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Russian tourists will be able to travel to Israel in 2021

Tourism in Israel

Tourism in Israel is one of the most important components of the country's budget. The tourism industry caters to both Israelis and foreign visitors. The abundance of archaeological and architectural monuments of the "Promised Land", beach areas of the three seas, health resorts and a warm climate make tourism to Israel attractive.

General characteristics

The bulk of tourists came to Israel from Europe - more than 63% of the inbound flow, including 16.3% from Russia. In second place is America North and South - more than 25% of the inbound flow, including 18.3% of tourists from the United States.

The industry employs 195 thousand people 2013 - 6% of the number of people employed in the Israeli economy.

The abolition of the visa regime between Russia and Israel has led to a rapid growth in the tourist flow to the country. In the first three months of 2010, nearly 114,000 Russian tourists visited Israel. Thus, Russia has become the second country in the world in terms of the number of tourists visiting Israel, after the United States. However, the level of attendance in a country is influenced by the security situation. The Second Lebanese War and the economic crisis caused some slowdown in the tourism industry. The visa regime with Ukraine was canceled on February 9, 2011, Israel hopes for a twofold increase in the number of tourists.

An additional positive factor for tourism from the countries of the former USSR is the presence in Israel of a large Russian-speaking community of more than 1. million people, therefore it is quite easy for a Russian-speaking tourist who does not know foreign languages ​​to perfectly navigate the country. There are Russian-language sites on the Internet, the subject of which is tourism in Israel, which include useful tips and interesting tourist routes.

Religious tourism

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world visit Israel every year, the main purposes of the pilgrimage are the cities of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem. The Wailing Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the golden Dome of the Rock attract pilgrims of the three Abrahamic religions to Jerusalem.

In addition, the city of Haifa is the spiritual center of the Bahá'í religion, where the tomb of the founder of the religion, Sayyid Ali Muhammad Shirazi, is located.

Health tourism

Reserves of Crimea: rules for visiting in 2021

Medical tourism in Israel: treatment at the level of the th century

Medical tourism can be considered one of the most visible phenomena of our time. Now no state borders can prevent you from receiving quality treatment anywhere in the world. And even if you were not born in a country with developed medicine, this does not mean at all that there is no chance of a full recovery. In countries with a developed structure for the provision of medical services, such as Israel, the newest methods of treatment have been introduced into the clinical practice of doctors, which are capable of lifting even a patient who has been abandoned by doctors in his homeland.

Every year, medical tourism is becoming an increasingly developed sector of the economy. So, in 2013, the turnover of the industry was about $ 450 billion, and already in 2018, economists predict an increase in turnover to $ 700 billion.

Medical tourism in Israel: main directions

Medical tourism in Israel is already strongly associated by many with high-quality, affordable and high-tech treatment. What diseases do foreign patients most often turn to Israeli doctors with? Israeli medicine has achieved the greatest success in the treatment of oncological pathologies. For comparison: the success rate of cancer treatment in Israeli clinics is 80%, and in hospitals in the CIS countries - only 45%. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that most of the inhabitants of the CIS come to Israel to treat oncopathology.

But cancer treatment is not the only area in demand that distinguishes medical tourism in Israel. Let's list the most popular industries:

  • Oncology
  • Cardiology and heart surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Otolaryngology
  • Endocrinology
  • Orthopedics
  • Endoprosthetics
  • Urology
  • Pediatrics
  • Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Vascular surgery

Israel and medical tourism: how things are organized

Medical tourism in Israel began to develop in the 70s of the last century, and today it is a fairly organized well-oiled structure that works like a clock. There are companies that are professionally involved in the organization of treatment in Israel, which act as intermediaries between the client and the clinic. Even before the patient arrives, they monitor clinics, provide the patient with information about those who specialize in the treatment of his ailment, about the price level for the necessary medical procedures, prepare a full package of documents. Medical intermediaries organize travel and accommodation, if desired, they can make up an entertainment program or an educational trip around the country.s

What is the International Department of the Clinic

However, a patient who decides to use the services of Israeli doctors can do without an intermediary company: every clinic accepting patients from abroad has an international department. This structure deals with all organizational issues related exclusively to the passage of treatment: it provides information about the attending physicians, the possibilities of undergoing diagnostics and certain types of treatment. The patient, who has decided to undergo treatment in this clinic, is informed at what time it is possible to come for a consultation, and the time of the examination is appointed.

The International Department works with both individuals and intermediary companies, and if you decide to come for treatment on your own, keep in mind that the priority of this department is working with intermediaries. That is, companies that are official representatives of the clinic have the opportunity to choose a convenient time for their clients for consultation and treatment, but "private traders" will be offered an appointment in the general queue.

Reserves of Crimea are unique, more than 75 species of exotic trees, more than 1000 species of mushrooms and plants grow here.

“Money is earned by money” - so they say in Israel - one of the most economically developed countries in South-West Asia. In 2017 alone, 28% more small entrepreneurs registered in Israel than in 2016, and their number is growing every year. In Israel, 99% of the total number of enterprises are in the small and medium business sectors. In our article we will tell you why small business is so popular in Israel, how to start a business with Israeli businessmen, and what kind of business is best to open with the descendants of Moses.

Benefits of Doing Business in Israel

Israel is ranked 53rd by the World Bank and the World Economic Forum. What benefits does the Promised Land promise businessmen? We have compiled a selection of 5 main benefits. Simplified bureaucratic apparatus. Such phenomena as paperwork and pressure on businesses through inspections are absent in Israel. The Israeli authorities understand that the more a future businessman spends time talking with officials, the more money the state treasury will lose. This approach is based on 2 reasons:

  • The growth of the bureaucratic apparatus in the country leads to an increase in the number of officials, which means an increase in the cost of salaries, office and social benefits. Therefore, there are fewer officials. the less costs to the country.
  • The more time a businessman spends on paperwork, the less money he will earn. His earnings are the income of the country, which it receives in the form of taxes.

A testing ground for new ideas. Israel is a country of innovations, where every new idea will definitely be supported by the state, as well as charitable foundations and organizations. This is where projects such as:

  • Waze is a free online navigator for smartphones that allows you to track the traffic situation (traffic jams, repairs) in real time;
  • StoreDot is the company that developed technology of ultra-fast battery charging (instead of 1.5 hours - 1-2 minutes);
  • Flytrex is a company for the delivery of goods using drones;
  • Viber is a well-known messenger;
  • Wix is ​​a platform for building websites for free.

Note that the first and one of the largest film companies in Hollywood “Metro Goldwyn Mayer” was also founded by Jewish businessmen. But this is more about the entrepreneurial spirit of the people of Israel. Stable banking system. The Israeli banking system is robust and not customer-centric. This conservative policy helped Israel's economy weather the 2009 financial crisis. According to Roni Hizkiyahu, a bank inspector (Birzhevoy Zhurnal, July 2009), "... Israel's resilience against the crisis should be attributed to the conservatism of the banks ...." At the same time, Professor Nouriel Riboni, who predicted the global crisis, said: "Israel is leading the world economy on the way out of the crisis." The conservatism of banks is due to the fact that in Israel there is no concept of "banking competition" in the financial sector. Judge for yourself: there are 3,500 banks in the United States, and there are only 5 in Israel. Therefore, the conditions are dictated by banks, not businessmen, which guarantees the safety of deposits. Lack of office lease. In Israel, you do not need to indicate the legal address of the company. Here you can easily enter the address of your auditor or second cousin. You don't even need a virtual address. However, if you want to write off the costs of the premises, the local authorities will be interested in you. No double taxation. In 2006, Ukraine and Israel signed a convention on the abolition of double taxation. Note: double taxation is the obligation of an entrepreneur to pay taxes on profits at the same time both at the location of the business and at the place of its initial registration. This means that between the Ukrainian and Israeli entrepreneurs, who officially opened a business in Israel, established "tax equality".

Business Features in Israel

Doing business in Israel has its own characteristics. Some of them became the subject of anecdotes, while others are a reason for Israel's pride. We have identified 5 main ones among them. Inaccessibility of bank employees. For businessmen, a bank employee is a friend and an enemy rolled into one. To get favorable interest on a loan or a grace period with payment, you must first gain the trust of your loan manager. If you want to win over the right employee, treat him like your family member and do not forget the rules of good form. Ask about his health, the success of his children in school and all those little things that we don't usually ask bank employees. In Israel it is possible! A very small business. The most successful in Israel are companies with up to 19 employees. It is also often possible to find companies by the name of which - "Misha Transportation", "Dani Plumber", "Tsilya Advertising" - you can guess that they are represented only by the owner. The power of business support. Capitalism is thriving in Israel: support for private business is much stronger than support for an ordinary worker. Salaries may not be paid or not paid in full. The average job seeker has few ways to put pressure on the leadership without knowing the language and laws. In addition, lawyers are expensive, so many are forced to start their own business. Lack of service. B2C service is not developed in Israel. Much depends on your own communication skills and who you need to negotiate with. The main principle here: the language will bring you to Haifa. For example, the cost of an Internet tariff depends on the call center manager who contacted you. And you can wait for an answer on the line from 40 minutes or longer. The underdevelopment of B2C service works both ways. If you want to start a company with a streamlined customer service, it will be difficult for you: Israeli clients are already used to litigation with companies. Therefore, a constant struggle awaits you. Lack of corruption. In Israel, nothing is done for money. In this country, bribery is prohibited, moreover, they are fined for it, but this is not the main thing. The Israelis are inclined to dialogue, so you can always negotiate with them. Or disputes;)

What are the best types of business to open in Israel

Thinking about whether to conquer the Israeli market? We have highlighted 4 successful business areas in the holy land for you: Tourism. Israel has a humid Mediterranean climate. From the west, the borders of the country are washed by the Mediterranean Sea, and in the south they go to the Gulf of Aqaba of the Red Sea. Therefore, Israel is a great place for the tourist business. The country also has a well-developed infrastructure and many ancient sacred sites: the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock, the Tomb of the Virgin, the Bahai Gardens, etc. Public catering. Where there are tourists, there are catering establishments;) This is a very popular type of family business in Israel. It does not cost much, but it pays off completely. The main thing is to choose the right place so that there is always an influx of customers. Services for cars. Israel is 30 times smaller than Ukraine. Therefore, road transport is very popular here. In terms of the number of cars, Israel occupies one of the first places in the world: there are 167 cars per kilometer of the road. Therefore, service stations, car washes and other types of services for cars are steadily flourishing here. IT companies. In Israel, the IT market is 15%. Compared to Ukrainian (3%), this is a lot. The development of this business area is facilitated by the Israeli army. During her service, she is taught to develop computer products from scratch, bringing employees to the level of professionals. Therefore, it is profitable to open a business in the IT field here.

Stages of Entrepreneurial Start in Israel

If you appreciated all the "advantages" of entrepreneurship in Israel and want to start your own business, you need to complete only 3 steps.

Israel plans to receive tourists from Russia this year. This was reported by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. New tourist products and attractions have been prepared for the return of tourists in the country.

Representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism spoke about the new products on Wednesday, January 27, as part of a presentation for partners and the media. It was timed to coincide with Tu B'Shvat - New Year of Trees in Israel.


Israel's Ministry of Tourism expects inbound tourism to start recovering this year. During the presentation, the director of the department of the Ministry of Tourism of Israel in the Russian Federation and the CIS, Counselor of the Embassy of the State of Israel Vladimir Shklyar said that the ministry adjusted the previous forecast for the better. Recall that earlier in Israel they expected to return tourists only in 2022. Also in 2021, tourists from Russia are expected in Israel.

The rate of vaccination in Israel improved the forecast. The country is the leader in the rate of vaccination against COVID-19. As of January 27, 2,786,202 people received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. It is 31% of the population of Israel. The second dose of the vaccine was received by 1,377,803 people - 15% of the country's population.

Against the background of active immunization, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism has developed a work plan to resume inbound tourism to the country. The implementation of the plan does not yet have an exact date, but is scheduled for mid-2021

The most affected segments of the economy will be the first to open: hotels, catering, attractions. According to the announced plan, the hotel sector in Israel will be able to open immediately. Hotels will be able to accommodate tourists on condition that guests present a "green passport"/certificate of recovery/negative test for coronavirus, or if they live without common canteens.

Catering establishments should also be the first to open. Restaurants and cafes will be able to work with 50% load indoors or fully loaded outdoors. It is assumed that at the entrance it will be necessary to present a "green passport"/certificate of recovery/negative test for coronavirus.

Immediate discovery of attractions suggested. All nature reserves and attractions will have to operate in accordance with the rules for outdoor assemblies or in accordance with the rule on the provision of a green passport/certificate of recovery/negative test for coronavirus at the entrance.

There is no talk of admitting only coronavirus-vaccinated tourists to Israel.

Attention! Departure of Russians for tourist purposes on January 17, 2021 is possible only to Montenegro, Abkhazia, Turkey, Great Britain, Switzerland, UAE, Egypt, Maldives, Tanzania, Japan, Serbia, Cuba, Vietnam, India, Qatar, Finland. (As well as neighboring countries, including Belarus (from 01. 1. 0 - only for aviators, ground points are closed for non-transit foreigners), Kazakhstan, Ukraine).

A number of countries with which air traffic has been resumed (in particular, South Korea) retains a completely "covid" entry procedure, i.e. entry requires a visa and a good reason (work, continuing education, treatment) and a 2-week quarantine.

Additionally, check the relevance of the information at the office. websites of consulates and embassies.

Further - about the standard procedure for entry and/or obtaining a visa.

In 2021, the visa to Israel will not need to Russians, if a tourist trip is planned, visiting relatives or friends, business visit, participation in seminars or conferences, treatment, and pilgrimage to holy places, if the journey lasts no longer 90 days in each half of the year. The visa is not needed for the transit intersection of the country. Such relaxation in visa regimen is associated with the fact that that between Russia and Israel since 2008 there is an agreement on visa-free trips. Persons who plan to visit Israel on the other, not a tourist purpose (maintenance of work, business, etc.) or are going to stay in the state for a longer period, open a visa in the embassy.

Documents for entry

To enter the country will need: <


  • Passport with "stock" 6 months.
  • flights to both ends. Accepted both electronic tickets and their reservation. If you are planning to leave the country through the land borders for a visit to Egypt (that is, a visit for one trip of two countries), then provide reservations in an Egyptian hotel or tickets to both ends.
  • Medical policy, operating throughout the trip.
  • Hotel reservation (with an independent organization of a trip) or a turbulous (when buying a tourist trip).
  • Invitation from a private person in the case of a private visit, or an invitation from an organization if the trip is businesslike. The paper indicates the name of both sides, the goal and time of the visit, the address of the applicant's residence. Certification is not necessary.
  • a letter from the medical institution, if the treatment is planned.
  • confirmation of solvency. You can show cash, related to you, or show a bank card or traveler checks.

Travel with children

If you plan to travel with children, you need to have their birth certificates (original and copy). When a minor goes to Israel independently, it is preparing permission from parents with notarial assurance and with an affected apostil, as well as copies of parental passports. The same paper will be needed if the child goes only with one parent, that is, a document is issued from the second and a copy of his passport is attached. The situation is similar when the child leaves with third parties (for example, with a grandmother). It will take permission from both parents and copies of their passports.

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