How to open your business in Egypt

Tourist memo

Oil production and tourism are the two main sources of the Egyptian economy. It is within these spheres of activity that immigrants get a chance to find work. Of course, we are talking about highly qualified work that allows you to earn decent money and feel professional significance. However, in practice, desires do not always correspond to reality.

Job search phase in Egypt

How to look for work in Egypt for Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs

For talented people, specialists with extensive experience, work can be found everywhere, including in Egypt. However, we must admit that in any case, difficulties with the search cannot be avoided. Ambulance is primarily employment through friends living in Egypt. But not all immigrants have such. Therefore, for the bulk of applicants, the traditional path remains - the Internet.

Cairo is not at all like the lord of the sandy deserts

You can try to find work directly from the immigrant's country of residence through the following portals:

When using these resources, keep in mind that some sites require registration with an Egyptian residence address and telephone number.

Finding a job directly in Egypt is considered more efficient and reliable. To do this, the applicant must enter the country on a guest visa and, being already in place, contact the employer directly. The advantages in this case are obvious: personal contact, the possibility of an open business conversation, familiarity with the working conditions on the spot, etc. Subsequently, upon employment, the visitor visa is replaced by a working one.

Professions in demand in the year

The Egyptian labor market shows the demand for different professions. Jobs remain open for employment:

Work in Egypt for foreigners

Every tourist has heard about Egypt, as every tourist operator offers trips to this wonderful and culturally interesting country. The main advantage of the resort is wonderful weather throughout the year. Accordingly, no matter what time the vacation is, you can purchase vouchers and have a great time. Egypt suits absolutely every category of vacationers. Do you like to spend time on the beaches or by the pool? There is a huge selection of places for your attention. If you like a more active pastime, then in this case you will find a huge variety.

Numerous excursions, beautiful coral reefs, delicate sand, gentle sun, wonderful hotels are for your attention. Of course, you need to choose your place of residence carefully, since having saved money, you may find yourself in a not very favorable place. And most importantly, why many choose this particular tourist destination is the cost of the voucher. It is one of the cheapest countries for tourists, which is why many Russians choose it. Let's talk about what kind of entertainment awaits every vacationer here.

Excursion holidays

Egypt is known throughout the world for the Seventh Wonder of the World. Already in the school curriculum, children are told the history of Ancient Egypt, about the pharaohs, pyramids and other interesting facts about this country. Having gone on a tour, we first of all recommend visiting Cairo, where the same pyramid of Cheops, the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, the Citadel, the Sphinx and other significant monuments are located. As a rule, resort centers are located at a distance of 400-500 kilometers from this city, so you will have to spend additional money to get to the main historical sights. The cost of the excursion will vary from $ 60 to $ 200, depending on the chosen transport.


But do not forget that the country is interesting not only for Cairo, but also for other cities. In particular, in Alexandria you will find other interesting sights. The new Library of Alexandria was recently built here, which houses more than 8,000,000 books. There are also other historical sites. In Egypt, you can see and touch buildings that were built in the 15th century BC. Just imagine how ancient they are.


There are a large number of monasteries in the country. Excursions to the complexes of St. Paul and St. Anthony are very popular. Here you can see ancient icons and manuscripts. The cost of the tour for children is $ 40, for adults - $ 80. Monasteries and temples of different religions are located on Mount Sinai. According to history, it was here that the prophet received the 10 commandments from the Lord. It also houses the Temple Complex of St. Catherine, built in the 15th century BC. It is noteworthy that in its long history, it has never been attacked or destroyed. Thus, you can see the structure created in its original form.


There are a lot of rumors about this ancient city, quite a few games have been made and a large number of films shot. Important architectural objects were found here relatively recently - in the 19th century. For a long time, the complex was under the sands. Excavations continue today, thanks to which more and more locations are opened for tourists to explore. First of all, Luxor impresses with its size, huge sculptures and buildings. Tourists are offered to visit the temple of the goddess Hathor, the banana island, the Karabakh temple, the City of the Dead. The cost of the excursion usually ranges from $ 70 to $ 130, depending on the place of your vacation.

Southern Egypt

Here is located the city of Aswan, which is no less interesting to explore. There are such fascinating sights as the Unfinished Obelisk, Philae Island, a botanical garden, a dam.

We have listed only a small part of the attractions that deserve your attention. In fact, there are so many of them and they are all unique that you won't even have enough one vacation to visit them. Therefore, we recommend that you come back here again to visit new locations, take memorable pictures and learn as many facts as possible about the history of Egypt.

Peculiarities of job search in Egypt, nuances of successful employment and rules for obtaining a work visa.

On the need to wear personal protective equipment during air transportation

  • in accordance with the recommendations of the Federal Air Transport Agency, when boarding the aircraft and during the entire flight, wearing a protective mask and gloves is mandatory.
  • Passengers for whom it is impossible to wear a mask for medical reasons or other reasons may not be allowed on board at the decision of the airline (please check this information in advance with the airline).

Flight, transfer and check-in to the hotel

Before leaving the airport

It is strictly forbidden in Egypt:

  • go through customs inspection (registration) at the airport while intoxicated;
  • insult government officials and speak disrespectfully about the country, government and religion;
  • harass (“molest”) women (touching a woman against her will is also harassment);
  • touching, breaking or removing corals or shells;
  • exporting products from the country from corals;
  • to export medicines or souvenirs from the country for the purpose of selling (business);
  • to photograph and film military objects, government institutions, people without their consent, including hotel grounds;
  • sell or advertise any services without a license;
  • trade in drugs (Egyptian law provides for capital punishment).

Fines or imprisonment are prescribed for violation of these clauses by Egyptian law!

Upon arrival at the airport:

Passengers of international flights go through customs, passport control, as well as security control, after which they await flight departure in the sterile area of ​​the gallery of international airlines. When passing the controls, a foreign passport and a boarding pass are presented.

When transporting animals or plants, it is necessary to pass phytocontrol/veterinary control.

Rules for pre-flight and post-flight inspections

In accordance with Appendix No. 1 of the Rules for conducting pre-flight and post-flight inspections approved by order No. 104 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated July 25, 2007 No. passengers, the following dangerous substances and items:

How to open your business in Egypt?

In this article I will try to tell you in as much detail as possible everything that I know about opening a private business in Egypt. However, I want to warn you right away that I am not a professional lawyer; I received all the information from friends and acquaintances who have experience in doing business in Egypt.

I will be very grateful if you can share your experience of doing business in Egypt in the comments so that the article is as useful as possible to the readers.

Types of companies in Egypt

Today in Egypt all enterprises are divided into several types: private (analogue of our IP) and commercial. Commercial, in turn, also have several types (analogues of our LLC, JSC, LLP, etc.) .)

  • Sharikat Ashkhas is an analogue of our IP
  • Sharikat Amuel is an analogue of our JSC
  • Munsha Fardeya is a company with a large authorized capital and a sole owner ...

A foreigner can be a co-owner of Sharikat Ashkhas or Sharikat Amuel, provided that his share is not more than 49% of the authorized capital. 51% of the capital must be owned by an Egyptian citizen.

A foreigner can be the sole owner of a company in Egypt, provided that it is a company such as Sharikat Amuel with a registered capital of at least $ 2 million.

How to open your business in Egypt

If you decide to open your business in Egypt, then first of all you need to solve 2 questions:

  • Find a partner you can trust, like yourself.
  • Find a lawyer who will help you with all the necessary paperwork.

It is easier and wiser to open a company like Sharikat Ashkhas. To open a company, you need to register with the Tax Inspectorate and obtain a work permit from the Chamber of Commerce.

Theoretically, you can do all the documents yourself, but in practice, even the Egyptians themselves hire lawyers. The fact is that an ordinary mortal person will have to spend a lot of time standing in lines and filling out various forms, while lawyers know exactly what and how to fill out, plus they have their own people everywhere who will skip the queue and for a small bribe they will close their eyes to trifles.

The history of Egypt spans a huge time period, bringing together the history of the origin, development and extinction of an ancient civilization led by the pharaohs and a modern country, with a tourist industry and an orthodox Islamic population, which is still covered with a veil of secrecy. The first settlements appeared here many millennia BC, in the prehistoric period. The reasons for choosing this particular territory and no other are extremely simple. The geographical and climatic features of this region were such that it was possible to survive only on the banks of the Nile River.

The word "Egypt" is of Greek origin. It is believed that this is the Egyptian name of the city of Memphis, modified by the ancient Greeks, which at that time was the capital of the country of the pharaohs. The Egyptians themselves called their country "Kemet" or "Black". The fact is that the fertile land of the Nile Valley, as well as the silt that settled on the soil after the river floods, were exclusively black in color.

Regular flights!

Pre-dynastic period

The pre-dynastic period or the period before the beginning of the reign of the pharaohs in Egypt is the first important stage in history, which lasted until 3100 BC. e. It was at this time that an extremely important process takes place: the whole life of the settlements begins to concentrate around the temples and gradually a kind of mini-state called "nom" is formed. At the head of the nomes there are priests who perform the function of rulers. The struggle for power between the priests leads to the emergence of two large groups in Upper and Lower Egypt, each of which unites about two dozen nomes. The ruler of Upper Egypt, who won this battle for territory, became the first pharaoh. His name has been preserved in history. Menes or Mina is the legendary founder of the first dynasty.

Upper Egypt was called the Nile Valley, Lower - the river delta formed by several channels flowing into the Mediterranean Sea.

Times of the Pharaohs

The dynastic period lasted for about three millennia. At least 30 dynasties of the pharaohs replaced each other during this long time. The Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, the New Kingdom, and the Late Kingdom all refer to this period, when the highest points in the development of Ancient Egypt were reached.

Pharaohs of the III-VI dynasties were the first strong rulers who were able to effectively and fruitfully rule the country. The capital was Memphis, founded by Menes on the border between Upper and Lower Egypt. Pharaohs become not just the governors of the gods on earth, they themselves turn into deities, who are worshiped even after death. It was at this time that the world-famous pyramids-tombs of Giza - the pyramids of Cheops, Khephren and Mikerin - and the Great Sphinx were created. In just 150 years of the reign of the III and IV dynasties, about 16 pyramids were built.

Napoleon Bonaparte, who tried to conquer Egypt in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, saw the pyramids of Giza for the first time and said that if you disassemble them, you could surround France with a three-meter wall.

The periods of prosperity in Ancient Egypt were followed by periods of decline. There were at least three such transitional moments in the history of the country. The reasons for the weakening of the power of the pharaohs were completely different. So, during the period of the Middle Kingdom, the Asian tribes of the Hyksos invade Egypt. Subsequently, the invaders are driven out of the territory, but the damage done by the Hyksos leads to the Second Transition Period.

The Hyksos introduced the Egyptians to new types of military equipment. In particular, with their famous war chariots. Horses were also new to the Egyptians.

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