How is a business visa to Germany issued?

Germany; tourism

Trips to European countries are not always associated only with tourism and recreation. Collaboration with local companies and networking is second among the goals of visits to this part of the continent. Today, doing business with the European community is prestigious and profitable. A business visa to Germany is one of the most frequently requested entry permits, which will interest everyone who considers this state as a way to grow professionally and enlist the support of German partners.

Visa permit for business travel

Whatever the purpose of your trip, border crossing is possible only on the basis of a visa stamp of the appropriate sample. And if you remember that Germany is a signatory country of the agreement on a single visa area, it becomes clear that there is no way to do without the Schengen.

According to the migration legislation of the Eurozone, which protects the interests of local residents, it is prohibited to work within the EU without special permission for third-country nationals. This rule also applies to those who intend to cooperate with German entrepreneurs, only indirectly receiving financial benefits from this, for example, by participating in international exhibitions.

A visa for a business trip to Germany can be opened only with a special invitation.

A business visa stamp allows you to stay on German territory for the purpose of concluding contracts, negotiating, participating in conferences. Such a stamp can be obtained by both legal entities and representatives of companies and firms wishing to cooperate with German partners.

The business stamp as a subtype of tourism does not permit the conduct of activities that generate profits or fees.

To understand whether you really need permission for this sample, and to figure out exactly when it is issued, our article "Business visa" will help.

Types of business visas

All visa permits issued by the German consulate can be divided into 3 groups:

  • A - transit;
  • C - tourist;
  • D - national.

How a business visa to Germany is issued

Germany is a country in the center of Europe with a very developed economy and infrastructure. This wonderful country boasts a wonderful climate, friendly people and simply amazing cuisine. Every year Germany attracts millions of tourists from different parts of the world. She is one of the three leaders of the most visited countries in the world. Germany is rich in numerous architectural and historical monuments, various sights and resorts. Here tourists can contemplate wide forests, parks of extraordinary beauty and mountains. The state budget of the country is also replenished by tourism.

Berlin is the capital of Germany

Many tourists call Berlin the most non-German city. It is rather a European capital that makes an ambiguous impression of itself. A large number of quirky architecture is concentrated here, which can be compared only with Tokyo. But, at the same time, the capital of Germany has preserved its entire history and cultural heritage of the country.

Rest of tourists in Germany begins with a visit to the Brandenburg Gate. This is a real symbol of the city and country. Initially, it was just the main gate of the city. But at the end of the 18th century they were rebuilt, and now their appearance is somewhat reminiscent of the Arc de Triomphe. This structure is divided into five separate passages by massive columns. Initially, this building was called the "Gate of the World". It divided the western and eastern parts of Germany, like the Berlin Wall. According to numerous tips from tourists, it is worth going to this attraction early at dawn or after sunset. It was then that the smallest congestion of people, and an amazing view of the rising and setting sun opens up.

An integral part of Berlin and Germany is the Reichstag building, which will always remind you of the difficult and bloody times during the war. Now this building is considered a symbol of a new, independent state. After the end of World War II, the Reichstag was rebuilt and now operates as a parliamentary seat. Meetings of the lower house of parliament are regularly held here. The building is absolutely open to the public and admission is free.

Holidays in Berlin also involve tourists visiting the Museum Island. It is located on the island of Spreeinsel, in the northern part of it. Five large museums in Germany are located on its territory. Viewing all expositions will take a curious tourist several days:

  • The Old Museum - presents monuments of ancient culture;
  • The New Museum - an exhibition of ancient Egyptian culture;
  • The Pergamon Museum - presents the gates of Babel to a tourist Ishtarm, Pergamon Altar and much more;
  • Old National Gallery - exhibits of European architecture and painting;
  • Bode Museum - presents sculptures of Byzantium, Italy and Germany in the early Middle Ages.

If your vacation in Germany involves the constant presence of children nearby, it will be very interesting for them to walk around the famous Berlin Zoo. Right at the entrance you will be greeted by two huge stone elephants guarded by the zoo. Some connoisseurs of culture and history trace a certain symbolism in this. After all, the first animal killed in this zoo during the British bombing during the Second World War was an elephant. Today the park has expanded greatly and occupies an area of ​​35 hectares, which is home to about 16,000 different animals, which will captivate any tourist for a long time.

Arriving in Germany, any traveler, tourist or just an inquisitive person wants to see the popular Berlin Wall. Due to the multiple destructions, this eerie reminder of German history has come down to us only in a small part of it. Previously, it was a real fortification 106 kilometers long, and its height was about 4 meters, and everything was wrapped in barbed wire. When trying to escape, a huge number of soldiers died on it. This wall, located along the perimeter of the city during the war, gave the impression of a real prison in the open air. Now it is just a restored memorial complex of the same name in Germany.

Don't miss out on such sights of Berlin and all of Germany:

  • Friedrichstadtpalast ;
  • Potsdamer Platz;
  • Maxim Gorky Theater;
  • Palace Square on the Island;
  • Paris Square;
  • Red City Hall;
  • Spandau Suburb.

How to get a business visa to Germany in 2021. Documents for a business visa by invitation. The cost of a German visa for a business trip. Where a visa is issued for an individual entrepreneur.

Traveling in Germany is a good opportunity to simultaneously visit historical sites and get to know better the modern culture of this country. There are many places here that will be interesting for adults and children. Before traveling, you should familiarize yourself with basic information about Germany and determine the route of your trip.

Germany: brief description and features

A modern and small state Germany is located in the center of Europe and is characterized by a developed industry. It has a comfortable temperate climate and a wide variety of natural areas that contrast with modern large cities.

Germany has many beautiful landscapes, but the infrastructure is well developed

In the east, the country borders on the Czech Republic and Poland, in the south it borders on Switzerland and Austria. In the north there is a border with Denmark, a little to the west are Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Neighborhood lines with many countries contribute to the active development of industry, trade and other relations in Germany.

Significant contributions to the economy come from the chemical, automotive, shipbuilding sectors. And also developed coal and electrical industries. The country includes 16 sovereign federal states, and the parliamentary form of government operates throughout the territory.

Official name

The short name - Germany - is used in colloquial speech, unofficial documents, advertising brochures and other similar cases. The official full name of the state is the Federal Republic of Germany. This combination appears in various international documents, reference books, etc. Sometimes an abbreviated version is more convenient, including the first letters of these three words - FRG.

The three-color flag is the symbol of Germany

Tourists can use any name of the state listed above, but Germany is considered convenient. Local residents are loyal to this, because the use of the full phrase in speech is inconvenient.

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