How to get a business visa in the USA: step by step instructions

How to get a business visa in the USA: step by step instructions

Every year, as a result of immigration, the US population increases by about one million inhabitants. At the same time, almost 80% of new citizens are planning in the future or are already working on building their own business. Immigrants from the CIS countries, who often have much greater prospects in the American market than for other ethnic groups, are no exception. Therefore, when considering what kind of business to open in the United States for an immigrant, you can consider both classic models and fundamentally new ideas for yourself.

American Small Business with Medium Capital

The most popular types of entrepreneurship in the United States are trade, manufacturing and catering. To implement in these areas, you will need an interesting idea and start-up capital from $ 50,000 to $ 300,000.

What is profitable for a Russian immigrant to trade in the USA

In this category, you can open both a regular retail outlet and an online store. For the first option, it is necessary to take into account that, in contrast to domestic realities, in the states, private shops significantly lose to large corporations and literally work on self-sufficiency, and therefore without proper experience it is better not to open points of sale for shoes or clothes, especially branded ones. As a rule, such a business takes a lot of personal time and in this light the following options will be more profitable:

  • Small outlets (islands) in malls or entertainment centers with souvenir (handmade soap, candles) or small-scale products (sunglasses, jewelry, accessories, small gadgets). Americans do not skimp on useful little things and often spend very decent sums on them.
  • Vending machines. A significant share of the market in this direction is reserved for large corporations, but this applies only to products such as drinks, snacks, contraceptives and hygiene products. The very same principle of shopping through vending machines attracts Americans, and therefore, if you have an interesting and fresh idea, you can quickly develop your own global network. For example, recently in the United States, vending machines for disposable chargers are gaining popularity.
  • Fresh flowers. Unlike the domestic market, flowers in America are bought not only for a gift, but also for decoration of events, reception offices and simply for decorating a home interior. Therefore, your own business in this area can bring good income to its owner. At the same time, the fact that you are an immigrant from the CIS in such a business may even become your advantage, creating a kind of brand.

A vending machine sells casual Uniqlo apparel in a New York mall

In the field of e-commerce, you can choose almost any direction, the main thing is that specialists with excellent knowledge of the language and minimal emphasis work in the call center of your store. Ordinary Americans mistrust foreigners and it is better not to focus on your origin. The most popular and cost-effective types of goods for an online store can be called:

  • Animal feed and goods. This type of product is in high and constant demand, and therefore, if you supplement such a business with subscription services, you can quickly build up a permanent customer base and receive stable profits.
  • Watches and small gadgets. In this direction, it is not so much shops that work well as landing pages. In contrast to the domestic market, American consumers feel free to shop online, due to the efficient operation of postal services, which allow delivery on the same day of order. At the same time, they are greedy for fashionable little things and accessories, and therefore with the right choice of goods, you are guaranteed success.

Which production will be profitable in the USA

If you have a good starting capital of $ 100,000, you can open your own production. At the same time, there are two directions in which you can achieve high results:

  • Craft products. Products created in mini-factories using a unique recipe or technology. Such products are produced in small batches, which makes them more affordable than custom-made models, but at the same time an order of magnitude better than mass products. It can be: beer, coffee, tea mixtures, furniture, accessories, bags, shoes, sports optics, as well as goods from eco materials.
  • Spare parts and universal small parts for mass demand. The American market is distinguished by one peculiarity - by producing and selling many little things, you can earn more than if you create one expensive thing. So, for example, you can invest large sums and burn out in the luxury plumbing market, or you can simply produce high-quality gaskets for garage taps, building an empire on it. Ideal if it is your unique and patented little thing.

What business to open in the USA for an immigrant

Almost 35% of US business visa applications are rejected. At the same time, it is not always possible to find out the reasons for such a decision. When evaluating candidates, not only the correct preparation of documents is taken into account, but also the purpose of the visit, as well as the results of the interview at the embassy. Many people get a positive answer only on the second or even third attempt. To increase your chances and reduce financial costs, even before applying, it is important to study in detail the issue of how to obtain a business visa in the United States and to exclude as much as possible all possible errors in your case.

What is a US business visa

A business visa is a nonimmigrant visa (except for the EB5 program) and is a permit to enter the country. It is valid for a limited time. The number of entries and length of stay may vary from case to case. It is not possible to obtain a business visa at every embassy or consulate, for example, citizens of Belarus will be able to do this only in Ukraine, the Russian Federation or the Baltic countries.

There are several categories of visas that an entrepreneur can obtain for business travel to America:

  • B1 - issued by invitation from American partners for short-term travel, business visits, conferences, negotiation and contracting. Stay time up to 180 days per trip, but the actual length of stay is determined by the customs officer upon entry. This visa can also be issued to service personnel accompanying an entrepreneur visiting the country on other types of visas.
  • B2 is a visitor or tourist visa, which is often automatically combined with a B1 visa.
  • E1 - visa category for traders. Issued to persons (TOP managers) representing the company or owning a business related to trade with the United States.
  • E2 - type of visa for investors. Issued to individuals who invest at least $ 100,000 in the United States and provide jobs for US citizens. Allows you to stay for a non-fixed period determined by the purpose of the trip.
  • L1 is a work business visa that allows you to transfer an employee of a company from a domestic unit to a branch located in the United States.

In addition to the above list, there is also an EB5 immigration business visa (which gives a residence permit and the right to do business) - it is issued to entrepreneurs who invest at least $ 1,000,000 in the United States ($ 500,000 for agriculture) and have created more than a dozen work places. The total value of financial and material investments (equipment, securities) is taken into account. It is extremely difficult to obtain it and registration is possible only for an operating enterprise, with documentary evidence of the investments made. When applying for investment visas, it is also necessary to confirm the legality of the receipt of funds, which is especially important if immigration is expected.

Visa validity periods may vary depending on your citizenship. For example, a Russian can obtain B1/B2 visas for up to 3 years, and citizens of Ukraine or Moldova up to 10 years. In turn, E1/E2 visas are not at all available for citizens of the Russian Federation, since it is not included in the list of countries that have entered into a special agreement with the United States. L1 is open for the duration of the contract, but no more than six years of permanent residence in the country, and EB5 is open-ended.

Step-by-step instructions for obtaining a business visa to the United States

The standard procedure for obtaining an American business visa includes the following steps:

  • Payment of consular fees. The fixed cost of a business visa in the United States for the current 2018 is represented by the following tariffs: $ 160 (B1/B2 visas), $ 190 (L1) and $ 205 (E1/E2). Payment is made in the national currency of the country in which the application is submitted at the rate of the central bank. Payment can be made not in all banking organizations, the list of which is different for each country. So in the Russian Federation, you can contact Russian Standard Bank or use the services of the Russian Post, and when registering in Ukraine, you can pay only through Raiffeisen Bank. Payment must be made only in the country where the documents are drawn up. If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, but apply for a visa in Kiev, then you need to pay exclusively in Ukraine.
  • Preparing a photo. Color digital photo 3.5 × 4.5 cm (JPEG format), in which the face is facing forward and occupies 70-80%. It must be done no earlier than six months before the submission of documents and must correspond to your current appearance. Shooting with glasses, electronic gadgets or headgear (except for recognized religious attributes and hearing aids) is not permitted. It is important that you have a photo in both digital and paper form.
  • Submitting Form DS-160. Performed online in English on the website of the State Department of the US CEAC. Tate. OV/GENNIV /. After sending a form, it is necessary to maintain confirmation of filling.
  • recording for an interview. This stage is also performed online on the CGifederal website. Ecure. Orce. om. Then the number of the main passport, the receipt number of the consular fee, the barcode (digits) of the received confirmation of sending (filling) forms of the DS-160 form is indicated. After recording, you should come a letter confirmation and an invitation to an interview. The time of expectation of the interview depends on the country and the overall loading of the system. So, in the Russian Federation, the term can delay up to 70 days, whereas in Warsaw it takes from 1 day.
  • visiting the interview on the appointed day to submit the main package of documents and get a decision.

List of documents and Requirements for a visa recipient

The necessary documents for a business visa in the United States are submitted to the consulate (embassy) when passing the interview. The base package includes (without these documents, the application will not be considered): <

In the material: What business to open in the USA for an immigrant. Small business in America with medium capital. What is profitable to trade and what kind of production will be profitable. Types of business for immigrants in the United States with minimal investment and much more.

How to open a business in the USA: Features of the direction + tax nuances + 5 distinctions of American business from Russian + Overview of 4 business launch options in the USA + business visa algorithm + Practical example of filling documentation + 7 steps to launch private business In America from scratch.

Not a gift from the United States is one of the pillars of the global economy. Thanks to the adequate attitude of the state to the development of entrepreneurship and freedom of action, anyone can become a businessman in a given country, regardless of the level of its wealth.

Today we will tell you how to open a business in the US foreigner + make an overview of the favorable directions in investing in order for 2020.

How to open a business in the US Non-resident: Nuances + Advantages and Disadvantages of Niche

As China is considered by the country's country and the United States, it is customary to be considered as the state of entrepreneurs. According to statistics, in America, every second citizen at least once tried to start as a private entrepreneur. Another thing is that 70% of ideas are crashing, but it does not beat the Americans to the pocket as much as in Russia and other countries of the post-Soviet space.

The clarity of our words above will confirm the plus table and minuses to do business in the States.

Proposed Private Property Posnipability. If a person is able to documely confirm possession of property, he can guarantee its business complete safety. Nutrition in competition. You can not surpass - go. Slogan in the style of American business. Competition can be traced here in everything, and everyone will be competitors - a neighbor on the staircase and a large corporation in a neighboring city. Do not forget about Internet sites, including. People are the backbone of the economy. There are practically no state-owned companies in America. More than 90% are private traders. Even military development is undertaken by entrepreneurs. If the state is concerned with affairs, then it is only the organization and support of tenders. domineering control. Competition can also be traced in the state control structures, therefore, in the event of a puncture, a number of companies will line up to fine the entrepreneur. Competition is a priority. Classical liberalism is the principles followed by the entire stream of Americans. Competition is perceived as a market engine even by entrepreneurs themselves. tart at a loss. If you want to take root in the market, do it below the price. Since the cost of goods/services in the country is already on the verge of a minimum margin, the first 2-4 months will have to work at a disadvantage. weak state control. If in Russia it is necessary to report on every step, then in America entrepreneurs are left to their own devices. There is no such thing as pressure from government agencies. The client's equity is not discussed. Even if he is actually wrong, the loss of 1 will lead to losses for the company, and this is unacceptable. Sellers in America are literally chasing the buyer, with an emphasis on high-quality service. the ease of launch. Much easier even than an individual entrepreneur in Russia. And this applies to both small private owners and large corporations/holdings. The situation is similar with maintenance. The nuances with taxes are solved through the hiring of an accountant, because it is very problematic for a foreigner to understand all the intricacies of the US taxation system. Slowness kills. If you want to start in a new niche, you cannot delay, because after a couple of months the product may already turn out to be uncompetitive. terms for non-residents. The United States is trying to capture the elite of science, culture, business and other areas from around the world. It is not for nothing that top specialists prefer to leave the Russian Federation and move to America.

Take a good look at both sides of the US gold medal before you enter the market. For a foreigner, a positive decision is doubly more difficult to implement.

Peculiarities of business development in the USA

We have heard more than once about ordinary guys from America who have overcome the path "from rags to riches" and have become truly successful personalities on the world stage, moreover, in time it took only a couple of years ... Yes, in the realities of the United States, it is possible, and this is what every foreigner who has started a business over the hill should strive for.

Important: all the conditions of US entrepreneurship go to hell when a person works under the "Innovation" scheme. According to the rules of the American market, every new high-tech product that has no analogues in the country automatically becomes a monopoly. Think of the same Facebook.

Now let's draw parallels between commercial activities within our state and within the United States of America. The exclusion of obvious corruption, high pressure from inspection bodies and government attacks on medium/small businesses are 3 elements by default. You won't see that in America.

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