Hotel business in Turkey (Konyaalti) with a boutique hotel of 22 rooms and its own cafe

Living standards in Turkey for Russians

Turkey is one of the most profitable investment platforms, where the hotel business has been holding the palm for several decades. Buying a boutique hotel for 22 rooms with a cafe in the Konyaalti area, a foreign entrepreneur simultaneously solves several problems - citizenship for all family members, prestigious apartments for life in one of the resort areas of the country and a profitable hotel business in Turkey for life.

Dreams, ideas and start-up capital alone are not enough to achieve success. It is important to understand how the organization of the hotel business in Turkey is properly formed, what services in hotels are in great demand, how to attract vacationers and achieve a stable income in a short time. For any startup in Turkey, it is better to use the support of professionals, and in the case of buying a ready-made boutique hotel in Konyaalti through our partners, get a range of services from Offshore Pro Group specialists and consultants from the Internationalwealth portal. nfo.

Why do hoteliers choose Turkey this year?

Every year the hotel chain in Turkey is increasing, and in 2021 the number of hotels in Antalya is about 800 objects of various sizes. Almost 18% of the total number belongs to foreigners, whose interest does not subside at all and continues to grow, despite the high competition.

Hotel business in Turkey - advantages of a business project

Why is it profitable to open a hotel in Turkey in 2021:

  • According to the results of last year, tourism in Turkey was recognized as one of the top-ranked in the world, exceeding the development rates of such countries as Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Turkey takes its place of honor among the leaders in geothermal tourism and the first position in the number of thermal waters, of which there are more than 1,500 in the country.
  • Due to the loyal natural climate, the construction of a hotel in Turkey is carried out at most 2 seasons, and prices for new buildings are an order of magnitude lower than in other developed tourist countries in Europe. This is due to the high competitiveness among developers who seek to invest all the best in their properties.
  • Many hotels and resorts in the country have been transferred to a year-round service, which also gives a great advantage for business. Many hoteliers offer their guests interesting entertainment programs, shipwreck spectacles, tennis courts and football fields. Also, as a marketing ploy to attract tourists in the winter, conferences on business, medical and scientific developments are held.

Indeed, business registration in Turkey remains one of the available procedures, which takes no more than 3 weeks and can even take place remotely. In the case of the hotel and restaurant business, it is almost impossible to become an unsuccessful entrepreneur due to the large influx of tourists at any time of the year.

Types of Hospitality in Turkey

The Republic of Turkey has long been recognized as a tourist "mecca", where any type of hotel business quickly pays off. The main tourist centers of the country are Antalya, Belek, Alanya, Side and Bodrum. Among the common operating schemes for the hotel business in Turkey, several models can be distinguished, the difference between which lies in the peculiarities of cooperation between the hotel manager and its owner.

1) Private boarding houses where management is in the hands of the owner. In such hotels, most often a staff of managers or management consulting is practiced.

2) Link system of several hotels united into a complex, which can often be found among hotels opened under a franchise.

3) A chain of hotels, the management team of which belongs to the holdings. In this case, there are 2 options for business planning:

After visiting the Republic of Turkey, many entrepreneurs are thinking about how to start their own business in this country. The inflow of capital is facilitated by the respectful attitude towards investors on the part of the local government: business in Turkey for foreigners receives the same conditions as provided for local residents.

The main advantages of setting up a business in Turkish territory

Turkey's main trump card in terms of economic ties is its geographical location. The country is located between Europe and Asia and has access to the Middle East and Africa. This means that important trade routes of world importance are undergoing its territory.

Factors that facilitate business management in Turkey:

  • relatively simple process of obtaining permits, licenses and other documents;
  • identical benefits and rights for resident entrepreneurs and non-residents ;
  • the ability to deal with the law. In Turkey, it is not customary to look for ways to bypass the rules or hide profits;
  • Turkey ranks sixth in Europe in Europe (851.1 billion US dollars), lifting the primacy of Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Italy and France (listed In random order);
  • the population of the state is more than 83.6 million people. Of this amount, almost half of the age of 30 years is a qualified workforce;
  • the country's authorities regularly conduct a reform of the economy. A significant part of innovations concerns the abolition of restrictions on the inflow of direct investment. You can open a business foreigner in just 7 days;
  • Developed system of marine and land systems, including railway network;
  • Business in Turkey for Russians is beneficial to the possibility of buying real estate and land with legal entities; <
  • With 12 countries of the world, Turkey has signed a free trade agreement, with 68 states - an agreement to avoid double taxation.

In the process of coordination with the European Parliament, Turkey's integration in the EU is located. If both parties fulfill their obligations, the investment flow will increase significantly.

Choose the direction

All projects declared by foreign businessmen are considering investment management, which is the division of the Treasury Department under the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic. The criteria that are guided by officials in the selection of projects are:

  • competitiveness;
  • manufacturability;
  • export capabilities;
  • the prospect of using local resources.

The territorial location of the future company is also important, the capital volume, which will be invested in it.

Which business can be opened in Turkey and what to do in the market of goods and services will depend on the scale of the upcoming economic activities. Most entrepreneurs choose the most developed industry in the country:

  • hotel business in Turkey;
  • restaurant;
  • tourist;
  • entertainment;
  • International Trade.

Do not lose sight of that in the Turkish economy there is a rating of industries in which you can use the greatest benefits. These include (in descending order):

  • Development of the infrastructure of regions having a tourist orientation, as well as a construction business in Turkey;
  • Repair and construction of ships;
  • Fish economy;
  • education;
  • medicine;
  • environmental protection;
  • scientific activity, research in different fields;
  • electronics;
  • automotive production;
  • Chemical industry.

Many entrepreneurs from Russia come to Turkey to start a project in real estate. The construction of residential towns and villas for the purpose of subsequent sale is a fairly profitable occupation.

Which region to choose

Turkey is constantly fighting Egypt for the right to be the most popular and visited resort among Russians. Country year after year simplifies visa legislation, and the cost of a visa to Turkey for Russians in 2021 is zero, if the duration of stay in the state will not exceed the term of sixty days. Moreover, once a year, the Turkish authorities give citizens of the Russian Federation the opportunity to receive a residence permissive for a period of three months, if the purpose of the trip is a business/private visit or tourism.

Turkish Istanbul is a city located at once on two continents <

the need to obtain a visa

For those persons who come to the state for more than three months, you need a visa to Turkey, it must be pre-obtained at the Turkish Embassy in Moscow or in the consulates located in other cities: St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk , Kazan.


mode @

If a resident of Russia (citizen) wants to go to Turkey with the goals of tourism, a short business travel or to visit, then he falls under the rules of visa-free entry. In order to cross the border, it will only need a valid passport, not need to request any visa to Turkey in advance.

A little more than a year ago, Turkish authorities introduced changes to immigration laws that concern the duration of the passport. As of 2021, to cross the border that citizen, a passport of which is valid for at least four months, previously this period was two months.

A separate visa to Turkey for Russians is not needed and in the case of transit through this country. On the border simply puts a visa stamp about intersection with the current date.

Customs rules also do not differ severity. Various prohibited materials are not allowed to enter, the list of such materials can be found in the customs regulations of Turkey.

Documents for visa-free entry

Life in Turkey for Russians will never be ideal, as evidenced by various reviews. Moving to a Muslim country, being Orthodox at the same time, is a task only for people who are strong and enduring in spirit. But if you can withstand all the trials, you can become a truly happy and wealthy person.

Features of immigration

Who has what chances to emigrate from Russia

There are only four options for obtaining a so-called residence permit. If you managed to obtain a permit for a period of 5 years, consider that you already have citizenship in your pocket. But for this you will have to live on the territory of Turkey for this entire period.

The easiest option for women is to marry a Turk. Locals often look for Russian girls on dating sites. They are really ready to marry someone. But keep in mind that there are many disadvantages and difficulties in such a marriage.

Young people under the age of 28 with some specialty and qualifications can try to find a job there. If you are really good at the profession, then you will quickly gain a foothold in an eastern country.

The third opportunity is to open your own business. If he will bring real profit and good taxes, residence permit and citizenship are obtained very easily. But don't even try to open the millionth hotel.

The fourth option is to buy your own apartment. Anyone, regardless of citizenship, can purchase their property. After that, the state gives him a residence permit.

Brief description of visa options for entering Turkey

Any citizen of the Russian Federation may not apply for a visa if he plans to stay in the country for less than 60 days. However, this does not give you the right to work or go to university.

Long-term visa. However, it must indicate the purpose of the trip, backing up with additional documents.

  • Tourism: hotel reservation and a certain amount of money in the account.
  • Job: invitation from the employer and the concluded contract.
  • Study: contract with the university, confirmation of your admission, solvency.
  • Purchase of real estate: income statement and ownership of the object.
  • Property rental: income statement and contract with the landlord.
  • Wedding ceremony: marriage certificate, copy of the passport of the bride or groom, an official invitation from him.
  • Visit for a visit: an invitation from a friend, a copy of his passport.
  • Business trip: certificate of employment and invitation.

at port in the warehouse. We're sorry, but that's the case.

The Alanta-tour company offers sea cruises without a visa to the islands of Greece - a unique opportunity to make your summer vacation in 2019 truly unforgettable. Tour duration is 6 days, 5 nights. Depart Alanya every Monday, return to Marmaris. On the cruise, you will visit the Greek islands of Rhodes, Mykonos and Santorini, each of which is a true pearl of the Aegean Sea.

A visa for citizens of CIS countries is really not required: a standard foreign passport valid for the next 6 months is enough. When you visit the island, you are given a special cruise member card, which confirms the legality of your stay on its territory. Insurance is provided for the entire duration of the cruise.

The journey takes place on board a comfortable 5-star cruise ship Orient Queen, capable of receiving up to 300 tourists. Unlike many other vessels of this class, all Orient Queen passenger cabins have a porthole with excellent sea views. And some have a balcony and even a jacuzzi!

During the cruise, you will find incendiary shows and animations, concerts with live music and unique presentations, delicious world cuisine and exotic cocktails. Lovers of gambling will be pleasantly educated by the presence of a casino on board the ship. On the islands, you will be offered excursions to historical and natural attractions.

Rooms and prices

The cost of accommodation in the cabin is indicated for one adult:

  • Economy room with sea view - $ 750
  • Standard room with sea view - $ 850
  • Spacious room with sea view sea ​​- $ 950
  • Single use in the room - $ 1350
  • Sea view room with king size bed - $ 1350
  • Suite room with balcony and bed king size - $ 2000
  • Queen Room with king size bed, jacuzzi and balcony - $ 3500

  • 0-2 years old - free
  • 2-11 years old - 50% off the tour price for adults

The tour price includes:

  • 5 nights accommodation
  • 3 meals a day in buffet style (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Soft drinks <
  • Animation and show
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness center
  • Casino
  • Return transfer Marmaris-Alanya by comfortable bus

  • Alcoholic drinks and drinks outside breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • Port Tax - $ 20
  • Excursions

Citizens of Turkey have to pay an additional fee of 15 TL for traveling abroad.

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