How to Become a Home Travel Agent from Scratch

How to Become a Home Travel Agent from Scratch

Every enterprising person sooner or later comes to the conclusion that it is more profitable for him to work for himself. At the same time, starting a business is easiest for a beginner in the field of mediation: this type of activity does not require special preparation and significant investments in equipment. Therefore, the market tends to increase the number of independent professionals, including travel agents.

To find out how to become a travel agent at home from scratch, you need to study the entire cycle of production, sale and consumption of tourism products, as well as understand what place intermediaries occupy in it, making money on the sale of vouchers to end customers. This will help the aspiring entrepreneur to identify the scope of his tasks and choose the right scheme for interacting with potential customers.

Why do you need a travel agent?

Thanks to the ubiquity of the Internet, travelers have been able to book all the necessary services online - from transfers and hotel rooms to excursions and tickets to concerts in other countries. But despite the availability of various services, planning a vacation can still be a daunting task, even for a seasoned tourist. Therefore, most clients prefer to use the services of travel agents.

A travel agent is an intermediary working in the tourism market as an independent seller of vouchers. Unlike a travel agency, it does not need an office or hired employees. He does all the work at home, and meets with clients on their territory.

Given this circumstance, the question becomes logical: why is it more profitable for people to cooperate with an agent than with the nearest travel agency? There are several reasons for this:

  • The manager must serve all clients who come to the office, so he works with each of them for only a few minutes. There is no time limit for a travel agent;
  • Trying to fulfill the sales plan, the manager sells the most expensive tours. It is more important for the agent to organize a great vacation so that the client comes back;
  • Agencies sometimes suddenly close or disappear with clients' money. The travel agent transfers the payment directly to the operator - a reliable company with a good reputation;
  • Companies, as a rule, sell tours of only one operator, so their choice is limited. The agent has dozens of partners and hundreds of different products;
  • Rent, salary and other costs force agencies to raise prices. A travel agent can sell a ticket with a good discount if the client likes him;
  • Firms work on schedule, with weekends and lunch. A travel agent is a free specialist who can arrange a meeting at any time convenient for the client.

Travel Agent Business Features

Of course, this business format is very convenient: an agent does not need to look for and rent a room, buy office equipment, or hire managers. But on the other hand, the intermediary loses the ability to invite clients to the office. For some businessmen, the lack of a reason to impress a guest with luxurious renovations and furniture may seem like a significant drawback, although in reality it is not.

After all, potential clients, as a rule, are at work during the day, and therefore can allocate time to discuss the details of the tour only in the evening or on weekends. Most often, they research different offers on the Internet, and then call agencies and find out the best price for the selected product. Thus, maintaining an office hardly helps to increase sales.

Unlike managers, an independent specialist is not tied to the workplace. He can easily take a laptop for presentations, a contract form, a terminal for receiving payments and come to the place designated by the client. Since a visit to a customer is still rare among travel agent services, this will become an advantage: the consumer will feel obligated to a specialist who spent time and money on the trip to him, and therefore will not refuse the offer so easily.

Therefore, in the absence of an office, the likelihood of a successful conclusion of the deal even increases. Moreover, the potential client will appreciate the attentive attitude to his wishes and, if the vacation is successful, he will contact the travel agent again in the future.

Business advantages and disadvantages

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