How to go on a business tour abroad

Business tourism is a tool for achieving corporate goals and business development

Business travel

Corporate Business Tourism

Business tourism requires a more responsible approach to the organization than the usual tourist route. Among all the variety of types of business meetings, each has its own characteristics. It all depends on the number of people involved in the transaction, the duration of the trip, its purpose, and other indicators.

A congress is a meeting of representatives who have common interests. Often involves a meeting of delegates from different political backgrounds. Their goal is to form political foundations and elections in order to achieve the status of governing bodies.

Symposium is an event where they talk on general topics, selected in advance, a formal meeting, which implies a speech by each participant with short notes on a specific topic.

The seminar is a lecture accompanied by an exchange of views of the participants.

Congress is an official meeting of delegates who are considering an issue of a specific nature from the relevant field. Various issues are discussed with the aim of making adjustments.

A conference is a formal exchange of views and beliefs among participants, where general topics are discussed.

The summit has the characteristics of a conference, only high-level officials are participating. Often a summit involves a meeting of heads of different states.

Business travel often means corporate travel. Almost all meetings are of a collective nature; they can last from several hours to several weeks. When a group of people gathers for a meeting, a high-quality approach to organization is needed. It is recommended to choose a trusted company that has considerable experience in organizing meetings of this nature.

A good travel agency will be able to offer the following services: • air travel, which includes individual booking of tickets. In case a large group travels on a trip, the company orders a separate plane; • assistance in obtaining a visa and other related documents; • providing a transfer; • meeting by an employee at the station, at the airport and escort to the hotel; • assistance in choosing a hotel and early booking; • search for appropriate congress halls for the event; • high-quality organization of all conferences and meetings, as well as receptions and business dinners; • provision of services of professional guides speaking several languages.

Corporate business tourism: from the origins to the current state

Professional and business tourism today is an important component of the company's development. There is no generally accepted interpretation of this term in Russia, therefore, most specialists use the designations "business trips" or "corporate business tourism", meaning the preparation and conduct of corporate events, missions and other events. Concluding contracts, negotiations, participation in congresses and exhibitions, seminars and master classes, holding meetings, preparing production, launching and setting up the work of a branch - all this applies to business tours. The organization of business travel does not have to be related to international activities, business tourism can be local.

Business travel services have become popular in the last forty to fifty years. Their development is directly related to the improvement of transport links, in particular, with the flourishing of aviation, which made it possible to minimize the time spent on travel. But the origins of business tourism lie much deeper: how, no matter how necessary business visits, can explain the travels of Sinbad and the adventures of Odysseus? It is possible to recall Eastern merchants, English traders, Dutch seafarers, and American salesmen. Trade routes appeared thousands of years ago, since then business tourism has been leading its history. Tour operators providing services for organizing business visits, of course, appeared much later, in the last twenty to thirty years. In the nineties of the last century, the market experienced a real boom in business travel services, the popularity of which was enormous.

Today, business tourism companies, at least in the Russian market, are not too numerous. Many enterprises, in the old-fashioned way, continue to prepare business trips on their own, but every year more and more companies assign the tasks of organizing business tours to specialists.

Today the term MICE is used to refer to services such as business travel. It stands for “meetings”, incentive events (Incentives), training (Conferences), demonstration (Exhibitions). The MICE designation is often used by tour operators who position themselves as a business travel agency.

Business travel agency SOLBY: careful coordination of business travel

The SOLBY Business Tourism Laboratory is a specialist in such a field of activity as organizing business trips abroad. With our help, you can get rid of the worries about preparing foreign business trips and other business trips. Just imagine: now, in order to organize a business trip, you will not have to delve into such nuances as buying tickets, booking a hotel, searching for translators and assistants on the spot, preparing a transfer, drawing up a program, reaching agreements with the host, ensuring participation in business meetings and training events. This is just a small fraction of the worries that we are ready to take on. The range of solutions offered by SOLBY is much more extensive than it might seem at first glance.

The SOLBY business tourism laboratory has reliable contractors and partners in many countries - travel operators, business travel agencies, transport companies, translators, professional assistants and drivers. Therefore, there are no impossible tasks for us: no matter how difficult a future foreign business trip may seem, our specialists will organize it in the best way.

Today, business travel abroad is rapidly gaining popularity. There is one simple explanation for this: when traveling for work, people "kill two birds with one stone" and get the opportunity to resolve all business issues and relax. Business tourism originated a very long time ago, during the time of Christopher Columbus, Afanasy Nikitin. Travelers gave the world a huge number of great geographical discoveries, and at the same time competed with each other, not forgetting to rest and enjoy new views, sketch them. If you translate this into today's language, then all these travelers made regular business trips.

Basic concepts in business tourism

There is no term business tourism in English, it is replaced by another concept - "Business travel" and literally translated as "business travel". An entire MICE industry was founded. It is an abbreviation for:

Each line in this transcript is a separate direction for business tourism, which is also common in Russia. The organizers of the trip, by the order of the company, book plane tickets and hotel rooms, and draw up a recreation program. The main objective of the incentive tour is to unite the team and reward the outstanding employees.

In Russia, the sphere of business tourism began to develop only in the 90s, but today it is a very promising and rapidly developing industry. Employees of large firms often go on business trips abroad, to the subsidiaries of their companies. Leaders organize tours for the entire department as an incentive if the plan for the year has been met.

Business tourism directions

Today, employees of Russian companies spend their holidays all over the world, but we can single out the main, most popular areas:

  • Berlin;
  • Rome;
  • Paris ;
  • Amsterdam ;
  • London ;
  • Barcelona.

There are many more directions for office travel, companies open their branches in the UAE, Canada, China and send managers and other specialists there from time to time.


Exhibitions are one of the main segments of business tourism. Businessmen attend a huge number of events and communicate with colleagues, make contacts and learn about new products in their field of activity. Most often, professionals in a particular industry already know where and when the exhibition will be held, and turn to agencies purposefully to arrange a voucher. However, it is also possible to select options for those who do not know what exhibitions can be visited, but want to develop in some area.

For a business trip, the most important thing is obtaining a visa and a pass. It is recommended to book your trip in advance in order to find plane or train tickets for the desired date. Also, you should not delay the submission of documents for a visa, if its issuance is refused, you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

Tourism is the main source of income for many countries. Not all travel is about recreation and entertainment. Recently, business tourism has been developing more and more actively. It appeared in the 19th century, when trade relations began to develop rapidly after the emergence of communication routes between countries.

The essence of business tourism is to establish strong ties with foreign organizations and gain experience. Business travel accounts for about 25% of all travel. Due to the popularity of such travel, business travel has become a separate branch of the travel industry.

There is no exact list of countries that people visit for work purposes. But the absolute leaders in terms of the number of visits are:

  • USA ;
  • South America;
  • Asia;
  • European countries.

Russian companies often send their employees to China, Japan and Germany.

Travel times may occur during the high tourist season in the country. During such periods, airlines and hotels greatly increase prices for their services. A business trip will be expensive, but most of the costs should be borne by the organization, not the employee.

Business tourism - types of business travel

Business travel should be carefully planned. It is necessary to correctly compose both the work and the cultural part of the trip. Each type of business travel has its own nuances, which we will analyze further.


At exhibitions, businessmen learn about the latest innovations in their industry and make new acquaintances. To get to the exhibition on time without any problems, you need to prepare the necessary documents in advance:

  • Visu
  • Event Invitation and Pass
  • Ticket

It is better to choose accommodation near the exhibition center and book it in advance. The dates of such events are known in advance, so you need to take care of buying air tickets in advance.

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