How many foreigners come to Russia and how much money do they spend

Outbound tourism in Russia

Analyzing the report of the Analytical Service under the Government of the Russian Federation

The Department for Foreign Economic Affairs of the Analytical Service has published a report “Assessing the Impact of Inbound Tourism on the Russian Economy”, which describes in detail the current state of the tourism industry and the specifics of inbound tourist traffic. Profi. ravel sorted out the travel statistics and pulled the most interesting facts from the report.

Foreign tourists spend about thousands of euros in Russia, but they get almost nothing from this

According to analysts, the vast majority of foreign tourists do without the services of Russian tour operators. Only 5% of foreign guests purchase package tours for traveling to Russia. The rest prefer to independently organize their holidays in Russia.

The experts also considered that:

  • foreign tourists on average stay in Russia for about 8 days (those who arrived for business purposes - 7 days);
  • at the same time, they often move between Russian cities, spending in one city no more than 1-3 nights;
  • the average budget of a foreigner's trip to Russia is 144 thousand rubles. About 23% of the total amount is spent on accommodation, 24% on international transportation, 19% on food, and 9% on domestic passenger traffic.

Russia loses tourists and profits

So, back in 2015, Russia was in 9th place among 189 countries in terms of attendance by foreign tourists. The next year, the flow of foreign tourists decreased by 28% - Russia dropped to 15th place in the ranking.

Profit from international tourism has also decreased - from 20.2 to 12.8 billion dollars. In the ranking relative to 159 other countries in the world by this indicator, Russia fell from 17th to 26th place.

At the same time, the Russian tourism product has become more competitive

It should be noted that this happened despite the drop in inbound tourism indicators. So, the value of the index for Russia for 2015–2017. increased from 4.08 to 4.15, and at the same time, the country rose from 45th position in the ranking to 43 (out of 136).

Nesterova I. Outbound tourism in Russia//Encyclopedia of the Nesterovs

In modern Russia, there are fewer and fewer citizens who have never traveled abroad. Turkey, Egypt, Thailand are available to almost everyone. However, in recent years, there has been a tendency for increased competition between inbound and outbound tourism.

What is outbound tourism

Outbound tourism in Russia has been actively developing since the 2000s. The low level of service at the Russian resorts of our country forced citizens in the early 2000 to look for more comfortable rest abroad.

During the Soviet era, it was not accepted to travel abroad. The current Thailad and popular China and Vietnam were at the stage of development at which it was possible to travel there only "for work". The countries of Europe and the United States were among the "corrupting capitalist" countries, so that the Soviet citizen rested in his native Crimea and Sochi.

Development of outbound tourism in Russia

After 2010, outbound tourism began to be stimulated by globalization processes and the simplification of the entry regime to many countries of the world.

However, globalization tendencies subsided after 2014. Then there was a tendency for a split in global geopolitics and, as a consequence, a strengthening of the visa regime for Russians. In addition, they closed Egypt due to the fact that terrorists shot down a plane over the Sinai Peninsula. In Turkey, it became restless. Citizens had to look for new places to travel.

After the deterioration of relations with Western countries, a number of tourists continue to persistently travel to Europe. Someone goes to the familiar States. However, most Russian tourists have switched to Asia. Gradually, the Russians began to look towards the African continent. On famous booking services such as Booking. om, in the countries of West and East Africa, comments from Russian tourists began to appear next to the British, Dutch and Spaniards who traditionally visit their former colonies.

In the past few years, the number of Russian tourists in China and Southeast Asia has grown. The Asian flavor has always attracted the Russian people. And then there is the simplification of the visa regime in a number of Asian countries.

Types of outbound tourism

Outbound tourism is of several types. The first and most important is recreational tourism. Health tourism is no less attractive. At the beginning of the 2000s, tourism for the purpose of "shopping", that is. spruce shopping trips. In addition to the above listed types of outbound tourism, outbound sports tourism, food tourism (from the English word "Food" - food.) And the recently appeared outbound selfie tourism are of great interest.

The state of outbound tourism in Russia

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