How to convincingly and competently write a cover letter for a manager's resume

Lesson 3

For example, they often do not ask for a resume when applying for a job that does not require qualifications, or, on the contrary, if you are going to earn money with creativity, artistic creation, writing texts, and by default it is clear that you will write a resume well.

The writing fraternity began to be asked less for resumes in 2019-2020. We don't know how long this trend will last, so we recommend learning how to write a good resume to everyone who is looking for a job, regardless of position.

After completing this lesson, you will understand the typical structure of a successful resume, be able to write it correctly and avoid common mistakes.

For ease of perception, we will study the topic of the resume in the same sequence in which you should fill in the paragraphs of a correctly written resume. By the way, the paragraphs of the resume should be titled - this will simplify the work of an HR manager and add a plus sign to the karma of a job seeker.


The title should include the title of the position you are applying for. For example, a resume for the position of an office manager. Enter this data in the file header, and not just in the title of the text on the page. Example: resume, office manager, Natalia Ivanova. This will make it easier for the HR manager to navigate the flow of CVs sent by applicants and will also add a couple of points in your favor.

If you are applying for a publicly available vacancy, write the position exactly as it appears in the vacancy description. If you are trying to get into a company that is not currently actively looking for hired personnel, list in the title all positions with similar functionality.

For example, list all Internet marketing specializations that you own - content manager, SEO specialist, SMM manager, targeting specialist and Internet marketer proper. Or all the programming languages ​​that you know, if you want to work as a programmer. Example: resume, programmer, PHP, Python, Lisp, Vasily Nikitin.

Fundamental point: one resume should include only positions with similar or related functionality!

Even if you, being a certified engineer, are at the moment happy at least to be a loader, keep this joy to yourself or contact another company with a similar request. Better to the one that specializes in cargo transportation and the services of sober movers.

Then the employer will not have cognitive dissonance and suspicion of your “substandard” as an engineer. If your engineering specialization has nothing to do with logistics, and you are a physically strong young man, your desire to find additional income as a loader will look quite logical.

Full name and contact details

Immediately after the title and position, you should write your last name, first name and, depending on the traditions of the industry, patronymic. Next, enter the contact information by which you can be found.

Submitting a "bare" resume without a cover letter is a bad option. Especially if the applicant wishes to become a manager. It doesn't matter in which industry, in which direction.

A manager is always a person with developed communication skills and an active lifestyle. And it doesn't matter that a fairly significant portion of employers or their "bounty hunters" don't read cover letters. Anyone who needs it will see the document and appreciate the work of drawing it up. The main thing is to arrange everything correctly.

Document Features

Here you need to try very hard to keep everything on top:

  • literacy ;
  • style;
  • the ability to speak briefly but succinctly.

In general, mistakes cannot be made.

Highlights of writing

The key to success is to understand that a resume and a cover letter are different documents. And both of them play a role. So, the resume tells about the past. In the cover letter of the manager, in a nutshell, you can also mention the past. The question is only for purposes.

It would be appropriate to do this if:

  • it is necessary to explain some points, for example, to explain the reason for a long break in work;
  • I want to draw attention to the resume in a special way (how to write a cover letter to really to interest the employer in their candidacy, we will tell in a separate article).

Otherwise, the writing rules are as follows:

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