tell you about the profession. How to master it. And also about its features. And the duties of a travel agent.

About the profession

Travel agent must have higher education. In some cases, only secondary education is allowed. The agent is responsible for assisting the client in choosing a tour. Which will fully meet the wishes of the tourist.

The travel agent is the intermediary. A connecting link between the client and the tour operator who provides a particular service. At the same time, it is important to understand that the agent implements ready-made tours. Only the tour operator is responsible for their quality. If the rest is of poor quality, then all claims will be directed to him. Not a travel agency.

Peculiarities of travel agents work

Travel agents can be of two types. They can work for themselves (that is, be registered as an Sole Proprietor). Also, they can be employed at a specific travel agency. And get paid for your work.

Travel agents work according to one of two cooperation schemes:

  • The first scheme is that the travel agent purchases the tours himself. At your own expense. To sell them at a premium.
  • In the second scheme, the travel agent is a direct intermediary between the tourist and the tour operator. Implements tours of the latter. Independently in them, at the same time, without investing funds.

An agent can form partnerships with a huge number of tour operators. Thanks to this, the list of his vacation proposals becomes large. And people have the opportunity to choose the most suitable option for recreation.

What responsibilities do travel agents have?

Tour operators very often turn to travel agents for the sale of vouchers. The latter are responsible for:

  • Organization of search for tourists who want to fly to have a rest. This can be done through completely different communication channels. Starting from outdoor advertising, ending with the creation of a group on social networks.
  • Organization of advertising campaigns that can attract people to buy a certain tour. Or the popularization of a certain direction of recreation in general.
  • Selection of a specific tour for a buyer. It is important to take into account the client's requirements. As well as wishes for the conditions of accommodation. The agent will have to select a tour depending on how many people the client wants to take with him. Will he take children with him. How much money are you willing to spend. What budget will he have for this? How many stars should the hotel have, and so on.
  • Communication with the tour operator, as well as the client. Solving various financial issues that may arise in the process of communication. As well as booking a tourist voucher.
  • Telling the client about the chosen direction of travel. And about a specific region of rest. The travel agent must know about all the peculiarities of the country to which he is sending the client. Starting from ethnic, ending with cultural characteristics.
  • Fill out a contract for certain services. With its further conclusion.
  • Equipping clients with all the necessary types of printed materials and booklets, thanks to which the client can better learn about a particular country.
  • Collect customer data. In particular, his documents. In the future, the travel agent will need to send all the necessary papers to the tour operator. In order for him to be able to issue various types of visas, insurance documents for the client. Vouchers. And much more. Sometimes the agent is forced to draw up these papers himself.

The UniWestMedia Language Center helps to pass special courses and programs for education in the field of tourism and hotel business in a foreign language abroad.

Educational institutions and tuition fees

The Swiss Hotel Management School - SHMS

IMI International Hotel Management Institute Switzerland

Swiss School of Hospitality and Tourism Alpine Center

Glion Institute of Education Switzerland

Les Roches School of Hotel Management for adults from 17.5 years old

Business & Hotel Management School (BHMS)

Tourism is an actively developing sector of the economy. For some states, it has long become the main source of replenishment of the state budget revenues. The number of people who want to make tourist trips around the world is constantly increasing. The industry needs professionally trained personnel.

Education in Tourism and Hospitality Management

The travel industry requires professional staff. Personnel training is carried out in different directions. In the best schools and hospitality institutes, students combine the study of a theoretical course with internships in travel companies, hotels and restaurants.

Areas of personnel training:

  • marketing ;
  • economics and management;
  • leisure organization;
  • service.

Vacation is what a long-awaited, sweet, promising word. The modern rhythm of life presupposes beautiful relaxation. The number of people wishing to go on tourist trips outside our country increases every year. Naturally, questions arise - where to go, how to properly prepare for the trip and not make mistakes? Often, having contacted a travel agency, a person does not really know what he wants. This is where a highly qualified specialist in the tourism industry comes to the rescue, who will understand your desires and help you figure out all the nuances.

What does a tourism manager do

In general terms, the responsibilities of a Tourism Management Specialist can be described as assisting the client with travel arrangements. At first glance, everything seems simple, however, in practice, the field of tourism is quite extensive. Up to the point that the purpose of the trip for each individual client may differ: one goes on a vacation voucher, another needs to attend a business meeting, and the third one needs to organize this business meeting. Depending on the wishes and requirements of the client, the manager must find a competent approach to him and provide the service properly.

The job of a tourism manager is as follows:

  • Selection of travel vouchers at the request of the client.
  • Reservation of air or bus tickets, hotel rooms.
  • Reservation of tourist services (excursions, transfers, meals, car rental, conference rooms, etc.).
  • Advising clients on the selected tour or proposed trip.
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents that are needed for the trip: visas, insurance, passports, and so on.
  • It is often the responsibility of sales managers to attract new customers by building the right advertising strategy.
  • Resolution of emerging conflicts between the clients of the travel company and contractors.
  • Assistance in difficult situations (assistance in calling a doctor or police officers, emergency services, and so on).

Functionality and responsibilities

Like any other employee, a tourism business manager, in the process of performing official functions, takes specific actions and performs certain duties. Since most of the functions of an employee depend on the specifics of the direction of activity and the size of the enterprise, we will consider typical lists of obligations of such a specialist in the most common types of enterprises. An employee employed by the tour operator has the following duties:

A qualified employee independently develops routes for visitors and provides full support for clients' rest

In the organization of a medium-sized tour operator, this series of duties can be performed by several people at once - it all depends on the experience in the area under consideration of a particular job seeker for a job and the wishes of the manager. Among the responsibilities of a specialist employed in a travel agency, we list the following list of positions:

  • receive calls;
  • advise visitors;
  • study the tourism market;
  • choose a suitable tour or package for the client;
  • to conclude and correctly execute the contract.

A responsible employee and an excellent specialist strictly follows the listed standards and always focuses on the successful performance of official functions. Such an interesting job requires a lot of effort, because the manager not only colorfully describes all the privileges of the future rest, his task is also to keep the client, and not let him go to competitors.

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