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Boeing 377 of American Export Airlines, the first airline to offer flights across the North Atlantic in October 1945.

The idea of ​​starting an airline is super expensive. However, the air travel segment is on the rise and has vacant niches. In addition, the demand for passenger and cargo air travel is growing rapidly.

Overview of the situation in Russian civil aviation

The number of air travel in Russia is slowly but steadily increasing. Thus, in 2018, the number of transported passengers amounted to 116 million people, which is double the figure for 2010. As of 2020, there are 108 operating airlines of various sizes in the country. The largest air carrier is the Aeroflot group of companies, which includes subsidiaries: Pobeda, Russia, Aurora and others. The total share of their transportation is about 50% of the market.

The structure of the Russian market according to the Federal Air Transport Agency for 2017.

At the same time, over the past three years, the number of used aircraft (AC) has decreased by 11%, and about 18% of the fleet of Russian airlines are obsolete, exhausted machines. More than 70% of flying aircraft are of foreign production, dominated by Airbus and Boeing (more than 90% of all airlines in the world). The main feature of the Russian civil aviation market that makes it difficult to open an airline is an increase in passenger traffic against the background of a decrease in the number of aircraft (aircraft), an insufficient number of airports and a weak level of their equipment.

Financial Research Institute data presented at the 17th International Aviation Forum

Strengths of Civil Aviation in Russia:

  • the presence of a branch of production that has survived from the Soviet era, established economic ties;
  • support of airlines and the industry as a whole from the state;
  • large potential demand (need) for air transportation, both domestic and international.

  • technological lag behind world aircraft manufacturers;
  • high dependence on imported aircraft and components;
  • limited model range of equipment from domestic manufacturers;
  • low effective demand in the domestic market;
  • high probability of failing to achieve acceptable financial indicators.

In 2016, there were 259 operating airports in Russia, in 2017 there were 217 left. For comparison: in 1991, the airport network of the Russian Federation consisted of 1450 units.

Rapid business development, opening branches in different cities, investments and cooperation with other countries - all this requires efficiency and concentration in organizational matters. For signing deals, holding business conferences or business meetings, you often need to get to your destination very quickly - regardless of whether it is another city, country or continent. The best solution would be business aviation services. After all, in this case, your flights will not adapt to the schedule of regular flights, and you yourself will be able to plan your business tours by renting private jets for regional or international flights.

Business airlines are the best option for business class clients, offering comfortable travel anywhere in the world according to their own plans. Our airline is ready to offer you the most profitable and convenient business jet rental conditions for you, helping you save precious time on flights, delivering you to your destination according to your schedule and providing exceptional comfort and quality of service during the flight.

Benefits of private jet travel

When ordering an aircraft rental from us, you get guarantees of perfect flight comfort. Our managers will select a business airliner for you according to all your requirements in terms of the number of passengers, the capacity of the luggage compartment, the equipment of the working area, the possibility of holding online conferences during the flight, the availability of berths, service features, etc.

Thank you for contacting us! A manager will contact you shortly.

When contacting us to rent a private jet, you can forget about the standard problems of regular flights forever in the form:

  • booking tickets;
  • queues for registration of a flight;
  • long time of boarding and passing the passport control point.

We will provide the passengers of our business jets with passes through VIP points, and the landing itself will take you no more than 15 minutes.

A big plus is also the constant support of our managers - at all stages of the transaction, at any time and on any questions of a business flight.

sending a commercial offer

contract conclusion and payment

with flight details and crew contacts

Denis Evdasev, aircraft commander, project manager aerotaxi. y (AIST Airlines) told how the business of a private air carrier is organized, what services are in demand and what are the features of work in our market.

- AIST Airlines opened a little over a year ago. In it, everyone is associated with aviation - from founders to pilots. Sergei Isachenko used to organize the work of an aviaranch in the Zarechany agro-estate, where excursion flights were offered. Then he and his colleagues decided to work for themselves. The second founder of AIST is Vasily Turlov, who worked as an aircraft engineer for more than 30 years, in the company he is the deputy director for technical part.


The company owns two aircraft: Cessna 421 (4 passengers) and Cessna 402 (6 passengers). If necessary, we rent additional equipment from private owners - from $ 100 per flight hour for a small plane. There is no shortage of it. In the past year alone, about 50 private aircraft were registered in the country. I know a pilot who has up to 10 cars. He has such a hobby - he buys them, fixes them, flies.

You can become an owner of an aircraft if you have from $ 30,000.

Service Line

Initially, the airline was created for aviation work. And air taxi is an additional direction. People have applied for private flights before, but now we have done everything officially.

Government order: aerial work (aerial photography). Previously, aerial photography was carried out by a state-owned company - on the AN-2 and AN-30. But our planes are smaller and more economical. We shoot for foresters, military men, cartographers, we carry out vaccinations against rabies from the air. Before us, the last time, aerial photography was carried out in Minsk 15 years ago. Last year we shot the whole Minsk.

One of the most unusual orders is the transportation of eel fry for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. This rare fish is found on the Braslav lakes and on the Naroch, but it spawns in the Sargasso Sea, 12,000 km away from us. Previously, the fry themselves swam to our country. But now a dam has been built, and this has become impossible. Therefore, they were first transported to Europe. Then we had 2 hours to deliver the fry to Belarus. It is impossible to do this so quickly on cars. Therefore, the order was offered to us.

Sightseeing flights. Cost - from 900 thousand Belarusian rubles for 15 minutes, for 2-3 people. In good weather, they are held almost every day, seven days a week. To sell these services, it is enough to place our offer on resources that sell gift certificates. The final cost of the certificate depends on the price premium set by such sites. Sometimes it reaches + 100%.

Aerobatics on the Yak-52. At the request of the client, we can offer flights with aerobatics on the Yak-52. Some passengers ask to be returned to the ground after 5 minutes. But it happens that after 20 minutes - they ask for a continuation.

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